Random Tag Game

I was tagged by @charmsome and @jeonghsk <33 

Rule: If you receive this, post random things about yourself and then pass it on to your 15 favorite followers 

1. I’ve stayed the same height (4′9) for 7 years straight

2. I have 3 dogs and a guinea pig

3. I can’t swim and don’t know how to ride a bike

4. I play the piano but spent majority of my lessons talking with my teacher so she wouldn’t know I didn’t actually practice during the week 

5. I have 8 piercings and my favorite is probably my industrial 

6. I once gained 7 pounds in an hour because of all the weight cutting I did for sports

7. I also lost 10 pounds in a day for the same sport and literally almost fucking died 

8. now that I’m out of high school sports I can happily say I gained back all my initial 15 pounds back but I’m happy af eating whatever I want 

9. I went through middle school with an ugly ass bob because my little brother got one of those spinning toy fans tangled in my hair so bad that we had to cut it 

These were lame af but I love you if you actually read through them~

I said I wasn’t going to annoy anyone, so you don’t have to do these if you don’t want to. But out of love for my favorite 15, i’ll still tag you in here: 

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3 Little Pigs rendered into Papua New Guinea pidgin #5yrsago

Mikey sez, “A recording of the story of the three little pigs in Pidgin Inglis (Tok Pisin). Great to listen to if you only speak English because you can get the gist of it anyway (and you already know the story).” I love listening to familiar texts in pidgin (moreover, I could just listen to pidgin being spoken all day long). The Ur-example, of course, is Makbed, Ken Campbell’s Melanesian pidgin rendering of Macbeth.