Chicago Fire Season 5 episode 3

Casey seeks help with a personal matter from Susan Weller. A rich party guy wants Severide to travel with him. Stella tries to help a sick street kid. Otis and Herrmann share their concerns about Molly’s lack of customers.

Chicago Fire All Episodes on season 5 :

Episode 1 : The Hose or the Animal

Episode 2 : A Real Wake-Up Call

Episode 3 : Scorched Earth

  • Gravity Falls fans:can we please have a special edition of the journal that has the black light codes in it, we'd be willing to pay considerably more for it?
  • Disney Publishing:here's an ultra-rare copy with black light, bonus pages, real textures, removable photos, actual monocle, a lock of the actual Ford Pines's hair, the power to cure all aliments, and your own gnome but it cost exactly three [3] of your kidneys

he was so happy to find out that he has been to hawaii before lmaoo when he was 3

omg so my brother was so sweet to me just now: i went downstairs for a glass of water and him and his girlfriend were just hanging out in the kitchen and then he’s like, “Hey, when is Niamh coming again?” and his girlfriend said “Who?” and before I could answer my brother said “Oh, her girlfriend, she’s coming from Ireland to see her and she’s staying here for like a month.” and he’s never really said anything about her or me being gay or asked me anything after I told him, he just sort of accepted it ig, and idk it was just….really nice? to have that validation and sort of support and now I’m kind of tearing up a bit and I feel a little silly because it’s a small thing but it was just really great and idk I just kind of had to share that.