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Understanding a Shame-Based Personality

There is a difference between blaming and shaming a person. Blaming is being told you did something wrong. Shaming is being told that there’s something wrong with you, and you’re worthless, bad, inferior or inadequate. Examples of shaming statements include:

• “You were a mistake; I wish I’d never had you”
• “You’re useless; you’ll never amount to anything.”
• “You could never do what he/she does”
• “You’ve ruined my life; you ruin everything for everyone”

Adults shamed in childhood have the following traits:
1. They are afraid to share their true thoughts and feelings with others.
2. They are terrified of intimacy and put up walls in relationships. They also fear commitment as they expect to be rejected.
3. They are often extremely shy, easily embarrassed, and are terrified of being shamed or humiliated. They tend to suffer from debilitating false guilt.
4. They struggle with feelings of worthlessness and believe they are inferior to others. They believe that is something they can never change as worthlessness is at the core of who they are.
5. They often feel ugly and flawed, even when they’re beautiful – and everyone tells them that.
6. They may be narcissistic and act as if they have it all together; alternatively, they may be completely selfless, almost to the point of being a doormat.
7. They are often very defensive and find it hard to bear the slightest criticism. They feel as if they are being constantly watched and judged.
8. They have a pervasive sense of loneliness and always feel like outsiders (even when others genuinely like and love them).
9. They feel controlled – as if they always have to do want others want and say – and this blocks spontaneity.
10. They are perfectionists and usually suffer from performance anxiety. This may also cause them to be procrastinators.
11. They tend to block their feelings through compulsive behaviors like eating disorders, retail therapy or substance-abuse.
12. They find it hard to establish and enforce healthy boundaries with others.

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Request: fluffy/angst/smut of Minho(Shinee)dominant/filthy. With lots of dirty talk, spanking, and chocking. PLOT: minho and y/n are besties, but y/n is in love with him. He has a gf. But she cheats, but y/n knew she was bad and tried to warn him.

the amount of times you used Y/N almost confused my poor self but anyways here you go~


“I told you she was a filthy slut.” You shrugged your shoulders looking straight ahead towards the Television, your fingers buried deep into the Cheetos bag. Wrinkling up your nose and squinting at the show you lifted your hands to lift off the cheese that was left over from your orange fingers. The male beside you was strangely quiet but you paid no mind to it as you continued to run your mouth. “She was a slut, she was the worst type of person with that attitude and I tried to warn you over and over again but you just let her walk all over you. Fool.” Sighing you got up to head towards the kitchen but before you could even get out of the front room good enough you were slammed against the wall, a strong veiny hand around your neck choking you. Minho looked at you with hard dark eyes, bringing his face closer to yours as his fingers pressed down on your windpipes, a snarl ripping from his throat he brought his hand up to slap your face lightly using the same hand to grab at your locks, a surprised moan had escaped your lips. Your hand gripped onto his hand and you tried to jerk it down form your throat as he seemed to stare into your soul.

“Do you want to repeat what you said? Because, if I’m not mistaken you were the same slut begging to have my dick shoved down that pretty little throat of yours a month ago.” Minho reminded you pressing his body hard against yours.

Minho was someone who was your best friend since childhood. He had taken care of you and you had done the same with him. He was your whole word after your family of course. And everyone nearly found it uncanny how a guy and girl could be so close but not touch each other. But little did they know, you wanted that. At first of course the relationship was strictly just best friends. Looking out for each other, studying late together and being each other’s refuge. And when the years started to roll around that you were both in high school you started to dress up more, putting on makeup and occasionally skimpy outfits so that he would notice you and want you in the ways you were starting to want him. But instead of him wanting you he looked the other way.

“Y/N go put on more clothes! I don’t want to see you in such short things and I damn sure do not want any other guy seeing you like this.” He remarked one time you were both getting ready to go out to a party and all you had on was a short dress just covering your ass but it was low cut around your breast. Feeling defeat you had changed out of what you had on and came up with a lie that you suddenly felt sick and didn’t want to go anymore.

And things like that kept happening, everything you did he shot it down, not really noticing you like you wanted to. But still you were persistent trying to get with him because he was the only man you had ever thought of being with. He had completed you and through all the ups and downs you had wanted him. And you were not the only girl who noticed his beauty or wanted him but you felt you had years over anyone that tried to get with him.

“What do you mean g-girlfriend?” You asked Minho sitting in front of you with a brunette attached to his hips holding his hands. They were the perfect couple, a title that you wanted with him, and here he was with her sharing everything you wanted. He looked at you with excited eyes planting not one but two kisses on the female’s lips causing her to become flustered and cling onto him.

“Isn’t it great? She’s the most wonderful girl I had ever met!” He exclaimed looking at her with bright eyes full of love. And that was the moment your world crashing down around you. Your best friend, the guy you had been crushing on for over four years now didn’t want you. He wanted her instead. And you had known he probably would have turned you down but to see it, the knife that was drove into your heart was deeper than any wound you had ever felt. Not able to even fake your hurt you got up from the table and quickly turned away walking from the coupe in front of you and out of Minho’s life.

Your life started to spiral out of control. The good grades you had gotten in college had started to turn into C’s and D’s instead of all A’s. You had also avoided Minho, taking different routes instead of the ones you and he used to take. Your sexual life was also out of control, losing your first to some random stranger at a bar and that was how it started. You would fuck anyone who looked your way just wanting to forget about Minho but it was no use, instead you had just ended up empty, a broken girl alone and devastated. You didn’t even try to make new friends, just hanging out with yourself in your house where you assumed no one could hurt you, and since your parents were always busy and taking trips that you couldn’t go on because of school it all worked out. Until one day you heard your door bell ring. Confused you opened it to see a very upset Minho. Eyes red from crying you assumed something happened with his girlfriend, to later find out that he was upset about losing you. Some part of you had been slightly relived but knowing he would never love you back was something bitter to swallow down. But besides all of it you and Minho started to become back friends once again hanging out and catching up on old times. His girlfriend would call clearly not liking the fact that you two had gotten back friends often telling him to leave you early or make him stand you up on some days. It drove you mad.

“I saw her Minho!” You cried out slapping your hands down against his chest. “She was there with him!” You cried out wanting him to believe you. His girlfriend was a cheater, a smooth liar that had him wrapped around her fingers.

“Oh yeah?! Then where is the proof Y/N?” He shouted at you pushing you back. “You mean to tell me, you come here to accuse my girlfriend but you don’t have proof?” He asked you again and you nodded your head.

“If I would’ve taken a picture she would have seen the flash! She would have said something or anything to cover it up! Why can’t you just believe me Minho.. I love you! I’d do anything for you! Anything..” You muttered resting your hand on his crotch the alcohol in your system not helping you think straight. Minho had looked down at you and you pushed him lightly against the wall getting on your knees to kiss through his pants. “Let me prove it to you. Please. Let me make you feel better.” You had insinuated with your mouth you could make it all go away and hearing Minho chuckle and stroke your hair you felt you had gotten through it.

“You’re jealous. That’s what this is, ahh Y/N I never thought you would’ve been so low.” Minho commented tearing you from him.

The whole ordeal left you in a shouting match, harsh words were said and you pushed him out of your life for good slamming the door so that he couldn’t follow you outside as you ran away from him. All those twenty plus years just gone down the drain and out of the window. Everything ruined, everything fucked up. Everything broken.

It was 3 AM and very rainy outside, hard pellets hitting against the window as you watched the TV zoning in and out of sleep. Letting your fingers work open the bag of cheetos you had a late-night snack just waiting for yourself to fall asleep. You had been staying up lately and you didn’t necessarily know why but sleeping sometimes brought you pain so you tried to avoid it at all costs. Hearing the doorbell ring repeatedly you had grumpily gotten up from your sitting position with a bat in your hand walking towards the door. Opening it you started to mouth off at someone only to look Minho in the face. Dropping the bat a bit you were going to close the door in his face, but his hand reached out and stopped it blocking it between the two of you. “Please.” He said simply and you let him into your house, fighting off all the feelings that were threatened to ruin your heart and everything else.

Minho had explained everything to you that had happened, the photos on her phone that he found, how she was getting careless and staying out at inconsistent times of the night but blaming work and study groups. “I had followed her, only to see her there with that asshole. Just tongue buried deep. He had his fucking hands all up her dress in her panties.” He growled fingers balled up and angry tears streaking down his face. You had tried to warn him but to hear him say it, brought you slight happiness on the inside.

“I KNEW IT! I WAS RIGHT!” You jumped up yelling instead of checking on him. Minho lifted an eyebrow before he clenched his jaw watching you run around the front room getting too hype and then sitting back down beside him. His blood was boiling but he tried to hold it in. Until you started to brag again that was.

“I told you she was a filthy slut.” You shrugged your shoulders looking straight ahead towards the Television, your fingers buried deep into the Cheetos bag. Wrinkling up your nose and squinting at the show you lifted your hands to lift off the cheese that was left over from your orange fingers. The male beside you was strangely quiet but you paid no mind to it as you continued to run your mouth. “She was a slut, she was the worst type of person with that attitude and I tried to warn you over and over again but you just let her walk all over you. Fool.” Sighing you got up to head towards the kitchen but before you could even get out of the front room good enough you were slammed against the wall, a strong veiny hand around your neck choking you. Minho looked at you with hard dark eyes, bringing his face closer to yours as his fingers pressed down on your windpipes, a snarl ripping from his throat he brought his hand up to slap your face lightly using the same hand to grab at your locks, a surprised moan had escaped your lips. Your hand gripped onto his hand and you tried to jerk it down form your throat as he seemed to stare into your soul.

“Do you want to repeat what you said? Because, if I’m not mistaken you were the same slut begging to have my dick shoved down that pretty little throat of yours a month ago.” Minho reminded you pressing his body hard against yours.

