My updated hair regimen + products

Today has been simply amazing

Josh and I woke up, went for a chilly run and then back home. I made healthy banana pancakes and we ate them with peanut butter and syrup and raspberries. We watched the office, and then went to Walmart to stock up on simple things. I got lots of things for my “Spa day” today since Josh will be gone playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. I also got subway for lunch woot!
I got: Dr Teals Soothig Eczema bath soak, Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioning mask, African Black Clay mask, Burts Bees Acne Toner, Burts Bees cleansing oil and Flower Brand mattifying powder.
Josh is now gone for the day, I’m catching up on laundry and watching Pretty Little liars. Bath next- mask and then Vlog editing, more Pretty Little Liars, take out and a girly movie! Josh will be home before bedtime and then work tomorrow!


1. Used creme of nature dye in “ginger blonde”
2. Applied to the front half of my hair using foils and a tinting brush. I used the weaving method of highlighting, and let it process for 30-40 minutes total.
3. Shampooed the color out and deep conditioned with heat. Used the supplied creme of nature conditioner. De tangled in the shower with Aussie 3 minute miracle. Rinsed and applied 100% Argan oil.
4. Sat under the dryer with hair in braids till hair was mostly dry, then blow dried with the comb attachment. Used tressemme heat protectant.
5. Flat ironed small sections using comb-chase method. Re applied heat protectant as needed. Trimmed sections as I went. Applied more Argan oil after finishing for shine.

Idk whooooo came up with this product but my hair is completely IN LOVE with it!!! It makes my kinky curly hair feel like heaven. I wish I used this when I big chopped because my hair was super dry back then. This would of tackled the crap out of the big chop “hair shock” The hair gods have definitely blessed me with this deep condish.

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Hello Beautifuls! Happy Sunday, I just polished off a bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and I thought I should do a review! I picked this up after MacBarbie07 from youtube (click for her channel) reviewed it because her hair is absolutely flawless. I would probably put beans in my hair if she told me to. Anyway, I got this as soon as I can and I just had to review it for you guys!

The Pros: There are so many pros, this deep conditioner is so amazing, It makes your hair feel soft the second you put it in your hair. It’s got a thick and creamy feeling and the smell stays in your hair a long time, which is okay with me because it smells so good! I shampoo my hair as soon as I get in the shower and then put this in my hair right after, clip it up and then do all my shaving and wash my body, It says to leave it in for 3 minutes but the longer the better. My hair feels so healthy after using this and the bottle is awesome! There’s no cap you just squeeze it and the product comes out, it doesn’t get water inside of it or anything but it just makes the product quick and easy to use. Plus, it’s only 3 dollars!

The Cons: If you have long hair like me, this product is going to run out fast, luckily it is only 3 dollars but I felt like I really didn’t have it for long before having to replace it.

Rating: 10/10

Worth the Buy?: YES. Even though it runs out sort of fast I will be repurchasing this every time I run out, it’s one of the best products I’ve ever used. 

This seems like a weird thing to bother Tumbling about, but I just finished fixing my hair, and I feel compelled.

Have you ever tried this stuff? It is for-real a three-minute miracle. I’ve used it for about three years, and it makes me feel like someone else’s ridiculously soft hair is on top of my head.

It’s a small-ish bottle, but it’s only $3.

That is all.


So I bleached my hair to platinum/white hair some time ago. I made a post about it, and was really happy because the state of my hair was really good.

So, the thing is, that I decided to go for semi lilac hair last week. I just wanted to neutralize the yellowness of my hair, so I bought purple dye, which I mixed with a ton of 3 minute miracle conditioner till it became a very pale lilac color. The quantity of hair dye was minimal.

I put it on my hair, and waited for an hour. I went to the shower and washed my hair. One would think my hair would be soft after having “3 minute miracle” for an hour (I read on the internet there was no problem, so I did it like this), but actually, my hair had never been so coarse. I was really scared when I had rinsed my hair and noticed how the texture was not soft at all.

After one week, my hair doesn’t feel so hard, but it looks like shit. It’s never been so damaged, I swear. Before, my natural curls appeared with no problem, and the texture of my hair was just fine. Now, there is like a “little hair atmosphere” around my head, curls don’t form, there’s no volume, it’s just dead, thin…

I hope my hair will come back to its usual goodness, but, right now, I really regret using the conditioner on my hair for so long. It damaged my hair a lot more than volume 20 peroxide, which doesn’t change the state of my hair, when I actually leave it on my hair for the same time I left “3 minute miracle”.