3.11: nikki heat

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I've just finished High Heat.... I really didn't see that coming! What are your thoughts? Have you finished it?

Wow, okay, my apologies because I intended to answer this a week or so after the book came out and then I got busy and forgot. 

Honestly? I figured we’d get something similar to season eight. The Nikki Heat books have always followed the show pretty closely in terms of large scale plot points, and I didn’t think that this would be any different. From the day that the synopsis of the next book, Heat Storm, came out, I figured that Nikki would kind of scoot away from her marriage because something involving her mother would come back into her life and take her focus away from Rook and their relationship. 

But that doesn’t mean that this will play out like it did on the show. When Rook was shot at the end of Heat Rises there was no need to reconcile. He didn’t freeze Nikki out for months, so when the next book opens they’re still together and she’s helping him recover from his injuries. Likewise, Captain Gates didn’t die in the show even though Captain Irons did (though it should be said that Irons isn’t necessarily meant to be the Gates character in the books, but just the second precinct captain before Nikki assumes command). 

My expectation is that we get a lot more about the fallout and emotional repercussions between Nikki and Rook in the next book and that will kind of serve as the peek into what went through Castle’s mind during his separation from Beckett in the show and what he thought she was going through herself. 

But overall, I think it’s fine as a plot point. I’m interested to see where these two characters go from this point especially since we don’t know what the future will be of the book series now that the show has ended. I could certainly see Rook being unwilling to let Nikki back into his life and that she has to work to win him back, in fact I think that’s what I would prefer given the circumstances, and if we knew there would be more books I’d be happy if that reunion didn’t necessarily happen in this one. That said, I’m not thrilled with the cliche that Nikki’s mom is alive and the insertion of Derrick Storm to tie it all up, but I’m willing to see where it goes because it could be a really good story and, again, it’s not unlike in the show where Castle’s missing time connected to LokSat which connected to Beckett and Bracken and her mother’s death, etc. 

But for the book as a whole, I really liked it. I thought it had a perfect mix of drama, humor and a pinch of sexiness that really evoked the show. :)

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3x11 - After Natalie Rhodes asks Beckett to "give him permission or something" then Beckett tries to have the talk with Castle where she gives him permission to sleep with Natalie, except Beckett is so awkward and vague that Castle misunderstands and thinks she is saying SHE wants to sleep with him. (from castlefanficprompts) :) (i read your tags, can't wait to read it)

“Can you talk to him for me?”

“…and say what?”

“I dunno…give him permission or something.”

Kate was dumbfounded, her mouth gaping wide open as she stared at her creepy clone, whose face was completely flat and serious, blue eyes shining hopefully. Clearly, Natalie Rhodes was insane. Hell, she lived inside a freaking crawlspace for a month! And now she wanted her to…to give Castle permission to…sleep with her?!?!

Half of Kate’s brain was reminding her, sensibly, that she had absolutely no claim to Richard Castle; that he was a grown man capable of making his own decisions, which did, in fact, include sleeping with Natalie Rhodes. Really, he didn’t even need her permission, but according to Natalie, he did.

And the other half was pummeling the first half so hard that she was pretty sure it was giving her a headache. It was also repeating the word “MINE” like a mantra.

“I have to go,” Kate said. “Over there.” Awkwardly, she got to her feet and carried her coffee into the break room with her, leaving “Creepy Beckett” behind. The second she entered, she turned to glare at the actress through the window, her eyes narrowed through the slit in the blinds.

As she watched, Natalie stood and approached the murder board, studying it as intently as Kate usually did. It sent a shiver down the real detective’s spine and she turned away, practically peeing herself when she found Castle not two feet away. He grinned in amusement and she glared at him, before her look softened as she thought about Natalie’s request.

“You have my permission,” she said, suddenly, the words bursting from her lips randomly and completely without her permission. She felt her face flame up as Castle tilted his head at her, curiously.

“Permission to…”

“Sleep with…Nikki Heat.” She couldn’t bring herself to say the woman’s real name, intent on making believe that this was all just for research and Natalie totally didn’t have a thing for her—for Castle.

The writer’s blue eyes widened in surprise at that and he gaped at her much the way she’d gaped at Natalie earlier. “You…really?” he asked, sounding as if she just delivered an early Christmas to the precinct. “You want me to…”

“Why not?” she sighed. “It was probably going to happen anyway, right? Why prolong the waiting?”

“I…I mean, if you’re sure…” he said. Kate shrugged her shoulders.

“I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t, would I?” she said. He shook his head, a wide smile spreading over his features and she fought past that pang of hurt inside. Obviously, he wanted to sleep with Natalie too. It was a wonder why he even said no in the first place. Though now he was doing that thing where he just stood there and stared at her. “Well?” she said.

“Well what?” Castle asked.

“Aren’t you going to do it?” she asked, gesturing vaguely towards the door.

“You mean…right now?” he asked, his voice a whisper.

“Yes, I mean right now!” Kate exclaimed, then lowered her voice. “I mean, why not? It’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Oh, you have no idea,” he husked as he stepped towards her. Kate opened her mouth to ask what he was doing but before the words were even out of her mouth, his lips had descended on hers and his arms were bound around her waist. Her eyes widened at the initial contact, but she soon found herself melting into him, her lips moving in time with his as her arms bound around his neck.

After a few moments, she pulled back, completely out of breath. “What….was that?” she gasped, her nose nuzzled against his. “Not that it wasn’t enjoyable,” she insisted. “But…what?”