Whimpering slightly, you shook your head at his words, your face heating up at the thought of it because he had rejected you. Minho smirked at the fear in your eyes slowly dragging you to your knees he pushed his hips against your face, rubbing his bulge across your nose and lips he moved his hand to your hair pulling on the locks. “Do you know how hard I’ve fought myself to knock fuck you Y/N?” Minho asked hissing as he pushed his hips harder against your face rutting his hips. Your mind was hazy, your hands pressing against his legs to pull away because what he was saying couldn’t be true. “It started in high school. And fuck it’s just gotten worst. This tight little body and those perky ass breast. I bet that pussy is so tight and wet. Untouched.” He was rutting his hips harder, the bulge starting to strain against the confines of his pants he stopped when he heard you mumble some unclear words.

“What did you just say?” He asked stilling his hips.

“I-I’m not a virgin anymore..” You admitted gripping onto his pants ashamed and not wanting to look at him. Minho’s blood grew cold jerking your head back he looked down at you with hard eyes.

“You really are a slut.” He spat in your face and you leaned forward to bite on his leg causing him to yelp.

“You didn’t fucking want me! I even threw myself at you and you rejected me! More than once how fucking dare you at least those other men knew how to please me! They knew what they wanted and they weren’t some weak ass boy holding back his feelings.” You shouted at him once again clearly not thinking before you spoke. Minho picked you up by your hair slamming you against the wall smirking.

“You’re fucking right. And since I’m a man right now, let me show you exactly what I want.” Minho threw you on his shoulder carrying you towards your room that he remembered very well. He threw you on the bed and before you could move too far he had you pinned down on your stomach, his hands gripping at your hands. He reached under your bed feeling for the handcuffs you had stolen from the sex shop when you were 16. Moving your hands up the bed he flipped you on your back handcuffing your hands to the headboard. “I’ll make you want me Y/N.” Minho spoke with thick want, his whole demeanor changing and it had you breathing quickly already. Shaking your head side to side you closed your legs biting your bottom lip.

“I don’t want you anymore Minho.” You spoke lying to him as he watched you. He responded with nothing, wrenching your legs open he moved between them his hands moving under your shirt slowly until he was gripping your bare breast that didn’t have a bra on. He groaned playing with your nipples his fingertips flicking over the buds causing you to moan and arch your back, your cover blown quickly because it was his touch you had longed for all these years.

“Fuck, I always loved staying a night because you never wore any bras.. Or panties.” He recalled sliding a large hand down to grip at your shorts pulling them up against your stomach. The fabric showing your bare pussy lips through them he smirked up at you quickly jerking them down from your legs he threw them off your body and onto the floor watching you try to squirm. “What? Scared that I’ll find out you’re really wet for me?” He asked you as he crawled back between your legs.

“Go fuck yourself.” You repeated to him and in response he pulled his hands back to grip at your shirt ripping it down the middle and pulling it off your body. The scraps of white along the floor. Minho slapped at your breast repeatedly, causing you to hiss and whine. “Who told you to speak?” He asked as he slapped harder against your breast. Pinching your nipples, he pulled on them causing you to shriek in pain.

“I do what the fuck I want you’re not my daddy!” You countered trying to jerk on the handcuffs and get free. Minho paused his hands staring down at your reddened body for a while. He got up and looked around your floor, grabbing at your panties he climbed onto your hips straddling you he crashed his lips down against yours silencing you with a kiss. He sucked on your bottom lip asking for entrance and though you were melting at the kiss you couldn’t forgive him so easily. Shaking your head no, he slipped his hand down to caress your pussy causing you to gasp in surprise. He immediately shoved his tongue into your mouth sucking and flicking his tongue against your dominating the kiss. He let his tongue flick and grip onto yours trying to suck your mouth dry. His tongue ran over your cheeks, teeth and the roof of your mouth before he pulled back slowly watching the thin trail of spit between the two of you. Sighing he pulled back. “Maybe I shouldn’t do this.. I may hurt you Y/N.” You were shocked, how dare he come in here and do such things to you only to tell you this.

“Excuse me?! How fucking dare, you! I’m not a child and I can take anything! I’m not this soft little-“Your words were cut off by your panties being shoved in your mouth choking you out.

“I knew you would say that. Gullible as ever. Try to hold on princess.” He winked at you climbing from the bed. You felt played. Your eyes were wide as he started to search into your room looking for anything that he could use on you. Rummaging through more drawers and your closet he chuckled darkly as he only found one vibrator but it would do for now. Plugging it up into the wall he moved to you, climbing back into between your legs. “Baby girl we are going to have to go buy you toys tomorrow.” He commented and it made everything in you break. You nodded your head slowly and happy that he was finally giving you some attention. Minho pressed your legs over his shoulder getting on his stomach, he turned on the vibrator on the lowest setting. He parted your pussy lips with one of his hands looking at the wet pink slit and groaning softly. Opening his mouth, he let his warm breath ghost against your slit, causing you to get wetter from just the anticipation. His warm wet tongue slowly slid up your slit to your clit causing a loud muffled cry to rip from your lips. You looked down at him your eyes hooded and watering already from the pleasure. Minho let his tongue continue to drag up and down your heat as he teased you, playing with your slit. He wrapped his mouth around your clit sucking gently on the bud and pressing the flat of his tongue against your clit he didn’t give you enough that would make you cum only enough to build you up. Pulling back after a while he pressed the head of the vibrator against your clit watching you squirm and moan out for him, it was a turn on and definitely making him harder than he ever thought possible.

Minho moved to shove his tongue into your pussy, moaning against you to let the vibrations ring out against your body. He flicked his tongue in and out of you hard and fast, curving it and letting the juices slid down his chin. Your taste was something like water, a little sweetness to it that he could taste all day and be satisfied. Burying his head into your pussy he grazed it against your walls, letting your legs squeeze around his head and pull him closer. After some time, he pulled back from your dripping folds only to press down on of your legs against the bed, letting the spit gather in his mouth he opened his mouth letting the spit fall down onto your opening getting you wetter. Then he did it again this time letting it press against your tight asshole. He moved to flick his tongue in and out of your asshole licking up the spit that had trailed inside of you. Burning with embarrassment you jerked harder at the cuffs trying to get free to pull him away. He changed the setting of the vibrator to medium quickly sliding it up and down your clit with his hand wrapped around it tightly he moved it causing you to lay back against the bed and cry out for pleasure, your body on fire limbs tightening as your stomach got tightened up. He pulled back from your asshole after eating you out kissing up your body slowly. He created dark spots onto your stomach and parted thighs marking you as his finally. He moved the vibrator from your pussy he moved it to sit on the bed. He slid three fingers into you causing you to wince as he jammed them in and out of you, he thrusted them quickly in and out of you curving them he pushed them deep inside of you. He shook his hand side to side, pressing the head of the vibrator back against you. He watched your body convulse for him, moving his fingers faster with a growl he was instantly satisfied when he saw the clear liquid coming out of you. Squirting all over your sheets you cried out in pleasure, his name leaving your lips around your dampen panties. He groaned letting his arm get wet as well as your hips jerked up harshly and you rode his fingers. Minho pulled them from you licking off the liquid eyes blazed he was needy for you his desire swelling up to the point of no return. He climbed off the bed turning off the vibrator he undressed himself and your eyes sucked in his body every ounce of his skin, his taught abs that you wanted to lick across always. until he was start naked and straddling your neck. Pulling the panties from your mouth he slid your mouth open letting his hardened tip rest against your plump lips. He was so big the veins you could feel on your bottom lip. Your tongue coming out to flick against his tip he moaned out in pleasure nodding his head because that’s what he wanted. You continued to tease him only flicking your tongue up and down his tip digging your pink muscle into the flesh and pulling out his precum. Minho growled sliding his hips forward burying his shaft into your mouth. He started to face fuck you one hand grabbing at your hair he pushed your head down on his thrusted his hips forward moaning your name out. His head rolled back as he lost himself at the pleasure of fucking your throat raw. The sound of your choking, the spit falling down from your chin, he reached back to slap at your pussy with one hand his balls slapped at your chin. He felt his stomach tightening as he got closer but he slowed down, rolling his hips against your throat he brought up his free hand to pinch your nose cutting off your breath for a bit. Snapping his hips forward he buried himself down your throat feeling you swallow around his dick with what energy you had left. Seeing your eyes drop he pulled back from you letting you cough and breath with your chest heaving.

He moved back between your legs, wrapping them around your waist, he gripped his dick at the base rubbing the tip up and down your dripping entrance. Slowly he pushed inside of you groaning as he buried himself into you. He made sure he gave you every inch watching as your lips flew open and you gave a silent cry of pleasure. He ground his hips against yours not pulling back causing tiny moans to fall from your lips as he felt the insides of your walls.

“So fucking tight..” He groaned as he pulled out until only his tip was remaining, pushing forward slowly he buried himself at a slow pace wanting to drag it out of you. Watching your pretty face contort in pleasure that was all he needed along with your moans and occasionally moans of his name. He reached down to lick across your hardened breast biting gently on the buds and letting his teeth scrape against the skin as he looked up at you with hooded eyes. His hands moving to grab at your ass cheeks gripping onto the flesh he slapped your ass cheeks drawing even more moans from your lips.

“H-harder.” You cried out softly feeling he was being too soft.

“Harder?” He asked and you nodded your head. He growled snapping his hips forward burying himself inside of you, he let his hand come back to cup your cheek before he slapped the flesh again earning moans of approval from you. He gave you a few slaps before he was slamming two fingers into your mouth and pulling your chin down. He groaned watching you rolling his hips in a circle he made sure to push as deep as he could.

