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Can I ask for Zenyatta proposeing to reader pls?

Zenyatta nervously stared forward and Genji patted his back, humming out in reassurance. 

“They are obviously in love with you,” Genji said, “They’re going to say yes, just ask them.”

Zenyatta’s body relaxed at his pupil’s reassuring words and tilted his head with relief. You came in to see Genji rubbing your boyfriend’s back and you raised your eyebrow.

“Should I come back later?” you asked and Genji shook his head.

“I was just leaving,” he got up and practically ran from the room, giving Zenyatta a very unsubtle thumbs up.

“What was that about?” you asked as Genji peered into the room from the doorway.

“Nothing,” he said, his hands rubbing together nervously.

“Are you alright?” you asked, rubbing his arm reassuringly.

You peered up at him and his chest grew uncomfortably warm, his hand instinctively going to rub it. There was something in the glint of your eyes and he just blurted out.

“Marry me?” 

You fluttered your eyelashes in surprise and your mouth opened slightly, Zenyatta starting to grow little flustered which was unusual for the Shambali monk.

“I am being serious,” he gently reassured, pulling out the ring, “I would like to spend my life with you.”

“I would like that as well,” you said, sliding your hand onto his.

He gently slid the ring onto your finger, your chest growing tight with emotion. You threw yourself into his arms and laughed, his own body filled with joy. Genji gave a soft, yoush, from the doorway before leaving, Zenyatta’s arms rubbing your back.

shepards-dead-fish said: Rant about bioware love interests and their betrayals

Picture me laughing for a million years because WHICH ONE? Omg, I love them. I love exploring that sort of dynamic in relationships. 

So betrayal is a harsh word. I think I’m gonna rant about BioWare liars. Oh, there are so many to choose from. 

You’ve got Anders. And Blackwall. And Solas. And in swtor there’s Malavai Quinn. And now Mass Effect finally decided to get into the act with Reyes Vidal. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I LOVE THEM ALL. Look, I know these aren’t good people. But they’re fucking good characters, and that’s what I need. I want to read about interesting characters. 

(And there’s also the fact that I’ve got to believe in the redemption of a person, no matter how lost they are. That’s basic Hippo 101. There is hope for everyone.)