3.14 pie

Happy pi day! 

Unlike us, echinoderms like sea urchins have what is known as radial symmetry – meaning they’re symmetrical around a center point, like a pie. These purple and red sea urchins were observed in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California. 

(Photo: Steve Lonhart/NOAA)


I had made this Originally for Pi Day yesterday. (In fact I had Pizza for lunch yesterday) I wanted to make something Pie related. Preferably a Pizza Pie :3.

I had actually did this from scratch on the computer. Everything you see in this pic was done 100% with a mouse & keyboard. Impressive if I do say so myself ;3

Also I have to say, even though I know that Pizza is just an illustration. But I really want to eat it -v-.

Even though it’s a day late I figured I post it anyway, There’s also a speech bubble version so you guys can enjoy what our favorite green little dragon is saying ;3


Art & Arrow = Me