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Directed by Michael Perlin, 3 Magic Words, is a film about answering to life’s biggest question, “Who am I?” Using science, nature and spirituality, 3 Magic Words comes up with a response with a woman who awakens with amnesia after a suicide attempt, and her quest to find life’s meaning anew introduces her to the great spiritual philosophies. Her fictional tale becomes a real-life primer in new age consciousness in this unique documentary.

Quote: “If you take away your name, what you do, your religion, your country, what you have left is your Self.” - Michael Perlin

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i need to watch this movie.

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♦ Kaaras :3

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//His second word, on the heels of the first was “strength” just so you know, but he went with dignity first, and I think it matters because, to Sahlin, it’s the one that takes more effort. Many people can be strong, but to be strong and dignified is rare, and Kaaras is representative of everything Sahlin thinks of as true dignity.

Dignity is an interesting word. It’s has, generally, two distinct definitions. The first is “worthy of honoring” and the second is “composure and self-respect”. Sahlin believes everyone worthy, but not necessarily worthy of honoring. He sees Kaaras as someone specifically worth his respect, and in this he always has, as long as he has known him. The second definition, of composure and self-respect, feeds into this. He has always looked at Kaaras as very put together, and someone who should be proud of himself, but he also highly respects his humility.

I think what this really says about Sahlin though is that he sees in Kaaras elements of what he would like to see in himself. Sahlin’s entire life has been spent appeasing those who probably are not deserving of true respect but rather have it as a matter of heirarchy and tradition. Kaaras represents the first true representation of what true dignity is for Sahlin, and as such helps him break through the rigid structures he has internalized over the years and replace them with something far better.

This word translates across all verses, but for their specific romance verse, it means a little something more. If Sahlin can become so enamored with someone he so clearly respects and admires, and if he has that person’s admiration in turn, this reflects backward a little. It means that Sahlin is starting to see in himself something worthy of the attentions of an individual worthy of his own respect, and it creates a bit of a feedback loop. :)


can we change the phrase “still a better love story than twilight” to “still a better love story than anakin and padme”? and if you don’t agree let me say 3 magic words, “i hate sand”

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A thought about them that they’d never share: “I’m scared to admit that I worry about him all the time. He’d just worry back if I told him how concerned I was, or tell me it couldn’t be helped. And he would be right.”
First impression of them: “I have never seen someone with horns before. Good job he’s asleep…”
Favorite thing about them: “Everything! That doesn’t count? Then, the way he throws himself into everything completely, whether its helping people, making a pie, or finding the best way to make me moan.” He gives a soft little blush.
Least favorite thing about them: “He sometimes is very down on himself. I wish he could see just how very wonderful he is.”
Hopes for their future relationship: “I…” He pauses, a little wary, brow knitted. “I don’t want to think about the future. But…I’ll be here for as long as he needs me, and as long as he wants me…that’s…all I know.”