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i have super healthy hair that barely damages if i leave bleach in too long or anything so i'm not sure if this works but ?? people do super small bleaching sessions where it lightens like? a level or two or smth each time. if ur hair is virgin hair it should bleach pretty easy !! but i'd recommend the multiple bleaches for short time. i don't think it damages. and deep condition helps a lot. aussie 3 minute miracle is gr8 👌

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bruh this might sound weird to ask but when i bleached my hair like three months ago i fried it and it still looks trashy, do you have any like.. hair care tips

“Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment” its for fuckt up hair


1. Used creme of nature dye in “ginger blonde”
2. Applied to the front half of my hair using foils and a tinting brush. I used the weaving method of highlighting, and let it process for 30-40 minutes total.
3. Shampooed the color out and deep conditioned with heat. Used the supplied creme of nature conditioner. De tangled in the shower with Aussie 3 minute miracle. Rinsed and applied 100% Argan oil.
4. Sat under the dryer with hair in braids till hair was mostly dry, then blow dried with the comb attachment. Used tressemme heat protectant.
5. Flat ironed small sections using comb-chase method. Re applied heat protectant as needed. Trimmed sections as I went. Applied more Argan oil after finishing for shine.

Obnoxiously quick and dirty college recipes:

toasted bagel+butter+salt+jarred queso dip (heated) tastes uncannily like a salted pretzel with cheese dip and doesn’t cost $6 at your local baseball stadium

a packet of flavored instant oatmeal (maple and brown sugar is my favorite)+a spoonful of peanut butter+the tiniest splash of water/milk = I don’t even know the fuck what this is but it’s delicious. also good and filling for breakfast if you’re not a fan of instant oatmeal mush.

Just get yourself a fuck ton of otter pops okay every time you’re craving something sweet just pop one of those puppers in your mouth they are aprox. 5 cents a piece when you buy them in bulk and will give you nostalgic flashbacks to parental-obligated junior soccer leagues of childhood summers past on top of being fucking delicious

If you need something warm and homecooked just learn how to make a cheapass quesadilla ok it’s just butter on a frying pan + tortilla (flour or corn). throw some discount shredded cheese on the center and flip the side over until you have a nice little pocket. after a while flip the whole thing a few times until it looks cooked above lukewarm and the cheese is melted. done. (Note: if you have a spanish mom the first time you eat this you will cry because it doesn’t taste even close hers and overall isn’t made with love OR quality ingredients but don’t worry after that you’ll be in the clear and will be downing these 3 minute miracles by the barrel just like everyone else.)

When in doubt microwave mac and cheese is there for you.

When in complete doubt instant rice and instant ramen are your friends.

Natural Oil Products shown:

+ Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

+ One N Only Argan Oil

+ Earth’s Care Grapeseed Oil

+ Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk

Heat Protectants shown:

+ Chi 44 Iron Guard

+ Tresemme Heat Tamer Protectant

+ Aussie Hair Insurance

+ Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Deep Conditioners shown:

+ Herbal Essences Bee Strong Mask

+ Moroccan Oil Mask

+ Lush H'Suan Wen Hua

+ Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeep Conditioner

Hair Masterpost


-I use Kaleidoscope bleach with a 20 or 30 vol developer

-Go from the ends to the roots or your roots are gonna be white while your ends are orange

-Spot bleaching is good for random dark patches so you don’t damage your hair more than need be.

-Bleach baths are good for stripping colours from your hair without completely damaging it. I like to use a 2:1 ratio of bleach and shampoo.

-Don’t shampoo your hair the day before, the day of or the day after bleaching. It’ll preserve your oils and make your hair less dry. I’d actually suggest waiting 5 days after bleaching to wash your hair.

-Deep condition between bleaches. I like Joico’s Reconstructor or Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle.


-You have either the option of a purple shampoo or a toner with developer.

-If you’re going to dye your hair a dark colour (like purple or blue) I’d suggest using purple shampoo because it’ll get the job done without the damage.

-If you’re going to dye your hair a light colour (like pastels or pink) I’d suggest using a toner because brassy tones under light hair doesn’t look very nice to many people.


-Your hair should be a pale yellow or white before you dye your hair.

-If your hair is already dyed and you want to go another colour, you have to either strip your hair or work your way around the colour wheel. I’d never suggest going from one end of the colour wheel to the other (ex. blue to orange) because it is a painful, potentially damaging process.

-Always leave in your dye for longer than the recommended time. Its not damaging so don’t worry. I usually leave mine overnight but I’d recommend at least 2 hours.

-Use a tint brush when applying your dye and always do your roots first. It can look patchy if you don’t.

-For pastels you can use normal dyes diluted with white conditioner.

-You can mix semi perm dyes like paint so feel free to experiment to get your perfect colour.

-Your hair wont always turn out how you want but thats okay. Try try again!