“My fucking dirty little slut. Look at how good you’re taking daddy’s dick. I never would’ve thought this sweet little pussy could handle so much.” He praised feeling your walls clamp down on him. “Tell me I’m the best you ever had.” He rasped out holding your eye contact. When you didn’t do what he asked he pulled out of you and flipped you on your stomach with the cuffs still intact. Pushing you up on your knees he spread your legs wide with his entering you once again. He started to thrust harder into you, reaching your spot from this angle his hands slapped at your ass cheeks turning them red with his hand print. He bit up your back slowly creating more marks. “Say it.” He demanded, missing your spot-on purpose. He wasn’t going to give into you, and it felt so good, you couldn’t keep holding it in.

“You’re the best I ever had Minho! Oh God!” You cried out arching your back when he started to slam harder into you his hips snapping against yours.

“Whose dirty little slut are you?” He asked gripping at your hands as he used his hips to knock you back down against the bed. Not pulling out he continued to grind his hips hard against your ass feeling your walls clamp down on him.

“I’m yours! All yours Minho!” You nodded your head as he destroyed your walls your responses becoming incoherent as you took deep breaths. Your stomach tightened and you knew from how you were shaking you were close and so did he.

“Beg.” He commanded sucking a hickey on your neck.

“Please Minho! Please fucking ruin my pussy let me cum Minho! I want to be your dirty little slut and release my cum all over your dick please daddy.” The last phrase slid out but you didn’t care you just wanted him to know how you felt. Nodding his head against your skin he moaned against your ear.

“Cum for daddy Y/N.” The way he moaned your name in that instance had you cumming onto his shaft, your body shaking under him and pussy clamping tightly around his dick squeezing him. He continued to moan and grunt against your ear from the feeling burying his load inside of you a few thrusts later. Your back arched and you whined feeling the warm cum exploding inside of your wet insides and sliding out of your sore pussy. He slowed down to give you lazy thrusts before he pulled out of you slowly. He watched his cum slide out of you and moving to uncuff you he went to get a towel and clean your body off slowly. Once he was done he pulled you onto his chest kissing your lips sweetly grabbing your chin he looked you in the eyes.

“I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused you. I thought about that argument every day after it happened. I only wanted to hurt you so that you would stay away. I knew you loved me but I was so scared since we were both new to relationships we would hurt one another. I would hurt you. And I didn’t want that.. But I always thought about you and only you got me through being with her. Especially fucking her, her moans were obnoxious. He admitted wrinkling his nose. But I may have liked seeing you all jealous as well. It was cute, but if you would let me. Let’s try this again? Even it takes time.” He admitted with soft eyes. You soaked all his words in before you made your decision nodding your head you pecked his lips.

“I have only ever wanted you. And that will never change Minho, no matter what we go through.” 

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(2/2) story like that? Where Stiles and/or Derek are smart, with science major? Like engineering, architecture, computer science, etc? I'm sorry if my ask is too long :( tysm for your hardwork! Love, love your blog!

Here you go. All Sterek. - Anastasia

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Open It and Follow by dancinbutterfly

(1/1 I 3,611 I Explicit)

Fraternity Brother Derek may be an Omega but he’s no one’s bitch. Still he heats up whenever he has the chance to get at a knot - he just doesn’t usually care about the knothead attached. Problem is this Alpha Stiles seems special. He’s not quite sure how to deal with that.

Hale Yes: A Story of Stiles’ Ruined Life (That Got So Much Better) by StonyAvengerGirl16 (CharmedBritannia)

(6/6 I 6,896 I Teen)

Stiles is a somewhat awkward college freshman who wants to major in Forensic Science. Sure, he grew into his gangly limbs, and sure, he’s pretty smart, but his insistent rambling and ADHD tendencies require a special brand of person to handle. Derek is the campus’ most famous English major, and one of the extremely sexy yet extremely intimidating Hale siblings. So when their paths cross, all of a sudden Stile’s life turns out much harder than it was supposed to be.

Who Knew by SourWolfie (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel)

(26/26 I 88,161 I Explicit)

Stiles finally scraped together enough money to get his own apartment and he’s really fucking proud of it, okay? He just wishes shit would stop breaking. He also wishes he hadn’t just bitched out his incredibly hot landlord, but that ship has sailed right along with his dignity.

Put Down in Words by paintedrecs

(31/31 I 203,777 I Mature)

“Oh,” Stiles said, his voice coming out low and breathy, “fuck me.”

“I don’t think that’s on the syllabus, but we can check to see if there’s a spot open in any of his classes,” Scott said, grinning.

“This isn’t an actual professor, though,” Stiles insisted, unable to resist brushing his thumb over the sharp line of the man’s bearded jaw. He was laughing at something off-camera, the shot taken in three-quarters view, his coat collar casually rumpled and opened to reveal a sliver of a simple grey t-shirt. The whole thing was deliberately calculated to lend him a more accessible feel, and god help him, Stiles was falling for it.


When Stiles signed up for Dr. Hale’s intro to history class, he had two goals: knock out the credits his advisor was bugging him to complete before he graduated, and spend a few hours a week daydreaming about his sexy professor’s salt and pepper beard.

Derek, a few months away from turning forty and not sure when his life had started feeling so damn lonely, had never encountered someone like Stiles before. Bright-eyed, sharp-tongued, determined to throw Derek’s carefully cultivated world into disarray…and absolutely the last person Derek should be falling in love with.

i always talk about ian and mickey being in their prime during seasons 4 & 5 but quite honestly season 3 was SO IMPORTANT and i keep forgetting. we got mickey admitting he missed ian then being super jealous when he realized ian was seeing other people, the stupid ass angie zago situation that was very sad but kinda funny, then the two of them roughhousing while running through the streets after mick beat up pedophile ned, then mickey actually inviting ian to stay the night and pulling out the anal beads with no shame and full trust, all culminating up to the scene i literally do not ever want to mention on this blog, followed by another unmentionable scene wherein mickey can’t admit that he’s gay and that he loves ian, but finally concluding with two of the strongest mickey scenes of all time: “not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fuckin’ feel every minute” and the most painful “don’t” i’ve ever heard in this lifetime!! ouch!!!

Baby Face

Request:  Hi!! I don’t know why am obsessed with this idea right now but Bucky having a crush on a new recruit but the team are always picking on her and calling her ‘baby face’ cuz she’s short and adorable so 1 day Bucky gets embarrassed and calls her that too (which kills her cuz she likes him) so she decides to show up to an avenger party wearing a really sexy outfit and heels and Bucky and her end up doing all the dirty things😂

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I did NOT add smut in this one, as it’s SUPER fucking late, and I’m just really tired and didn’t feel like it. However, if you WANT to see it still, I may make a part 2 if it’s requested.

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“I don’t know, Nat. I’m just so tired of people calling me ‘baby face’ or ‘munchkin’ God it bothers me so much” Natasha rolls her eyes, standing next to me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“What do you care what everyone says babe? You’re fucking badass and everyone in this tower knows it, they just like to push your buttons because they know it works. But you’re better than that.” I sigh, running my fingers through my hair.

“Yeah, I know…” Natasha is the one person in this godforsaken testosterone infested tower that I can talk to when I get frustrated. Ever since I got her 6 months ago all I’ve heard is ‘baby face’ this and ‘baby face’ that and I’m so fucking sick of them. I’m only 5’0” and I weigh 120lbs soaking wet. I’m not tall, I’m not wide, and I am fucking aware of it. I didn’t come to this damn tower to be badgered about it. Tony has a party planned in the next 2 days, and it’s a requirement that the Avengers show up, it ‘makes us look good’ he says. I myself, would prefer to stay up in my room, on my shared floor with Steve, Sam, and Bucky. My Bucky. Well, he’s not MY Bucky. Unfortunately. He’s the only one who hasn’t called me names, or picked on me. He could though, the man is giant compared to me.

“Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go find you a killer outfit for the party, we’ll show these men that you’re not a baby faced nothing.” I laugh, and follow her out of the bedroom.


“I don’t know, don’t you think this one is a little….showy?” Nat comes to stand next to me in the mirror, running her eyes over my figure, clad in a purple, almost princess gown. It just wasn’t me, I don’t like this much attention.

“You’re right. This one isn’t you at all.” She runs off to find me a dress suitable to catch the eye of a certain super soldier…

“Here, (Y/N) This one is PERFECT. Bucky will fall apart when he sees you in this tight little number.”

“Shhhhh Nat, you never know who could be listening.” She hands me the dress, and I don’t have to even put it on to know it’s a stunning piece. It’s a bright red, and sleeveless, except for a small piece coming around the shoulder, it has two silver pieces of sparkly fabric around the back, and has a small train.

Slipping it on, I know it’ll be a piece to draw attention. I, however, only want the attention of one man.


The night of the party has arrived, everyone has been trying to get the main party area prepared accordingly, including me. Ladders were never my friend, and I stick by that to this day. Does that stop me from climbing one to put up decorations? Nope. Nope it doesn’t.

“You better be careful baby face, don’t want you to fall and scrape your knee now do we!” Sam pinches my cheek as he walks by me, making baby noises as he goes.

“I swear on me mums grave, Wilson. If you and Stark don’t fuck off with that bullshit I will cut your balls off!” For good measure, I chuck the bottle of water in my hand in his direction. He ducks just in time, and unfortunately, Bucky rounds the corner right at that exact moment. I gasp, preparing for the offending object to smack him right in his perfect face. However, this is Bucky we’re talking about right?

He catches it with his metal hand right out of the air. He brings it up to his mouth, unscrewing the top and taking a big drink. I’m sure if I kept my mouth open any longer I’da caught flies. He walks up to me, handing me the water.

“Better be careful, Wilson. We don’t like to see baby face pissed off here, do we? Might tucker her little self out.” He grabs my chin with his flesh hand, listing my head to look into his eyes. He winks.

“Can’t have that can we?” He laughs as I swat his hand away, my face bright pink by now, and my ears are on fire.

