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Whump Portfolio

Name: Veronica.
Where are you from?: Italy. 

How old were you when you first realized you liked guys getting hurt? What was that very first scene you remember gave you those glorious butterfly feelings?: I’m not sure, maybe I was 8 years-old, and I was watching Star Trek. The reveling episode was “Journey to Babel”: I jumped on my chair and thought something like: “Hell, yes, I like that!”.

When and how was it that you realized “Hey, I’m not so messed up in the head!” and that there’s a definition and community for this sort of thing?: 

I actually don’t remember, nor I had ever known the term “whump” until I came across @whumpgalore.  I went through her pages of whumps the whole night. And then I discovered how many blogs were out there, and how amazing are those tumblers. Love all you, buddies ;)

What’s your favorite whump trope?: I’m a sucker for “treatment on the field” with all the consequences of lack of antibiotics, proper dressing, bleeding start over, fever…

What’s a whump trope that you hate?:  Inaccuracy, trivial errors during the filming (as in Scorpion 1.22 when arms are switched…) and when a whump doens’t have the appropriate following up.

What’s your favorite whumped character?: Dean Winchester, Steve MacGarrett, Miles Matheson & Oliver Queen.

What’s that whumped scene(s) that you’ve watched over and over again. (We know you do it and we understand):

Arrow: 1.03, 1.09, 1.12, 1,14, 1.23, 3.09-12, 4.10/13 [still have to see the new season];
Banshee: 1.03, 1.06, 1.10 [still watching at it as I am writing down the list, thank you @whumpwhumpwhump];
Bitten: 1.12 [still have to see the last season];
Chicago Fire: 3.19;
Daredevil: 1.02, 1.09-11 [still have to see the new season];
Dark Matter: 2.11 [sorry, my mistake];
Extant: 2.13;
Falling Skies: 2.01, 3.05;
Hawaii Five-O: 1.20, 2.01, 2.10, 4.19, 4.21, 5.07, 6.25 [thank you @whumpgalore​];
Person of Interest: 1.11, 3.10, 4.20;
Revolution: 2.19;
Supernatural: 1.22, 3.16, 9.01, 9.03, 9.23 [still have to see the newest seasons];
Scorpion: 1.22 (even if there are some errors);
The Last Ship: 2.11

And that’s just SOME of them…

Bullet or stab wounds?: Both, with a slight preference for stabbing.

Fevers or Hypothermia?: Fever allows more extra whumps ;) [but I LOVE  Hypothermia for John Reese into POI 1.17]

Emotional or physical?: Physical, no doubt! I appreciate the emotional too in the context.

Injured and asks for help or tries to cover it up?: As I have the “macho complex”, always prefer the second choice.

Lastly, does anyone know about this addiction of yours?: It’s no secret, even my fiancé knows I like a sadic episode, even if he doesn’t realize exactly HOW much ;)

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