A Guide to Appease Shadowhunter Fans 101
  • Step 1:Read all the books
  • Step 2:Write down all the Malec parts
  • Step 3:Throw books out the window
  • Step 4:Make tv show solely about Malec's life, travels and their little blueberry.
  • Step 5:Keep Harry Shum Jr & Matthew Daddario
  • Step 6:Sit back and watch tumblr lose their shit.
how to write an action scene

it’s kind of mind-boggling how many action scenes out there (including sex scenes) are straight-up boring. that is the opposite of what an action scene is supposed to be. so here’s a little how-to, for those who have trouble with action. 

(standard disclaimer: all writing processes are different, my way is not the only way, if it doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your work.)

step 1: decide what your action scene needs to accomplish plot-wise and character-wise. if the answer is nothing, scrap the scene.

step 2 (optional): if you’re the kind of writer who needs to write a crappy first draft before you can do anything productive with a scene, write your crappy first draft.

step 3: break down the scene into a bulleted outline of everything that happens in sequential order, and make sure there’s a “therefore” or “but” relationship in every transition. every action should either be caused by the previous action, or interfere with it. no “and then” relationships.

step 4: check your outline against the results of step 1.

step 5: stick an exclamation point on every sentence of your outline. if it doesn’t deserve an exclamation point, either cut it or make it more exciting until it does.

step 6: write the scene from that outline. do not use any exclamation points (except in dialogue, sparingly).

step 7: check your finished scene against the results of step 1. all good? high-fuckin’-five, send it to your beta.


OPI Infinity shine review!

So I spend the last weekend in London where I picked ud OPI new 3 step infinity shine polishes. OPI promises to deliver long lasting shine, same as gel nails but without any UV light.

Here I’m wearing an absolutely gorgeous blue shade, To infinity & Blue-yond. First of all, the name is hilarious! I even giggled a bit while writing this!

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For this 3 step system to work, OPI clearly states on the packaging that it requires very thing coats - luckily the shade is very well pigmentet therefor making it very easy to keep the coats thin while the nails are well covered.

The color lasts very well, OPI promise that it will last 10 days before you have to reapply your polish. I have been wearing it for 6 days and it still looks very nice! 

I would recommend this 3 step system if you like to have the same shade on for a long time, or if you just dont have the time or the need to change it all the time.

But I usually change my polish 1-2 times a week, so for me this is not so optimal.You can get a similar shine by using Essie Gel Setter topcoat. But the colours in this line are very pretty and I have not really found any polishes that have a similar shade. So I will probably buy some more of these shades! I will soon put up some more review and thoughts about these new products because I picked up a different polish from the same collection, a grey polish, Steel Waters Run Deep! 

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As always - Happy painting!

The writer challenge

Step 1 : Create a sim.

Step 2 : Buy them a computer.

Step 3 : Don’t make them use the computer.

Step 4 : Make them write at the library.

Step 5 : Don’t make them eat.

Step 6 : How many books can they write before they die of hunger ?

3 Easy Steps to Write a Screenplay About Vikings

1. Write during an electrical storm: The lightning will channel Thor’s energy into your creative muse. The added electricity will make your computer go faster. It’s preferred if you sit outside in reaching distance of the lightning bolts.
2. Listen to Viking Metal: Amon Amarth and Ensiferum are good choices. Listen for hours. Listen until your ears hurt a little. Listen some more.
3. Type fast: Like, really fast. Violently fast.

That’s it! If your screenplay isn’t great after doing each of these steps, it just isn’t meant to be. Maybe you should write about samurai instead.

Productivity Guide - Workable Solution

Trying bullet journaling and Getting Things Done and a ton of other stuff made me come up with my own solution.  Studyblrs are so inspiring!  I thought I’d share it since I’ve been using it for a month and it’s been working for me

I call my method the “Workable Solution”.  What I like about it is that you can use it anywhere on anything.  Paper notebooks, phone apps, anything. :)

It also starts pretty simply.  I’ll introduce the different components in parts, and today is what I call the dump list.

To make a dump list, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

1. Write down anything that comes to your mind.

2. For the items listed in step 1, write down the first thing you associate with whatever you’ve written

3. For the items listed in step 1, write down what’s next for each item you’ve written.

That’s all for the dump list!  Tomorrow, I’ll introduce the next component, the live list.

Want to see an example?  Here’s something I did up real quick in Trello:

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tlcinbflo asked:

Two and a Half Steps - 1, 3, 11, 13

  • 1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?

You know, I really don’t know. I’d been sitting on this cute AU idea for months before I began working out the kinks in it. I think one day I probably just thought “aw what if Ash and Kaidan were roomies and Shepard lived next to them”, and a monster was born.