“Oh my God Barnes, not you too!” I throw my hands up in frustration, taking my water bottle with me and leaving the area. I’ll show him ‘baby face’. Motherfucker.


“Oh damn, (Y/N) You look fucking gorgeous. The boys won’t know what hit them.” Nat fluffs up my hair one last time, finishing it up with hairspray. I stand, sighing and making my way to the door.

“I hope you’re right, Nat.” I’m still not over Bucky calling me that offending nickname.

However, I’m determined not to let it bother me! It’s not going to ruin my night.

As we leave the comfort of my room, I can feel my nerves sneaking up on me.

“Maybe this isn’t a great idea, Nat. I’m nervous…” She grabs my arm, pulling me with her.

“No no no, you’re not allowed to chicken out on me. You look sexy as hell and I didn’t spend 3 hours working on you for nothing, you’re going down there, and you’re going to flaunt what your mama gave you or I’ll do it for you.” I roll my eyes, chuckling and following her.

When the elevator dings, and the doors open, the lobby is packed with people, famous and not, wearing the most expensive gowns and suits they owned, trying to impress people, or just having a good time.

“Guess who’s at the bar?” Nat whispers in my ear. I peak my head to the left, seeing Bucky sitting at the bar with Steve on his right. I smile, only for my smile to be wiped away from my face when I see a blonde woman, dressed in a tight black dress, with the V-line way down past her breasts, so much so that they’re practically falling out of her dress, jump up and sit on his lap, and his left hand goes around her waist. My heart leaps into my throat, and my eyes well with tears. Any confidence I may have had all but washed away with watching them together. Natasha watches them, anger evident on her face. She stands up, stalking towards them.

“No Natasha, don’t. It’s not worth it.” She turns to me, her eyes hot with fire.

“Not worth it?! This man is crazy about you, he’s TOLD me so! And he has the NERVE to do this to you, when he KNOWS you’re going to be here.”

“W-wait…wait he likes me?” The sheer shock that rocks my body almost makes me black out. She doesn’t answer me, she just walks up to Bucky. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can plainly see Bucky’s eyes softening. He starts looking around, probably looking for me. I turn back to my drink, alcohol free tonight. I wanted to be completely sober to watch Bucky fall apart…however, I think I’m gonna have to change my mind.

I’m not alone for long, as a stranger comes up, taking Natasha’s place next to me.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” My eyes rolled so hard in the back of my head that I think they might not come back. Sitting next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulder.

“Woah, Mister. I don’t know what you’re aiming for but I’m not interested.” He rolls his eyes, standing up.

“You need to loosen the fuck up, no wonder no one likes you.”

I don’t know what it is about it, but it just upset me and I’m just done.

“No, you prick. YOU need to stop approaching women who clearly aren’t interested in you then making them feel like shit when they turn you down! And for the record, you smell like sweat.” Stomping away from him and towards the elevator, I press the call button. I am so done with the night and I haven’t even been here for 15 minutes. I knew this would be a disaster. Should have listened to myself, I’m never wrong anyway.

As I wait on the elevator to come, I feel someone come and stand next to me.

“Look, mister, I said I wasn’t interested..” I turn to look at him, just to realize it isn’t the stranger, but Bucky.

‘Fuckin’ hell.’

“Hello to you too, (Y/N)” He stares at me, his eyes wandering the length of my body. His tongue darts out and licks his bottom lip, before his eyes travel back up to lock with mine.

“You look beautiful tonight….wow…” My face heats up.

“What are you doing here Bucky? I thought you had a date.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah…look I’m sorry about that, doll. I heard you were bringing a guy and I didn’t want to look lame sitting in the corner, alone, admiring the one woman I can’t have….” I smile, my ears starting to burn.

“You’re blushing, doll.” I laugh, looking up into his eyes.

“Well, your flattery will do that to a girl. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re quite the looker.” His cheeks turn red, and he bites the inside of his cheek.

“I used to be, back in the day.”

“You still are, Buck.” He smirks, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes. The door finally opens, and a load of people get off, just now getting to the party. Buck and I get on, and press the floor to his room.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the party, doll?”

“Fuck the party, Barnes. I have some new information I want to make use of.” He groans, backing me up against the wall of the elevator, pressing his lips to mine in desperate need.

“God you are stunningly beautiful…and I need you…” My arms go around his neck, and my legs go around his waist.

“Buck wait! We have to get to the bedroom first!” He chuckles deep in his throat.

“Alright, doll. I’ll behave.”

He didn’t.

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We’re Just Friends. {Josh Dun x reader}

Requested: Nah

Warnings: Swearing? Josh being the hottest human being out there, um yeah and slight sexual conent, Bullying

A/N: Requests are open for Josh but if you prefer Tyler I could maybe do him too.



The car rumbled as we made our way down the highway towards Taco Bell. Josh bobbed his head to the beat of the song that was playing at the time. I didn’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s Metalica. As we pulled into the drive-through at Taco Bell I picked up my bag rummaging for my wallet.

“Shit Josh. I forgot my money.” I said throwing down my purse in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.” Josh siad pulling up to the ordering sign.

“Are you sure Josh? I can pay you back when we get back.” I said pointing to the direction we came in.

“Yeah and you don’t have to pay me back. It’s fine.” He said ordering a 5$ cravings box for each of us and two strawberry starburst freezis.

“Thanks Josh.” I said leaning back against the seat beginning to relax.

“It’s nothing.” he said grabbing the food from the clerk before driving away.The car ride was filled with silence as we turned into the nearest park. The sound of children playing in the background filled my heart with joy making my chest and face feel warm as I cracked a smile. “Why you smiling?” Josh said setting up the food on a picnic table.

“Kids are just so cute.” I said sitting across from him. 

“You want to have any?” He asked taking a bite of the first taco he pulled out. 

“No not thinking about it right now.” I said taking a bite of the taco I chose. 

“Why not?” He asked looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“Just haven’t found the right person I guess.” I said offering him a light smile 

“ Um Y/N I’m sitting right here.” He said smiling. 

“ Yeah, yeah Romeo.” I said chuckling. We finished the tacos and sat on a bench that over looked the on-coming sunset. 

“You know what’s prettier than this sunset?” He asked looking at me with loving eyes. My heart started accelerating in my chest and the wind fled from my lungs.

“What?” I could barely make out.

“Me.” He said laughing. The anticipation fled from my heart and disappointment replaced it. I smiled in efforts to hide the pain in my heart. “I’m just kidding.” He said grabbing in my chin with his fingers. “It’s you.” He whispered before planting a quick kiss on my forehead. 


“We should be getting back to Tyler’s don’t you think? He’s going to be wondering where we’ve gone to.” Josh said standing up like nothing our of the ordinary happened at all. 

“Y-yeah.” I said and he chuckled at my studdering. 

“You alright there princess?” He asked throwing an arm around around my shoulders. 

“Yeah I-I’m fine just tired that’s all.” I said trying to cover my apparent studder with a chuckle although I know he heard it.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He asked smiling. At first the words got mixed p in my brain and I thought he said “Fuck” Instead of “Tuck” The image of his sweating down between my legs made me squeeze them together to get rid of the wetness that threated to spill out. 

“Sure. You sleeping in my room tonight again too?” I asked throwing in arm around his torso. 

“Of course.” He said chuckling. The one thing fans didn’t know about us was that we slept together on a daily basis. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was nice and cuddly and he prvided the perfect amount of warmth. 

*Time skip*

The room was quiet beside the tiny fan I had going on my dresser. I couldn’t sleep in silence since I was a little kid so Josh knew it was natural for me to have a fan running at all times. 

“You ready?” Josh asked from the bathroom. 

“Almost.” I said as I stripped into one of Josh’s t-shirts before huddling into bed. “Alright come out.” I said throwing the covers over me before he could get a look of my pantless legs. Josh came out in nothing but his boxers and hopped into bed next to me he warm legs warpping with my cold ones.

“Damn you’re cold today.” He said pulling me against his strong torso against my weak back.

“Yeah, I guess it’s always cold in this house.” I said pushing my back into his solid body to get some warmth. He draped isarm around my stomach and pulled me closer if that was even possible. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said snuggling into my neck. 

“Goodnight Joshua.” I said moving to give him better access to my neck.


The morning came and my phone was blowing up with messages and notifications. I turned to pick it up but found it difficult due to Josh holding onto me closly. 

“Josh hun I have to grab my phone. It’s probably my mother.” I siad trying to reach over  again but he held me closer. 

“Mmm not yet.” He said his voice raspy from a night of good sleep. 

“Josh I’ll be back just.. let.. me grab my phone.” I said pulling my phone closerand eventualy grabbing it going back to Josh. He resumed his position and fell asleep shortly after. My phone had notifications from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and friends texted a few times. I decided to start with my friends. 

From: Y/BF/N

Dude what the hell?! Why didn’t you tell me?? sent at 3:50 am

To: Y/BF/N 

What didn’t I tell you? I’m confused?? sent at 10:21 am

I continued to check through social media seeing videos and pictures of Josh and me in the park eating

Oh my gosh!! I didn’t know Josh had a girlfriend again!! holy shit you guys are adorable! Reposts 3       Comments 0      Likes  273

What the fuck shes so damn ugly he could do better! Reposts 0      Comments 1     Likes  16

I wonder if she eats Taco Bell all the time because she looks it.  Reposts 50      Comments    53      Likes 1,067

The pictures and videos flooded through my mind and they made my heart melt but the comments made my heart sink.

From: Y/BF/N 

I saw the photo’s good for you hun. I remember you complaining about how he never would like you and shit like that! Now all I have to do is set the haters straight. Hope you guys last long! <3  sent at 10:45 am

To: Y/BF/N 

Omg I didn’t know people took pictures of that. We’re just friends. but  now I need to get Joshie up and tell him the “Great” news. sent at 10:47

“Josh, wake up I need to talk to you.” I said sitting up him following soon after. My phone held tightly in my hands I showed him Instagram and Twitter. 

