3.05 kissed by fire

Tywin Lannister: Your sister has learned that your new friends the Tyrells are plotting to marry Sansa Stark to Ser Loras.
Tyrion Lannister: Very well. She’s a lovely girl. Missing some of Loras’ favorite bits, but I’m sure they’ll make do.

3.05: Kissed by Fire

Brienne: Why are we watching an old episode?

Jaime: I thought you needed a reminder.

Brienne: That I really need a flaming sword or that Jon Snow does know one thing?

Jaime: *grumbling* I’d forgotten about that. Just keep watching, wench.

Brienne; Are you still thinking about that sellsword from last week?

Jaime: This has nothing to do with that.

Brienne: Of course, it doesn’t. You wanted me to remember you swooning in my arms like a maiden in a song?

Jaime: I did not swoon.

Brienne: It was a manly swoon. Better?

Jaime: No.

Brienne: *sighs* Next time we can watch “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” and you can be the hero. But if you start singing that song I will kick you out of this car.