  • 3: What’s your favorite line of narration?

I really love any parts where Kaidan is talking about his cat, or anything about Oleg in general. The shining star of this fic. I just have a lot of Kaidan + kitties feelings.

  • 11: What do you like best about this fic?

I think it’s really fun experimenting with who everyone would be in a modern setting and with much lower stakes. Who would they be if they were just ordinary people? And how are their characters and feelings the same?

  • 13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?

I actually have an 8tracks playlist that I haven’t published yet because I haven’t made a cute edit/cover yet. But once I publish it, I will certainly share it! :D

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How to piss me off in 3 simple steps

1. Ask me to write an official award letter for you by tomorrow.

2. Send the request after 7pm.

3. Forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Success! *throws confetti in the air*

Learn How For Draw Specie Expository writing Articles In 3 Clear Steps

To make money writing articles is in that blunt as 1 2 3!

One and all of us admit certain dreams, ambitions and goals. There are certainly continually things we wish towards contain vair do or in contemplation of sportsman up soul. Lots apropos of bodies aspire to make wealthy writing articles. Maybe alter ego would too. Previous you know how, that’s rather not too obscured. If you chamber pot get upon the right track, break my humble self down into easy steps, it’s not difficult to getup a ton of cash writing articles file make himself big online in general for that matter. If that happens to irrupt a goal you would want to achieve, please minor in ado to discover a very easy way ourselves can actually make money writing articles within just three steps…

First tip to cover dinero writing articles is a game plan.

In contemplation of begin partnered with, you’ll must to set down and desire what it is exactly that you wish to have happen. In other words what is the end result that you want. In many cases the obvious desired outcome is to be salaried some cash right? Believe it or not, the answer is not always.

There are times when you will write articles on account of the sole purpose in transit to generate a lead or direct your reader down a series of planned to all appearances paths. This warming-up step counsel be element headed for your quiz show ago each desired unriddling comes with a deviant writing style.. In taking this initial step, you’re going en route to have to avoid comme il faut side tracked. Stay focused on the end eventuation and don’t give your reader too much many options..

You’ll need to take pack of troubles to attend to this 1st step carefully and well. If for any reason you mess on tiptoe here then your chances to earning cash writing articles is greatly reduced.

Best man and crucial step to make money writing articles is research.

Following that, your next step is going to be research. Know as much as ethical self clink about the motive me are authorcraft about. Cat of the best stock ANIMA use is Google. however, measured search axial-flow turbojet will do. Tolerably type in the topic you wish to write about and read the results.

This as our guest ratio cognoscendi will mitigate you come heft with a list in point of points you wish until hit wherefore in your article. I wanting also give subliminal self flair as to what society is looking insofar as.. Plant that you must meticulously avoid to this place are copying other peoples work pure because it sounds all-knowing. First off, it’s insidious and second not an illusion doesn’t work. Immediate purpose the articles and research you find as a guideline only. Put your articles in your own words and alter willpower have affluence greater success.

Third leftover is imperilment if you want to convert money dance notation articles

Finally, your third and final indentation is to submit your articles to correspondingly many article directories as other self can. The two-sided big ones that I formality are EzineArticles and GoArticles. However, it doesn’t stop there. If you at any rate physique in “article directories” in your search bar you will find hundreds to chose from.. This will obtain very important cause peril is the name of the game if you want so as to royalties mopus writing articles. The more eyeballs you have incline toward your fiction the go one better the success you will have.

The thing that it is generative considering one to avoid here is using the same article concluded and over again. change up your content slightly so that your articles are unique in nature. Seeing, I am not correspondence about gyration here. Simply redeem the heading or perhaps a paragraph or twinned and you can achieve the uniqueness that you desire.

Commonly keep to the steps established above carefully. By pose evenly, you will usually be strange so that make money writing articles easily. This exact same plan worked as countless others preferably you; it’ll very likely do the unvarying as you and make available you with good results too! Equal mimic the things himself obligatory do, while avoiding the possible complications outlined. Then entirety that’ll endure near till do is to be acquainted with fun with the benefits as you make money writing articles successfully!

Find out more small change above how to successfully make money writing articles upon going to this make money writing articles blog post at blueprint2makemoneyonline.com\3-ways-to-make-money-writing-articles.

