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Kayli's Guide to Castle Episodes

So, with the two-parter coming up next week, I was thinking earlier today, “You know, I should have a 3XK marathon.” Because, honestly, it’s one of my favorite arcs in the Castle-verse. Then I got to thinking about how there are people who haven’t watched Castle and really should because of arcs like this. But let’s be real, there are over 100 episodes of this show now and ain’t nobody got time for that. So, I’ve compiled a list of episodes and story arcs that I (as someone who’s been watching religiously since day one) consider series highlights for new viewers who maybe aren’t interested in starting from the beginning and watching each season all the way through.

This is really just an organized way of showing how the episodes connect. Anyone who’s interested in getting into it can pick and choose how they want to watch, because it’s a pretty flexible show.

The Johanna Beckett Saga aka ‘This Will Make You Cry’

  • A Chill Goes Through Her Veins (1.05)
  • A Death in the Family (1.10)
  • Deep in Death (2.01)
  • Sucker Punch (2.13)
  • Knockdown (3.13)
  • Knockout (3.24)
  • Rise (4.01)
  • Dial M for Mayor (4.12)
  • Always (4.23)
  • After the Storm (5.01)
  • Recoil (5.13)
  • In the Belly of the Beast (6.17)
  • Veritas (6.22)

The 3XK Saga aka ‘Prepare to be Creeped the F*** Out’

  • 3XK (3.06)
  • Kick the Ballistics (4.04)
  • Probable Cause (5.05)
  • Disciple (6.09)
  • Resurrection (7.14) - UPCOMING 2/9/15
  • Reckoning (7.15) - UPCOMING 2/16/15

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