3.03 competitive ecology

TV Trope: Mirror Monologue

Chang V/O: Forget about the girl, I told myself. Let her go, like a lobster claw letting go of a small balloon for lobsters. Still, I had a hunch… Hmm, a matchbook. Something about it seemed cluey. ‘Arizona Matchbook Company’. Arizona… Arizona backwards is still Arizona! It’s a palomino! Maybe I was crazy, or maybe I was finally sane. [He looks into the mirror] Why does this guy keep staring at me?

(3.03 Competitive Ecology)

TV Trope: What The Hell, Hero?

Todd: What is wrong with you people?! Huh?! I thought you were supposed to be friends? I thought you were supposed to love each other? Your love is weird and toxic and it destroys everything it touches! I no longer care about grades or Biology or finally graduating from college like I promised my dying father. I’m going home. I’m going to hold my wife and my child close, and I am going to finally take my insulin shot! Offense taken! … Offense taken.

(3.03 Competitive Ecology)