something about you

prompt: “We are sitting next to each other on this 14-hour flight” (and one of the two is dead afraid of flying)

word count: ~2500

rating: c for cute and i for i have no idea what this is

a/n: for my sweet friend accioecho I hope you enjoy this, my love! <3 

She is ridiculous; sitting there with her hands clenched tight around the armrests. The window shade is pulled closed and she’s been buckled in for since he found his seat. Twenty minutes ago. 

She’s muttering to herself and twitching, almost, with nerves.

He relaxes in his chair. They’re not due to take off yet. They’re still on the tarmac, waiting for clearance.

She’s bloody damn gorgeous, though, with her sunshine curls and her little pouted lip as she whispers encouragements (or profanities, he can’t be sure) to herself. She’s wearing what he presumes are her pajamas, her hair tied loosely over her shoulder. The sweatshirt she’s wearing tells him that she’s apparently well educated, and the little way her fingers dance and her voice lilts make him smile.

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Name: Becky (short for Rebecka)

Birthday: May 1st 1992 

Gender: Female

Height: 5’2 ? 161cm 

Favorite color: Lavender/pink 

Time and date at current location: 7:08pm CET, february 28th 

Average hours of sleep: the past few days, like 3? (since i’m sick) otherwise probably 6-7 hours

Lucky number: don’t really have one 12?♥

First word that comes to mind: badger, apparently? 

How many blankets I sleep under: one duvet and sometimes a blanket too

Fave fictional character: idkkkkkkk 

Fave book: I have too many T_____T 

Fave tv show: THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!! I really like That 70’s show, Big bang theory, Modern family, New girl, Baby daddy too etc etc 

Favorite beverage: Tea probably 

Fave food: Pasta, indian food, thai food 

Dream holiday: I really want to go to London at the moment, so right now London. Otherwise Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing. 

Dream wedding: Small church wedding, or maybe in another country. Like on the maldives or smth I haven’t really thought about it. 

Dream job: meh, to own my own business, smth that has to do with fashion or kindergarten teacher

Myers-Briggs: ok I did some test and i’m ISFP

Status: well.. 

my cold is killing me »__«

Occupation: student.. 

Degree: none.. yet

So I did a thing. No. We are NOT gonna talk about how awful it is. I’m already awear.