3.21: the dead pool

tolhinata  asked:

Hey it's me again bugging u with another qn (please like me haha ha ha) I was wondering what ur thoughts are on why certain ppl were more valuable than others on the dead pool. Like Scott is a true alpha so it makes sense that he's expensive, but why are everyone close to him more valuable than the other packs. And what's weird is Liam is bumped to 18 mill when he's only a beta. Does it symbolise the power drain from Derek? And why does Liam get it.. Thanks! Can we be friends? Sorry not sorry

Hi you again :) No worries, ask away (though i sometimes take a while to answer… RL sometimes do get in the way)

Ah the dead pool. The bane of my existence :) I still feel like we’re missing pieces of that puzzle and wouldn’t be surprised if it bled over into season 5. Anyway, as for each person’s value - i’d say that depends entirely on the person/persons setting it up and what information they have.

We know there is a Werewolf jesus rumour out about Scott and his True Alpha-ness. The way people are talking, both Garrett and Violet and also Brett from Satomi’s pack, he’s being credited for every “win” in Beacon Hills even if he was never the one who did it. So with Scott we have a case of what we in marketing like to call brand equity, meaning his perceived value is much larger than his actual value.

So whoever is setting up the dead pool and assigning value knows of Scott’s brand equity and all his “defeats” and sees him as a high risk target. His pack members are also valued high - much higher than most of the other names most likely by assosiaction. Now it’s interesting that Lydia is so high up compared to the rest - i suspect it has to do with her connection to Lorraine and that she’s likely to figure it out. As a banshee she’s also likely to foretell her own death and might take steps to prevent it. The only other banshee to compare with was pulling strings all along and is biased, so to compare with her is fruitless anyway.

Satomi is another alpha and also has a relatively high value of 10M. But Scott & co didn’t even know that pack were in town, so they are good at blending in and avoiding confrontations. Ergo they’re all valued lower because the assumption is they will not pose much of a threat.

Parrish seems to be the odd one out and i have no clue why he’s valued relatively high without even knowing what he is himself. What powers lurk inside you, Jordan?

Why did Liam get Derek’s 15 million? Either because Liam is really Peter’s son and a Hale, and when one Hale lost his powers, his value was added to another.

Or more likely because Liam has gone from being just a name on the list to being Scott’s alpha. The dead pool was set in motion before Scott bit Liam remember, so that means that Liam was already on it and about to manifest as a werewolf (the superb lacrosse skills and anger issues can be symptoms of this). Being a True Alpha’s first beta would probably considered quite valuable…

Whether or not any of this is even remotely correct remains to be seen. Or not - how the vaule of each are set may just be one of those things never fully explained and left up to us to interpret :)