“Oh my god I should’ve fucking known better. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said looking through the comments on Instagram and Twitter. 

“It’s okay they don’t bother me as much as they are goign to ruin your reputation.” I said runnning my hands down my face. 

“Well maybe this is a good thing.” Josh said looking at you with a smile on his face.

“How is this even remotely a good thing. This shit is going to cause some reprecussions.” I said scratching my neck nervously. 

“Because I’ve always loved you and I just. I didn’t want it to come out this way but if this is the only way it will come out then so be it.” Josh said leaning forward capturing my lips with a soft, delicate kiss. I leaned into it wrapping my arms around his neck. His soft lips molded against mine and it felt right. We pulled away and opened our eyes. 

“I love you too Joshua Dun.”


I hope you like this so yeah I love you guys and you can start requesting for Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph so yeah!

Using Poppers: Or how to feel the rush & not end up in the ER.

So this is the first real P.S.A. I’ve ever written - but after a few messages over the past few months, I decided it was time to do a general intro & such on the use of those ever-potent little brown bottles that us Cardiophiles love to play with… POPPERS! 

So for the neophytes, what are these special chemicals that make us go wild? And for that matter, what good are they? Let’s take a brief look back in time for a bit on them.

Poppers - the chemical aromas found in such varities as “RUSH” “Jungle Juice” “Amsterdam” and many others have their origins in history as a derivative of Amyl Nitrite. Amyl Nitrite is a potent vasodialator which has been used in cardiovascular research & treatment of some conditions for decades. The actual process is this: Upon inhalation and contact with the bloodstream, Amyl Nitrite releases through chemical properties a crapload of nitric acid. Nitric acid in turn causes smooth muscle (including the arteries) to open and dilate. As the nitric acid swirls through the bloodstream, it passes through the heart, and opens the coronary arteries, dropping blood pressure around the heart. The heart senses this, and begins to pump not only faster but with more intensity, trying to balance the blood pressure not only around it - but also through the rest of the body. This drop in BP is also what gives the heady rush feeling just prior to your heart pumping in an incredible, intense manner. 

In the USA, as it is in some countries, Amyl Nitrite isn’t available without a prescription. Other chemical compounds have since made themselves widely available - Isobutyl Nitrite, Isopentyl Nitrite & Butyl Nitrite being the three most common. Usually you’ll find these in your local “adult’ store under various brands, often naming the use as “VCR Head Cleaner” “room aroma” among others. Many Leather stores sell wide varieties of these, all with similar chemicals in them to get your blood pumping and your heart pounding. 

So let’s now go into your first time - and what to expect. 

Chances are, if you’re using these bottles of potent vapor, you’re already pretty hard-core cardiophile, complete with stethoscope & most likely your microphone for posterity recordings. So here’s a basic timeline of what will happen on that first inhale:

0:10 - you feel a bit dizzy, and a bit tingly. 
0:15 - your skin tingles a bit more, and begins to ‘flush’ red- often starting in the head, down your neck, and across your chest. 
0:25-0:30 - your heart begins to pump with tremendous force, and your heart rate begins to accelerate.
0:35-0:45 - breathing becomes deeper and much more rapid; full intensity of the nitrites in your body; your heart is not reaching the higest level of impact from the first inhale
1:00-1:30 - the rush dissipates, and the heart begins to restore normal BP; it feels like your heart is pounding in your skull
1:30-3:00 - The heart begins to pump normally, and the rate returns to normal. 

As far as the physical effects, they do vary - but in my own course of research, I’ve noted these happening:

Strong & hard plunge in BP - in one instance, as my heart rate passed 160, my BP dropped to 90/40. 
More pronounced valve sounds - notably at tricuspid & mitral positions - as the heart dilates to pump more blood, the valve sounds become accentuated and the sound is incredible. Systolic murmurs can appear at the Aortic & pulmonic positions. 
Thundering heart- Exactly as it sounds, it feels as if your heart is trying to pump out of your ribs. 

Now mind you, that’s just one hit. Many of us (myself included) go for extended runs - poppering up if you will - to prolong the intensity of the effects on the heart. And you can, with experience & practice, do the same for yourself. But there are a few things that can make or break the experience:

1.) Straight-breathing the vapors will kill the effect after about four minutes - you’ll lose the rush, and the intensity of the pleasure. It is better to pace the hits out on a regular time basis and keep the intensity - and the pumping of your heart - at the maximum level.  In my own work (and my work with other ‘subjects’) I have found that hits every 35-45 seconds works good for a 9-12 minute cycle. 

2.) Your body type, size, etc. do play a role on how they impact your heart - as well as other things. For example: A heavy, burly man like myself requires longer and more deep hits for the right impact on my heart; a thin, younger man’s heart. 

3.) Smoking: The nitrites are VERY flammable - if you use tobacco products, do not mix the two together. You’ll end up in the burn ward.  

4.) Prolonged exposure can cause some temporary effects you don’t necessarily want. If you’re new, don’t do repeat hits until after you’ve experienced what poppers do to your body & your heart. 

Popper no-nos:

I have seen, experimented & tried many methods of working my heart over to get it to beat like I want it - and I’ve learned quite a bit on myself and my ‘subjects’ Here’s a list of warnings & such that you might be wary of:

1.) Your erection may fall flat: As BP drops hard, so will your shaft. It is a natural course to happen, so you may have to edge yourself up a bit. 
2.) Notable irregular beats: I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions - and on a few subjects. During an intense popper session, I began to have dropped beats - that wonderful ‘pause’ that lasts a little too long followed by a powerful contraction of the ventricles.  More commonly though, they begin to appear at the end of a poppers session - and can be not only a lot more frequent, but last for several minutes. (My ‘record’ was 2:30 of irregular beats.)
3.) Poppers & stimulants: You might think this will heighten the effects on your heart… but it doesn’t. While both make your heart race & your blood surge, both act differently on the heart. Stimulants force the heart to pump faster & harder by raising blood pressure, poppers do the same by lowering blood pressure. Poppers & stimulants end up counteracting each other, and really ruin the ‘rush’ of poppers - and of stimulants. Best recommendation: Do one, or the other, but not both. 
3.) Poppers & Viagra/Cialis/Levitra/Quickerdickeruppers (Both prescription & OTC). DON’T EVER DO THIS. I mean that. I have experimented on a gentleman who took a Cialis, and wanted a poppering session without telling me of his Cialis. Three minutes in, his heart rate passed 190, and his BP dropped to unmeasurable levels - followed by his passing out. And then a trip to the ER and some very awkward questions followed. Cialis, etc. are potent vasodilators in their own right, and do similar effects on the heart as do poppers. Combining the two could lead to a death certificate as the heart becomes hypoxic - with no oxygen reaching the heart muscle, ventricular fibrilation & cardiac arrest could follow.  Remember: Don’t mix the two - ever. 
4.) Other illegal drugs: I’m not advocating these drugs at all - as mild or as wild as they may be. I can say this: Poppers interact with everything- and will screw your heart up good when combined with illegal drugs. 

So there you have it, my fellow cardiophiles. If you choose to go the poppers route, welcome - play safe & play careful. Know your body, know your heart, and have fun. 

22 activities for march 22nd

as an Official My Chemical Romance Fan™, your march 22nd activities are now restricted to the following:

1. wake up and remember it’s march 22nd
2. remember the meaning of march 22nd
3. cry
4. put on your mourning costume (preferably helena or black parade-inspired, mcr merch is also acceptable as long as the rest of your outfit is completely black)
5. ruin your eyeliner by crying and call it war paint
6. listen to the black parade while crying
7. listen to the light behind your eyes while sobbing
8. listen to every mcr song ever on shuffle while losing it
9. go online and read THE PARAGRAPH
10. stare blankly at your computer screen, numb of emotion
11. read a frerard fic (minimum of 22 chapters, must be smutty as well as heartfelt and well-written)
12. play one of the mcr pixel online games from like 2004 (helena is recommended)
13. go on tumblr and mourn with your fellow MCRmy
14. chant look alive, sunshine (and i mean the whole thing)
15. listen to the jetset life is gonna kill you (actually, just play the line “check into the hotel bella muerte” over and over again)
16. watch random videos of mcr doing stuff together as a band
17. listen to a hesitant alien song while screaming NO FUCK YOU repeatedly at the top of your lungs until it ends, at which point you cry and say “i didn’t mean it sorry gerard i love you”
18. remember that the last song they ever played live was helena, so the last line they ever played live was “SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT”
19. get emotional over #18
20. listen to fake your death
21. feel utterly numb and empty for awhile while you peruse mcr memes
22. respect that mcr as a physical band is over, but it’s not just a band, it’s an idea that will live on in our hearts as long as their music still exists. the members are all still alive (except for bob. bob didn’t leave the band. he just died, and he’s the skeleton in the na na na music video) and @official-gerardway
is fairly easy to track because of his activity on social media. we are lucky to have had them for twelve years and lucky that they are pursuing their own careers and joy.