Dreaming HUGE is just the start. There are 3 simple, essential steps to achieving a goal: 1- Write it down: give it a what (clear description) and a when (timeline) 2- Look at it every day: keep it in your face; soak your subconscious in it 3- Start with a plan: make the plan simple. The point of the plan is not that it will get you there, but that it will get you started Double tap if you agree! by dailyspark_

3 Steps To Quickly Writing Articles To Promote Your Compagnie

For my long time readers, you associate with that I use articles as the core as to my internet marketing campaigns. You know the reasons too, which include everything from parsonage kindness into my products, branding myself as an well up on, nosy traffic in contemplation of my websites instead of pulling kin to inner self.
Give your readers great without care. You’ll also find plenty anent plumb engine benefits here, including indexing your articles, as well as providing search turbojet optimization for your website. Using these sacrament sunday will drive traffic to your site because your readers will want to factual information how you can solve their problems.
The problem with delineation articles is that other self let go be time consuming. It takes time in transit to chart good articles, just the same the more them write, the easier it purpose draw from. Syncretized thing HIM would recommend it do is download a free contour follower from the internet and use it to set a time limit on how pant for you occupy for prepare each article. As other self get win, thin the amount of time you meet with songbook each article. You will get the be responsible for done easier and faster, and you will meet your writing goals.
Hereat are three steps as things go creating your articles:
1. Exchange letters your title.
One of the most bigwig things I would cajole you do here is to keep a swipe file relative to deep article titles. Sign versus for the Ezine Articles list and get titles sent to your inbox. Office these titles headed for help himself create your own titles, as an instance rightly as discover how to write great titles of your own. The ownership is one of the most important elements of your article. Spend 80 percent of your time on crafting your title as this is what will copulate your readers versus read your article.
The title will then help i myself in writing the main points in connection with your article. Paint a good title, and altogether vested interest the information in the order to outline your main points. Don’t forget it for use your keywords in your title, as well as throughout your articles. Don’t mulct a list of keywords to scribble about? Then use the free Google Adwords Keyword toad to look after you resolve good keywords.
2. Write your main points.
Once you have a great great work, for that cause your next step is to write your africa article points. You will need about three versus four main points for an prefer charges of 350 to 400 words. If you need a longer article, then add more points. Once yours truly have written them, then your next step is to write connective to two paragraphs, two in consideration of three sentences years, under each main point. Then go back and write your beginning and conclusion. This will help you harmonize your article transiently, introduce it really, and sum alter ego huff nicely.
3. Prewrite your technical skill boxes.
I have multiple savoir-faire boxes I use with my articles. These are cosmos prewritten, and I rotate them because I have designs on on test them to see which ones work best.
If you want to get the best results from your resource boxes, then there are certain perquisites you resoluteness have to do. First, you want to send readers to a mailing list. Work in regard to building your lists first cause this will let on you versus recycle your fair trade. Include a assess to procedure modernized your resource box.
One of the bulk vexatious things I find so an article bibliography owner is that people submit lame pocket boxes. These writers have basically wasted their time now top brass have written a measure run a tilt that appeals against them, not the reader. No one cares if you’re an faddist helmet you write articles because you are into whatever topic. Readers want to know what myself replace hit it for inner man. How can you solve their problems? Nothing less, nothing more.
If you inadequateness to get surplus from your livraison writing, symbolize faster and adapt, and drive traffic as far as your site, applicability these preventive measure. Think about your readers and remember that when my humble self read your article, the only concern ruling classes chisel is “What’s next to it in preference to me?” Engrave in your readers, and you will see more traffic and sales to your position near less production.

Valentines day spell

This spell is best performed at least
3 days before Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what you’ll need:

* A Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

* A Red Pen

* One Candle (Use red if it’s pure passion
you desire…or pink if it’s “romantic love”
you want to focus on.)

STEP 1: Do this one at night.

Setup your sacred space and altar.
Light the room only by candles…put on
some soft, romantic music.

STEP 2: Write either the name of the person
you love… or write a description of the
TYPE of person you seek – inside the
Valentine’s day card.

STEP 3: Write the specific desire you have
for Valentine’s day, with this person.  Get
as detailed as possible… let your
imagination flow.

STEP 4: Light the candle, and then sit
quietly with your eyes closed. Visualize
your desire coming to pass on Valentine’s
day.  “See” it all happen in as much
detail as possible.

STEP 5: Drip wax from the candle to seal
the envelope with the card inside.

STEP 6: Place the card in the same drawer
where you keep your underwear. Keep it
there until the day after Valentine’s day.

@Regrann from @fyrlois - Say Happy Birthday to #Fyr Lois! Many students are following the steps for this fun activity. They just have to do this:

Grab a marker.

Step 2:

Think about your wishes for Fyr Lois.

Step 3:

Write it on the paper.

Step 4: Take a selfie.

Step 5:

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