Saturday - Mar 2

I went out to ct early today with my sister and we were suppose to look for mummy but we were walking and we saw grandpa!! He was taking his daily walk to ct to buy newspaper and stuff. So we told him to go eat lunch with us. 

I got some $1 boba milk tea from this grand opening place. I couldn’t go with them to the temple place cus we were late and i had to go to school.

So….only Jenny and i were in class today, so stupid. -_- Cus everyone was busy or sick. We didn’t even do anything…but class went by fast lol. 

Went to grandpa’s after school. I was trying to read Frankenstein but i was really bored and kept getting distracted. I’m not even on chapter 1 yet… o_o im still in the Letters. :[ No one would talk to me cus they were busy doing their work. Grandpa was sitting right there but like…idk. He kept telling me to drink orange juice…even though i just drank orange juice. 

Mommy had some takeout and she dumped in on the pan to heat it up. And I kept making fun of her saying that she looks like shes pretending she actually cooked all that stuff herself…buahahah.