Texting Fics

That’s gay (smolsyub)

mother slut: but yoongi don’t you love us

don’t talk to me: id sell you to satan for a cornchip

eommajin: what about jimin tho, surely hes worth more than a cornchip to you

don’t talk to me: no?? I hate u all equally none of u are worth more than one

minnie: excsuse mne? my ass alone is worth one cornchip u fukker

By- smolsyub

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, yoonmin, namjin



minsugagenius: everytime you say you gave birth to us I wanna puke

mommy: I gave birth to ALL OF YOU




[minsugagenius left the group]

By- sotaekook

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin


SUN PRINCE (daeguarchives)


:) hobi :): Me

jiminiii: me 2 ho


/ where jungkook is whipped for taehyung, taehyung is platonically in love with 6 people, yoongi and jimin are way too oblivious, seokjin and namjoon are the parental figures and hoseok is the lone heterosexual, in love with a girl that could beat his ass. /

By- daeguarchives

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, namjin, yoonmin


Too high, we on trampoline (pizza_netflix_hp)

taelicious: anyway his insta is @jeonkookie pls follow him he’s beautiful and ruining my life

dadjoon: …Tae.

taelicious: …hyung.

dadjoon: I know the boy whom you’re Instagram stalking.

or: in which taehyung is a Grade A instagram stalker, yoonmin are stupid and in love, and namjin and hoseok are just here to roast and make sure no one dies

{title from english translation of not today, by bts}

By- pizza_netflix_hp

Rating: M

Ship/s: Vkook, Yoonmin, Namjin


Chong! jojun! Balsa! (Point! Aim! Shoot!) (nutaella)

sunflower <3 to [HEADS UP HOES]

sunflower <3: OMG GUYS

sunflower <3: MY BOY REPLIED

(basically taehyung is the most precious, jeongguk is two hundred percent whipped, yoongi is the best brother, seokjin is a nagging mother, jimin is the bestest best friend, namjoon is the most normal, and hoseok is the meme king and the lonely one)

By- Nutaella

Rating: M

Ship/s: vkook, yoonmin, namjin


Dance With Me


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Can I request a Bucky x reader where they kind of recreate that scene in gotg where Gamora and quill are listening to music and they almost kiss but she hits him as a reflex because she usually does that to men who flirt with her? And she freaks out and runs away but then apologizes with a fluffy ending please?
Warnings: Slight violence
Notes: Part 3 of Well This Is Awkward will be up tomorrow. I hope you have been enjoying my work so far. Thankyou for 300 followers it means so much to me, so because of that heres a little treat for y’all. Enjoy! :)

To say you had little patience for men and their flirtation methods was putting it lightly. Whenever you and your friends would go out clubbing or to a bar you would always end up getting hit on.  It sucked, you just wanted a fun night out where you could hang with your girls, but no some meathead had to come ruin that by trying to get into one of your pants. This plus a quick to anger personality did not mix well. You were a part of The Avengers so were highly trained, this meant that whenever a guy would get to close for comfort you would break his nose. You couldn’t even remember how many places you and your friends had been kicked out of because of this, it both annoyed and amused them.

 As you leant against the railing of the balcony, you felt the wind whip your H/C hair around behind you. Laying your head against the cold metal, you heard the door slide open behind you and then close again. Immediately you felt his presence, how could you not. “Y/N?’ his gravely voice questioned. “Hey Buck.” You whispered into the wind. “What are you doing out here, its freezing!” He asked, coming to stand next to you. “Just thinking.” You shrugged. Looking up to meet his eyes, you noticed the white cable from his iPod sticking out from his collar. “What you listening to?” You asked, nodding at his earphones. “Oh just a song by Benjamin Taylor.” He gestured at his earphones. “What’s it called?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow. “Wicked Way.” He smirked. Rolling your eyes you held your hand out for one of the ear buds.

 Bucky’s hand slowly pushed back a strand of your hair behind of your ear. Picking up the ear bud he placed it softly in your ear. The soft sounds of the music floated around you. Closing your eyes you got lost in the melody. You felt Bucky’s hand slowly grip onto your waist and his hand cup your cheek. Leaning into him you felt your nose brush his. Your eyes suddenly burst open as you panicked. Pulling your hand back you clenched it into a fist and sent it flying in the perpetrators direction, completely forgetting it was Bucky. You felt your fist connect with someone’s nose. Looking up you realised… you had just punched the guy you had a huge crush on. Gasping, your eyes widened and you covered your now gaping mouth with your hand. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed. “It’s okay.” Bucky muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose “But why did you punch me?” Before he knew it you had fled out of embarrassment, slamming the door behind you.

 Sitting on your bed, you brought your knees up to your chest and leaned your head against them. You felt your salty tears run down your cheek and gather on the material of your jeans. You heard a knock at your door but chose to ignore it out of embarrassment. Minutes later you heard the lock click and heavy footsteps walk towards you. Refusing to raise your head, you felt the bed dip next to you and a strong-arm wrap around your shoulder. “Y/N, I asked Nat why you punched me and she explained that you didn’t like guys hitting on you. I found it quite hilarious actually.” Bucky said with a chuckle and a kiss to the head. “I am sorry Buck.” You whispered, “I really did want to kiss you.” You mumbled into your leg. Bucky’s hand gently lifted your chin and pressed his lips against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling yourself you got lost in the kiss. Pulling back to catch your breath you smiled and lay your head on his shoulder. “Y/N?” Bucky mumbled into your hair “Dance with me?” He said taking your hand in his. “Always.” You whispered back.

Clace Wedding

The small dressing room in the back of the Accords Hall was packed. Clary stood in front of a full length mirror, her mother and Isabelle making last minute touch-ups. Maia was behind Clary, lacing the back of her dress, muttering about how girlish the situation was. Maryse Lightwood stood by the door, looking at the grandfather clock worriedly.

They had gotten to the Accords Hall around ten o'clock that morning, ushering Clary away from Jace. A few times he had tried to get in, but her mother and Maia had chased him out, not wanting Jace to see Clary before the wedding. Her dress was a shimmering gold, made completely out of silk. Runes of love and happiness and good fortune were embroidered into the bodice. Clary had thought it was a little over the top, but Isabelle and Magnus had insisted.

Absentmindedly, Clary caressed the Herondale family ring that rested on her finger. She and Jace had exchanged family rings the year before. She smiled slightly when she thought of Jace. Just thinking about him brightened her mood, made her feel complete. She wondered how she would feel once they were married, which would happen in a few minutes. She suddenly felt cold all over.

She and Jace were to be married. In a few minutes. Butterflies flew wildly in her stomach. Were they ready to be married? They were only twenty-one. Was that too young? But Clary knew that it was the age most shadowhunters were when they got married, because shadowhunters die young and–

“Clary, are you even listening?” Isabelle exclaimed, jerking Clary from her morbid thoughts. She looked up to see Isabelle standing in front of her, a bouquet of red roses in her hands.

“I… No. No, I wasn’t listening.” Clary admitted, blushing.

“I asked you if you were ready? The ceremony is starting in five minutes,” Isabelle said, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. When Clary didn’t answer, Isabelle’s expression went from slightly annoyed to concerned.

Before she could say anything, Alec burst into the room, dressed in an elegant black suit. Alec held a small black box, going to stand beside his sister. He smiled, making his blue eyes crinkle.

“Hey, Clary. I brought you a gift. It’s from Magnus and I.” Alec said, his words fast and excited, completely different from his normal attitude. He went behind her and set the present on a small wooden table. “Are you feeling all right? You look a bit green.”

As if on cue, Clary  fainted. Alec caught her, lowering her gently to the floor. Izzy and Jocelyn gasped and rushed to Clary’s side.

“Oh, no! She’s wrinkling her dress!” Isabelle shouted.

Jocelyn glared at her. “The poor thing is so nervous. I fainted on my wedding day to Valentine, you know,” she explained, turning to a surprised-looking Alec. “Could you get her a glass of water, dear?”

He nodded and quickly disappeared. Jocelyn felt Clary’s forehead, checking for a fever. Maia and Maryse looked on, nervous. The wedding was literally starting in five minutes. Alec returned with a glass of water and his stele, moving to sit next to Clary. She was just beginning to come back, pale and ill-looking.

“What-“ Clary began and sat up, nearly falling over again. Izzy steadied her, carefully placing a stray red curl back into the intricate braided bun on her head.

"Careful, sweetheart,” Jocelyn scolded. “You’ll faint again.”

“Here,” Alec said, handing Clary the drink. She took small sips while Alec drew an iratze on her shoulder. Clary felt the familiar sting, along with the nausea and lightheadedness fading. “Are you nervous or something? Do you need a courage rune?”

“I’m a little nervous, I guess. I just can’t believe Jace and I are getting married. The whole thing is just so surreal.” Clary said. Izzy and Jocelyn helped her up and smoothed out her dress.

“Everything’s fine, Clary,” Maia assured her. “You’ve been planning this for months. Clary looked at Maia and Izzy in their silver bridesmaid dresses. Izzy was sporting matching silver pumps, while Maia had on converse.

"Oh! I almost forgot your gift.” Alec retrieved the small black box, putting it in Clary’s hand.

“Thank you, Alec. You didn’t have to get me anything.” Clary said, smiling.

“Just open it.”

Clary laughed and opened the box, revealing a gold chain with a bird pendant. She gasped at its simple beauty, looking up at Alec.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful.”

Alec took the necklace. “May I?” He asked. Clary nodded and turned around. As Alec fastened the necklace around her throat, he said, “I figured since you’ll be a Herondale soon, that I should get you something bird-related. Magnus helped me pick it out, of course; I know nothing about fashion. You’ll be the wife of my parabatai, I just want to let you know that I’m always going to be there for you. Hopefully someday you’ll let me babysit your children.”

Clary turned around and gave Alec a crushing hug. “That was so nice.” She whispered. “Thank you.” She sniffled, wiping her eye.

“Stop! I’m allergic to sentimentality! And no crying, Clary. You’ll ruin your makeup.” Isabelle said, throwing her arms up.

There was a knock at the door and Luke appeared, nodding to Maryse. “It’s time, guys.’ He held his hand out to Clary. She took it, smiling up at him.

Then he led her into the Hall.


Yo! My first imagine! Sorry if it’s terrible, but I had to.

