3.16 stills

  • Robin: What have you done to the control system?
  • Beast Boy: Nothing.
  • Robin: You haven't touched it? Something's broken and it's not your fault?
  • Beast Boy: I know, I'm scared too.

when akshay joined ranveer & did an impromptu jig  during his act

im lksdjglksjg today was such a meH day,, idk ?? it’s been so hOT here & the heat has me exhausted :~( i’ve been so groggy & out of it, i’m so sorry 4 my terrible activity rn :~(( also i have work all dAY tomorrow, so i won’t be on much,, bUT after i finish work, i’m free until the weekend so like ?? thank gOD. basically, i’ll be on more after monday ok, & if ur reading this, ily :~)



anonymous asked:

The proof you use for Larry is so fake! So guys can get matching tattoos and be friends. Just because Harry hand is in the tour bus when he and Louis are alone doesn't mean anything. Lol he's waving. You Larry shippers are so desperate. It's gonna be funny when you finally realize they aren't gay and you wasted your life on something so sad.

1. they have tattoos that are typically used as tattoos for people in relationships.

2. does it look like he’s waving? no his hand is pressed up on that window, and that’s not how people wave. absolutely not. also if he was waving we would be able to see his face, because when you wave you’re saying hi.

3. I’m 16, I’ve still got my whole piece of shit life ahead of me. and I’m not wasting any time. one direction and larry and ziam are all what makes me happy in life. and if that’s a waste of time to you, then screw you.

[START NEW GAME] - a multiple game soundtracks fanmix
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01. puzzle - shinji hosoe (professor layton and the curious village)
02. hyrule field main theme - toru minegishi, asuka ohta, koji kondo (the legend of zelda: twilight princess)
03. digital root - shinji hosoe (999: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors)
04. fly me to the moon (climax) - bart howard (bayonetta)
05. blinded by light - masashi hamauzu (final fantasy xiii)
06. calling - takeharu ishimoto (the world ends with you)
07. green hill zone theme - masato nakamura (sonic the hedgehog)
08. yo - shoji meguro ft. lotus juice (catherine)
09. phoenix wright ~ objection! 2013 - noriyuki iwadare (ace attorney: dual destinies)
10. 4 minutes before death ~ variation - masakazu sugimori (ghost trick)
11. trainer - junichi masuda (pokemon)
12. discussion ~ hope vs despair - masafumi takada (dangan ronpa)
13. the encounter - yoko shimomura (kingdom hearts ii)
14. rising sun - masami ueda (okami)
15. mass destruction - shoji meguro ft. lotus juice (persona 3)
16. still alive - jonathan coulton ft. ellen mclain (portal)
17. ground theme - koji kondo (super mario bros)