“I thought…I thought you were giving me permission to…uh…sleep with you,” Castle said. “Usually, with me at least, that involves kissing. A lot of kissing.” He pressed another kiss to her lips, his turning up at the corners. “And you were kind of rushing me into it, too.”

“Castle,” Kate sighed, her hands playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, “I was talking about Natalie.”

“You want me to sleep with Natalie?” he asked, frowning. “Why?”

“Why not?” Kate asked and both halves of her brain were now screaming at her to shut the hell up.

“Because…I’m not…don’t you know? You must know…”

“Know what, Castle?” Kate asked, exasperated by his inability to speak in complete sentences.

“She’s not the Nikki Heat I want,” he breathed against her lips and Kate shivered, a smile lifting her cheeks.

“Oh?” she purred, butterflies fluttering in her heart and stomach, making her feel lighter. “Is that so?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” Castle said. “Why settle for the fake Nikki when I have the real one right here in my arms? It would be like trading my Ferrari for a Hot Wheel.” Kate snorted at that and he chuckled. “Besides,” he said, “it’s way too Meta.”

Kate rolled her eyes at that, but didn’t deny him when he reached down to reattach their lips in a bruising kiss. When they pulled back this time, she bit her bottom lip. “So,” she said, “since I’m your ‘muse’ and all, what do you say to doing a little…research?”

“Don’t we have a case to solve?” he asked and she glared up at him.

“Are you really prepared to forgo sex for murder?” she asked.

His eyes widened. “If I ever say something like that again, please shoot me.”

“Deal,” she laughed, pulling him out of the break room with her. They waved to Natalie as they practically sprinted to the elevator, hand in hand, not caring who looked their way and ignoring all the wads of cash that changed hands on their way. Natalie gaped at them, her mouth open so wide that she was in danger of catching flies. Kate snickered, pressing her face into Castle’s neck as they waited for the lift to arrive.

Okay, so this turned out way better than she’d thought it would.

Rook paused. Heat became aware he was studying her carefully. “You didn’t sleep very well last night, did you?” he asked.
Heat shook her head. Rook stood, walked over to where Heat was leaning against her desk, and wrapped his strong arms around her. She allowed herself to be embraced.
“I’ve seen that look in your eyes before, Nikki,” he said as she nestled her head in his shoulder. “That obsessed look. And I have to tell you, it scares me. It scares me to death. I know asking you to just stand down is impossible. But you can’t let this consume you. Because it will. It will eat you up until there’s nothing left of you.”
She separated herself. “I’ll be fine. Really,” she said.
—  Richard Castle, High Heat

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Do you think maybe the mix of the two most famous characters of Richard Castle is some kind of advertising strategy for us to read the books of Derrick Storm? And also perhaps a farewell to the author

No. The “success” of the Derrick Storm books is really only in Castle’s universe. Sure, they released two of them in real life, but compared to the Nikki Heat books, they aren’t nearly as popular. That marketing and synopsis is simply an easter egg for Castle fans who understand the reference rather than any active effort to market them both together, though I’m sure any uptick in Derrick Storm sales wouldn’t upset ABC at all. 

As far as it being the final book, that’s going to be determined by several different things. Since the show is over, you are getting into a question of royalties and who gets what for how much and you are almost guaranteed to need a new contract with whoever is ghostwriting these books, not to mention that the studio, Andrew Marlowe, and whoever else has to agree that they are on board with the book series continuing. 

It’s certainly possible, there’s been no real indication that this is the last book planned, but I don’t know that I’d say it’s probable. With the show finished, the interest and demand for the books will certainly wane so it will come down to how much it costs to get them written and produced versus how much money Disney can make from them. And that’s something I don’t expect there will be any answers to in the coming weeks. 

In fact, I don’t really think you’ll get an official announcement that the book series is ending if Heat Storm is going to be the final go around, they’ll just simply cease to publish them. But if they plan to keep going, we should get some sort of indication either around the time Heat Storm is released (May 2017) or a few months afterward. 

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what is your favorite Nikki Heat book?

Instinct wants me to say Raging Heat, which is absolutely not true but I really just love the scene where they’re stuck in the car and Rook can’t get his seatbelt unbuckled while the water floods in and he thinks he’s gonna die and tells Nikki he loves her. Her response is “Fuck you, you are not dying.” and it cracks me up every single time, so I always think of that scene because it might be my favorite in the whole series.

But, honestly, it might be High Heat. I say that with the knowledge that its the most recent one, and therefore the freshest one in my mind, but I thought it had a great mix of drama, humor (Rook being handcuffed to the radiator and singing “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”), sexiness (Nikki convincing him they’re gonna have sex in her office and then handcuffing him to said radiator to keep him out of trouble), and heart (Nikki coming to terms with how she’s still grieving her mother and how solving the case didn’t fix her life).

I really liked that we didn’t dwell on just one murder case, that there were different balls being juggled in the air in a way that I don’t think they’ve been since maybe Frozen Heat. And that book would probably be the other favorite that I would name if I had to pick, it or Heat Wave.


buahaha….the alarm on Castle’s face when he realizes Kate’s father has read certain steamy scenes.

Here you see Castle, the nervous boyfriend digging himself into a deep hole. As Kate would say, “You should have stopped while you were behind.” or “You should have stopped at thanks.”

But Jim’s face indicates that he is trying hard not to grin. He already likes Castle very much. 

Dark Parallel

“She could be nineteen again walking into a kitchen where her mother’s blood was pooling under the refrigerator, […]“
Heat Wave, Chapter 4

If the show had been renewed, Beckett would have bled to death in her kitchen like Nikki’s mother did in hers. That just makes it hurt even more.