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I don’t know how anyone at this point can honestly deny that the show is punishing Mickey for whatever it is that happened with Noel when:

1. They “dumbed him down” and mocked his sudden inability to spell Ian, a direct contrast to season one where he was shown being perfectly capable of spelling Ian Gallagher.

2. They imprisoned Mickey for 8-15 years for a ridiculous crime with no evidence when Frank has gotten away with murder multiple times throughout this series. Mickey didn’t have to be imprisoned to be written off the show, and considering the only evidence with Sammi would be her word against his when she was literally just shooting at him, it’s not exactly a crime that needed to be followed up on, particularly not in a show notorious for overlooking such things. 

3. They ruined the dugouts not once but twice, first by having Ian pick a fight with Mickey and turning a loving gesture from Mickey into a violent altercation and then by taking that little league memory first discussed at the dugouts and pissing all over it with the baseball game Ian participated in with Caleb.

4. They had Ian suddenly act as if he had no idea what a date meant because he’d “never been in that kind of relationship,” when just last season not only did he explain in detail what a date was to him, Mickey actually asked him to go on one. The writers interrupted this with Sammi’s betrayal and Ian’s resulting arrest, which, surprisingly enough, wasn’t Mickey’s fault. They broke the couple up before they could actually go on a date and now the first thing they’re going to do with Caleb is have Ian go out with him. On a real date. And most likely act as if it’s the first time anyone’s wanted more than sex from him. (Bonus points for Mickey actually thinking they had been on a date before so it’s not like he was actually avoiding the whole thing, he just had a different idea of what counted for a date than Ian.)

5. They promoted and praised the unhealthy “fight and fuck” aspect of Ian and Mickey’s relationship, which, incidentally, Ian was the only one initiating the “fight” aspect once they entered a real relationship. Now, not only are they blaming Mickey for it, they’re going to show us the “healthy” alternative and act like it was such a terrible thing when just last season they were using it to promote how “masculine,” #Gallavich is and how it goes against gay stereotypes. Never mind the fact that a large percentage of the fandom saw through that bullshit and called it out for being unhealthy, only to get brushed off or blocked by the writers who not only created the fight scene but were actually defending it as well.

6. They’re going to make Ian dismiss all the attempts Mickey made at communicating and connecting with him, contradicting the last two seasons of this show and completely ignoring the fact that Mickey wanted to talk, on multiple occasions. Ian is the one who shut him down, or redirected his attention elsewhere, or who brushed it off as no big deal. Mickey did struggle with communicating, we have three seasons to prove that, but he was making an effort for Ian because he loved him and he believed his inability to express his feelings in the season three finale is what made Ian leave. At the very least, he thought it was what stopped him from being able to convince him to stay. 

So go ahead and tell me again that these writers are professionals who wouldn’t punish a character they created, but their writing speaks for itself - and we’re not even halfway through the season yet.

{{ I was playing a friendly custom game on Overwatch today as Mercy and the enemy team kept chasing me. I hid in a bush and the enemy Reaper noticed me, then stood in front of the bush to hide me from his team. Once they had lost interest, he turned to me and started waving and I was just like ‘omg my hero’ and I just followed him around everywhere for the rest of the skirmish.

The enemy Lucio noticed and kept trying to ruin it by booping me away from him, so I ended up running away but Reaper followed me. I hid in a little room crouched in the corner and he crouched in front of me to hide me again, and the Lucio showed up and stared at us and I just kept peeking around Reaper to see if he was gone. Lucio left and then we put our sprays together and emoted and got married and had 3 kids and lived happily ever after. }}

Tumblr is posting ads on my blog

I don’t know if you noticed, but tumblr is posting ads on my blog without my permission. I delete them every time I see them, but it’s hard to keep track of and it’s annoying. I’m not getting paid to have them post ads without me knowing and I just read all of tumblr’s terms and conditions and nowhere does it say that they can run ads through my blog without my permission. I’m fine with ads on my dash I get it tumblr you need to make money, but I am not okay with ads being posting on my blog without my knowledge, my permission, and out of my control. I don’t have control of how many ads you post on my blog or how often, and I am not very happy about it. I’m following a ton of blogs on tumblr, some are much bigger than mine and some are much smaller, and I don’t see ads being reblogged by them. I see ads in my queue that I know that you are going to make look like I reblogged even though I have no knowledge of ever seeing these posts or putting them in my queue. Whenever I happen to see on in my queue or on my dash that I supposedly reblogged, I delete it. If ads are continued to be posted on my blog without my permission I will keep deleting them. If i am still not paid for or given any control over the ads that you are making my blog reblog I will continue to delete them. I did not join tumblr or continued to use tumble for 3 years for money or for followers. I think tumblr has a good community of people using it, but I am trying to run a blog that I enjoy and that people who follow me can enjoy as well, and filling up other’s dashes with ads is not the way to do this. Posting ads without my consent is discouraging for me. I feel like I have put a lot of work into my blog and you, tumblr, putting ads onto my blog without paying me or giving me control makes me feel like it is ruining my blog. I am emailing this to you and I’m going to be posting this to my blog so my followers will know why this is happening and how I feel about it. If for some reason you are allowed to post ads on my blog saying that I reblogged them, that’s fine, but you are going to have to prove this to me. And, if i am still given the option to delete them I will, because I think the ads take away from the experience of scrolling through my blog.



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I haven't actually seen "13 reasons why" and I don't plan to because I've heard from some depression blogs I follow that it 1: romanticizes depression and suicide 2: there are some very triggering scenes like an explicit scene of rape and 3: I personally just hate the thought of blaming anyone for your suicide and it makes me feel guilty to even imagine blaming anyone else.

yeah! i’m currentyly finishing it (ep. 11 i guess?) and yeah it’s ok and stuff but i so agree with the blaming! sure, they fucked her up, but does it mean she has to go down on the same level and ruin their lives? i know the answer to that depends on ones ethical/moral views, but in my personal opinion that’s hypocritical.

the show did have rape, but in the beginning of the episode was a warning, so i don’t see that as a problem (personally).

thank you for your honest opinion! i recommend watching the show tho. it’s good, just praised for the wrong reasons.

I hate how people always bring up her age as if she is some miserable old bag. I used to be a die hard fan of My Ruin but realised that Tairrie B is an evil old hag. This woman is 52 and acts like a 2 year old. EA is angelic compared to this wretch. Seriously ppl need to stop hating on EA she is in no way as nasty as y'all have claimed and is soooo nice compared to the real pieces of shit the music industry has. My ruin have hardly any following after 3 decades! Bc Tairrie is an evil bitch!

A nice picnic

Anonymous said: “Can you do one where you and Yugyeom have a crush on each other so Jinyoung sets you two up on a cute little date (that BamBam accidentally ruins because he’s jealously following you guys from behind?) If you could add a cute&awkward kiss… asdfgh👍”

A/N Omg I’m so sorry this took so long!! I accidentally changed it and didn’t realize until it was finished, if you would like me to write something else based off of the same request I would be happy to!! Thank you so much for the request, and I hope you enjoy this! <3 <3

Reader x Yugyeom

“Just ask him out.” 

It was such a simple phrase, but so much more complicated than that. Jinyoung threw a piece of popcorn at you from the other side of the kitchen. You were going to watch a movie together, but then Jinyoung had said something about Yugyeom’s new dance performance he was working on. 

“I’m tired of listening to you pining over him, and drooling everytime I mention him.” Jinyoung continued.

“I don’t drool. And who’s pining?” You snapped, wiping at your mouth anyway just in case.

“You are. And Yugyeom crazy about you. Just date each other already.”

“What makes you think he feels that way about me?” You said, trying to sound disinterested. “Did he say something?”

“Only every time he sees you. It’s disgusting.”

“I can’t ask him out, Jinyoung.” You sighed. “I would freeze up and make a fool out of myself.”

Jinyoung made a face at you. “Fine.” He said. “What if I asked him out?”

“You like Yugyeom?” You asked, dropping some of your popcorn on the floor. 

“No! Oh my god, you are impossible. I mean, what if I ask him out for you.”

“Oh.” That did make more sense. “Yeah. That might work.”

Jinyoung nodded. “Leave it to me, I’ll talk to him and text you the plans. Okay?” 

You smiled at him. “Sounds good to me.”

“So you’ll meet her in the park at 4 o’clock on Friday.” Jinyoung was telling Yugyeom. “You two will have a nice picnic, and afterwards you can walk along the river–there’s a small fair on the east side you should go to after dark. And don’t forget to buy her hot chocolate.”

Bambam frowned. Why did you and Yugyeom get to hang out? Why wasn’t he invited? Wasn’t he your friend too?

When Friday rolled around and Bambam had nothing else to do, he found himself wandering the park. He told himself that it was because he wanted the fresh air, but he also hoped to run into you and Yugyeom “by chance”. It was already five in the evening, and he figured the two of you were already done eating. Maybe he could get Yugyeom to buy him coffee too?

He found the two of you fairly quickly, sitting on a picnic blanket and eating all kinds of delicious looking food. 

“What a coincidence!” Bambam said, waving as he approached. 

You looked up at him in surprise before greeting him with a smile. “Hey! What are you doing here?” You asked as Bambam sat down next to you. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Yugyeom’s horror at seeing Bambam. 

“Can I join you?” Bambam asked, already reaching for a sandwich. 

“Sure?” You said, glancing at Yugyeom who was shaking his head vehemently.

“Bambam, don’t you think…” Yugyeom started, but was interrupted almost instantly.

“You know it’s funny,” Bambam said. “I thought I was going to have to spend my Friday all by myself, but now I’ve found you two I don’t have to be alone!” He beamed at you, and Yugyeom almost choked. 

“Bambam, can I talk to you for a second?” Yugyeom said, grabbing Bambams arm without waiting for an answer. He pulled the other man up before dragging him several feet away from where you sat.

“What the hell?” Bambam complained, his mouth still full of food. 

