3.08 think lovely thoughts


“Sometimes the weight of the whole town falls on my shoulders, and it’s up to me to carry it. I’m the Savior.” //Based on 4x02 of The Flash//

OUaT 3.08: Think Lovely Thoughts

I’m not sure if I enjoyed this episode or I just enjoyed watching this episode with my daughter who made faces like Emma’s here throughout:

Aeris, who is eight, identifies with Henry because he, as the youngest main cast member, is the one most like her (and she told me last night she thinks I am the most like Emma, probably because I make faces like that all the time). 

We start long, long ago in a galaxy far, far way with BB Rumplestiltskin watching his charlatan dad hustle. BBR is adorable and Daddystilskin is a loser. We meet him being called out by the random street thugs he dubiously decided to trick. BBR has to jump in to stop them from beating up on his Papa. Get ready folks, this entire episode is about three generations of Daddy disappointment.

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Once Upon a Time - Enchanted Forest Timeline

This is an attempt to provide people with a basic timeline for the order in which events in the EF occurred.  There are some areas where the actual timing is difficult to pin down (Belle’s captivity with Rumple and with Regina is extremely problematic, as is Aurora’s cursing).  This is a companion to the Land without Magic Timeline and Camelot Timeline.

Any Corrections I’ll gladly take, as well as any argument for moving the italic flashbacks.  I will be updating this after each episode.

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