3.08 a very supernatural christmas

Supernatural Rewatch: 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

i do not remember the plot of this episode at all. like, i remember the christmas bit at the end, and the flashbacks, but who the big bad is? no flipping clue.


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only came here to watch!… doesn’t make it less creepy Sam

i’ve heard this spiel… i’ve given this pagan christmas spiel.

OOOOHHH. this one!

SAM: All right. Dude… What’s going on with you?

DEAN: What?

SAM: I mean, since when are you Bing Crosby all of a sudden? Why do you want Christmas so bad?

DEAN: Why are you so against it? I mean, were your childhood memories that traumatic?

SAM: No, that has nothing to do with it.

DEAN: Then what?

SAM: I-I mean, I-I just… I don’t get it. You haven’t talked about Christmas in years.

DEAN: Well, yeah. This is my last year.

SAM: (Pause, small sigh) I know. That’s why I can’t.

DEAN: What do you mean?

SAM: I mean I can’t just sit around, drinking eggnog, pretending everything’s okay, when I know next Christmas you’ll be dead.

(DEAN nods)

I just can’t.

Dean encouraging Sam to eat his vegetables… even if they’re just funyuns. weechester feels.

gah. weechester feels. so many feels.

those are the most representative presents I can even imagine them giving each other. porn and shaving cream; oil and jerky.