“Look, I know you want to be included, but we are on a date. Go home, I’ll make it up to you later.”

Bambam frowned. It still didn’t seem very fair. You were fantastic, fun, mysterious, perfect… He didn’t see why Yugyeom should get to date you. “Hmm… No. I don’t think so.” Bambam left the other standing there as he walked back to you. 

“So do you want to get hot chocolate? I heard about this really great place on the east side…” 

You couldn’t believe how awkward this was. The three of you were packed into a ferris wheel seat that was made for two people. You and Yugyeom had initially sat next to each other, but Bambam somehow managed to shove Yugyeom out of the way enough to sit between the two of you. After several minutes of arguing, the person running the ride said that you should sit in the middle so the other two wouldn’t kill each other.

You held on to your disposable cup of hot chocolate for dear life as the men on either side of you exchanged glares.  

“Hey, y/n, look at how pretty the moon is!” Bambam said, reaching for your hand as he pointed excitedly. 

“No, look at how pretty the view of the fair is!” Yugyeom snatched your hand out of Bambams, and you almost dropped your hot chocolate. 

“You’re not looking! The stars are so–” Bambam had reached for your hand again, and when Yugyeom refused to let go and pulled back, your hot chocolate fell. 

Luckily it had cooled enough not to burn you, but the end of your dress was ruined. 

“Oh my god, y/n, I’m so sorry,” Yugyeom said, reaching over Bambam to try and clean some of it off with his sleeve. 

“Yeah, me too, are you okay?” Bambam said sheepishly. 

After reassuring both of them that you were really fine, the uncomfortable ride was finally over. Yugyeom offered to walk you home, and told Bambam that he had would call Jinyoung if he didn’t go home. Bambam then said that he had “things to do somewhere that isn’t here” and waved goodbye.

“This date was probably one of the most awkward date’s in history.” Yugyeom sighed, and you laughed.

“But it’s also memorable.” You gently nudged his side as the two of you walked back to your apartment. 

“I can’t believe he did that.” Yugyeom chuckled. 

“I had fun though.” You smiled at him, and although it was hard to tell in the lighting, you could have sworn he turned pink.

“Really?” Yugyeom asked, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. 

“Really.” You said, taking his hand in yours. 

“Then, would you maybe want to do it again some time?” Yugyeom asked hesitantly. “I mean, without the Bambam third wheeling part.” You had arrived at your apartment building, and the two of you stopped.

“Absolutely.” You stood on your tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. He then leaned forward, and his lips barely ghosted yours as his hand brushed the side of your face. He pulled away, and both of you began giggling. 

“Until next time, then.” Yugyeom said, and you smiled as you nodded. Bambam awkwardly third wheeling or not, this date had been wonderful and you couldn’t wait for the next. 

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The way I can kinda put it in words is,

Bokuto + Kuroo are the don’t invite them to the party duo because whatever they do will probably end up as a mess (they’re the ones that pull too many pranks every. single. time) 

While Kuroo + Oikawa are much more calmer than Bo & Kuroo, they just talk a lot more shit, but you wouldn’t want to be with them in the party either because they get into trivial petty competitive as hell with each other (look at canon)

Also they’re both big memes when they’re together 

So when you put Bokuto, Kuroo, and Oikawa in the same room together it’s like the whole building burns down. 

Oikawa calls Bokuto “Bo-chan” & Kuroo “pervert-cat man-chan” or “Tetsu-chan” 


The 3 of them are texting buddies, and have a group chat dedicated for the 3 of them. 

They keep each other updated with volleyball matches (and Oikawa spills his salt over Ushiwaka to them both constantly to the point where Kuroo and Bokuto end up calling Ushijima  Ushiwaka too) 

Kuroo suggests that they should go egg Ushiwaka’s house as a joke but then Bokuto and Oikawa scream “LET’S DO IT” and there they go wearing black suits an hats at night with a dozen eggs each, throwing them at Ushiwaka’s house. Except, it’s not Ushiwaka’s HOUSE. 

They’re always getting in-trouble when they’re together and Oikawa last minute always tries to get out of it like “What? ME? With these two? I never” And Kuroo and Bokuto get so offended Oikawa would try to call it quits lmao

They also get together maybe once a month and have sleepovers where they play just dance (thank you @samanthastral) and it gets real competitive af beware they all have menacing expressions on when they play just dance 

At the sleep overs Bokuto suggest that they should do each others hair and that would be a mess. Oikawa tries to fix the tragedy that is Kuroo’s hair (it doesn’t work all the gel he uses only makes it stronger) Bokuto tries to make Oikawa’s hair ‘cooler’ and by cooler he means he puts pink streaks in his hair and gels everything upwards (almost like his hair) and Kuroo brow dries Bokuto’s hair down and fuck it just looks good.  In the end there’s tears and screaming. 

In the sleep overs Oikawa makes them take 16 maganize quizzes, and try his facials with him (he says it’s bc he’s trying to do good in this world by helping his two friends out a bit with their looks) Bokuto & Kuroo actually end up loving facial mask and steal some of Oikawa’s before they go. 

Oikawa complains to Bokuto and Kuroo and the two of them call Iwaizumi like “Please take you’re whiny baby off our hands” Iwaizumi’s like “no keep him” and hangs up. 

They all go shopping, and before they go in the store Bokuto and Kuroo make a bet to see which is the ugliest shirt Oikawa will actually buy from the store (They tease Oikawa way too much) 

Imagine a training camp with their schools and Karasuno and Oikawa’s like “Karasuno’s captain is so fake. I know he wants to blow up sometimes” Kuroo: “You should talk” Oikawa: “Let’s try to get him mad” Kuroo: “You’re evil” Bokuto: “I’m in let’s do it!” 

Or also, Kuroo and Bokuto hold up two water guns to Oikawa and grin. They chase him down trying to get him soak and “ruin his hair”

So the 3 of them have fun and all, get in trouble, give everyone else around them headaches but they all also have really deep convos and heart to hearts.

They encourage each other to keep following their dreams, and volleyball goals. Kuroo always gives them suggestions on how to better their skills, and Oikawa tries to read their teams weak points and help them out, while Bokuto tells them “try to block my serves” as a way to practice.  

Sometimes they talk about their crushes on Iwa-chan, Kenma and Akaashi and argue over who’s the cutest of the 3. (these arguments get heated and sometimes end in intense pillow fights) 

Kuroo has bad anxiety when it comes to his crush for Kenma because he’s scared of things changing between them, so Oikawa and Bokuto always try to ease his worries down. 

Oikawa gets jealous af 99% of the times when girls try to talk to Iwa-chan for his number or something, so Bokuto and Kuroo always make up a plan to interrupt the girl and steal Iwaizumi away

Annnnnd Bokuto’s lucky. Kuroo and Oikawa both know Akaashi low key likes Bokuto, Bokuto is only one that doesn’t realize it so they stay quiet and Oikawa makes jokes how they’re like Beauty (Akaashi) and the Beast (Bokuto) all the time, and Kuroo’s like “beast in bed ay lmao”  

Kuroo is the super romantic type believe it or not, and Oikawa and Bokuto laugh at him all the time because he’s super cliche and cheesy. They watch cheesy romantic movies together just to make fun of it and laugh that Kuroo wants to do those things with Kenma like hold his hands under a full moon, write each other poems etc. (Kuroo blushes bc he knows it’s true) 

And yes of course they’re teen boys so yes, they talk about sex and random kinks all the time too. Kuroo is probably the dirtiest of the 3 and is always the one to come up with random kinks he’d like to do with Kenma. Oikawa and Bokuto just stare at Kuroo in disgust with some of the things he comes up with 

Bokuto is the one to call them at 3 am because he’s bored and wants someone to talk to 

Bokuto is also the one to tall them at 7 in the morning because “HEY HEY HEY IT’S A NICE DAY OUT LET’S GO OUT AND TRY TO BLOCK MY SERVES” Kuroo’s a morning person but Oikawa is dying, so imagine Kuroo and Bokuto making a early trip to Oikawa’s just to wake him up in person 

anyways, I am all here with BROTP OIKUROOBOKU you can just try to ask for scenarios and i can explain more about them BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ahah

Understanding a Shame-Based Personality

There is a difference between blaming and shaming a person. Blaming is being told you did something wrong. Shaming is being told that there’s something wrong with you, and you’re worthless, bad, inferior or inadequate. Examples of shaming statements include:

• “You were a mistake; I wish I’d never had you”
• “You’re useless; you’ll never amount to anything.”
• “You could never do what he/she does”
• “You’ve ruined my life; you ruin everything for everyone”

Adults shamed in childhood have the following traits:
1. They are afraid to share their true thoughts and feelings with others.
2. They are terrified of intimacy and put up walls in relationships. They also fear commitment as they expect to be rejected.
3. They are often extremely shy, easily embarrassed, and are terrified of being shamed or humiliated. They tend to suffer from debilitating false guilt.
4. They struggle with feelings of worthlessness and believe they are inferior to others. They believe that is something they can never change as worthlessness is at the core of who they are.
5. They often feel ugly and flawed, even when they’re beautiful – and everyone tells them that.
6. They may be narcissistic and act as if they have it all together; alternatively, they may be completely selfless, almost to the point of being a doormat.
7. They are often very defensive and find it hard to bear the slightest criticism. They feel as if they are being constantly watched and judged.
8. They have a pervasive sense of loneliness and always feel like outsiders (even when others genuinely like and love them).
9. They feel controlled – as if they always have to do want others want and say – and this blocks spontaneity.
10. They are perfectionists and usually suffer from performance anxiety. This may also cause them to be procrastinators.
11. They tend to block their feelings through compulsive behaviors like eating disorders, retail therapy or substance-abuse.
12. They find it hard to establish and enforce healthy boundaries with others.