Brands I Like

Purple: Manic Panic Ultra Violet

Pink: Color Jamz Candy Apple w Conditioner, Splat Pink

Teal: Ions Color Brilliance Teal

Blue: Ions Color Brilliance Sky Blue

Orange: Color Jamz Orange

Green: Ions Teal with Color Jamz Green


-Mix some dye into your conditioner to refresh your colour everyday.

-I dye my hair about once every month or two for darker colours and once every two weeks for pastels.

-I bleach my hair once every month or two but only the roots. You never want to bleach over already bleached hair.

Hair Care

-Moroccan Oil, Perfect 10, Aussies 3 Minute Miracle and Joico’s Reconstructor are god sends. These products will make your hair feel like virgin hair s2g

-Don’t shampoo everyday. Try to only shampoo 2-3 times a week. Not only will it make your hair softer but it’ll make your colour last longer.

-Trim your hair regularly.

-Don’t use heat tools on your hair and when you do use a heat protector

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask(:


Natural Hair || Wash Day Routine From Start To Finish

The Chic Natural writes:

Back with my complete wash day routine!

STEP ONE : Finger Detangle
important to prevent matting while washing

STEP TWO : Shampoo
AUSSIE Moist Shampoo

STEP THREE : Condition
AUSSIE Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment

STEP FOUR : Detangle

GOODY Ouchless Bands
ONE ‘N ONLY Argan Oil

Hope it’s helpful to ya! 


Update on my hair!  *Excuse the terrible bathroom lighting.*

Sooooooo, I am INCREDIBLY happy with how everything turned out and thought I would elaborate on the process a bit more.  The first three pictures are showing each step I took in lightening up my hair so I could get it a lighter copper/ginger shade.  By the last before picture, I had quite an obvious difference between my length and the top of my head.  Surprisingly, it’s not that noticeable after applying the henna..which I was really impressed with and one of the things I was most worried about going wrong.

My Mixture:
75% Jamila Henna/25% Zenia Cassia Obovata
I think I used about 1 cup henna and .5 cup cassia.
For the dye release, I steeped 7 bags of chamomile tea in 3.5 cups of water.
Added a bit of ginger powder to take away from the smell and a tiny bit of lemon juice for good measure.
Mixed everything together until it was smoothed out, but still relatively thick and let it sit for 4.5/5 hours for dye release.

After that I started applying it to my head and it was a lot easier/less annoying then I thought it would be.  I didn’t find it to be all that messy (which could be the consistency of my mixture) and I didn’t feel rushed due to being afraid of damaging my hair by having it on one section too long.  Also, it didn’t burn my nostrils, eyeballs, or skin..which is one of my biggest issues with chemical dyes.  After I’d evenly coated it throughout my hair, I piled it all on top of my head and placed two shower caps and one hat over the top and let it sit for around 5 hours.

Washing it out was fairly simple too.  All I did was let it soak under the water on each side, working it gently with my hands until the water ran mostly clear.  After that I used a generous portion of Coconut Conditioner from Sauve to get the last of the grainy bits out.  I then applied Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner and let that sit for a few minutes, washed it out.

Came out with super bright hairs that I’m extremely pleased with.  Henna oxidizes, so I’m waiting to see if the color deepens a bit over the next few days.  If not, I might do another or possibly gloss, just to deepen the color slightly.  I’m also going to go buy some bleach specifically for my eyebrows so I can lighten them up a couple shades and fill them in to match.

Overall, I’m really happy with my decision to go the Henna route as far as my hair goes.  Considering how much my hair has been through in the past couple weeks, it doesn’t feel brittle or gross or all that damaged.

Idk whooooo came up with this product but my hair is completely IN LOVE with it!!! It makes my kinky curly hair feel like heaven. I wish I used this when I big chopped because my hair was super dry back then. This would of tackled the crap out of the big chop “hair shock” The hair gods have definitely blessed me with this deep condish.

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Hello Beautifuls! Happy Sunday, I just polished off a bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and I thought I should do a review! I picked this up after MacBarbie07 from youtube (click for her channel) reviewed it because her hair is absolutely flawless. I would probably put beans in my hair if she told me to. Anyway, I got this as soon as I can and I just had to review it for you guys!

The Pros: There are so many pros, this deep conditioner is so amazing, It makes your hair feel soft the second you put it in your hair. It’s got a thick and creamy feeling and the smell stays in your hair a long time, which is okay with me because it smells so good! I shampoo my hair as soon as I get in the shower and then put this in my hair right after, clip it up and then do all my shaving and wash my body, It says to leave it in for 3 minutes but the longer the better. My hair feels so healthy after using this and the bottle is awesome! There’s no cap you just squeeze it and the product comes out, it doesn’t get water inside of it or anything but it just makes the product quick and easy to use. Plus, it’s only 3 dollars!

The Cons: If you have long hair like me, this product is going to run out fast, luckily it is only 3 dollars but I felt like I really didn’t have it for long before having to replace it.

Rating: 10/10

Worth the Buy?: YES. Even though it runs out sort of fast I will be repurchasing this every time I run out, it’s one of the best products I’ve ever used.