i feel inspired this morning.

in all things; inspired. inspired to write more, make more, travel more, BE more. being married has already been the greatest adventure. it’s been amazing and beautiful and difficult and scary and fulfilling. our honeymoon has consisted of traveling, resting, hiking, sex, backpacking, camping, disappointment, fulfillment, food, wine, countless trips to target and REI, Star Wars on the couch. it’s not even over yet. we still have another 3 day backpacking trip to embark on. 

as amazing as these two weeks have been, i’m getting that old familiar feeling of wanting to settle in. i’m excited for this new life and i’m excited for all the wedding and honeymoon madness to be behind us so we can just settle into our new life, find a bit of a routine (not too much though), and just be together. 

we’re already looking at houses…something i never thought i’d want to do. but it feels right, now. life is wild. what an adventure. being married to your best friend is amazing.


Yawning Fluff ft. giggly sunshine and i’m not amused jun



I know I’m way behind so I combined 3 days into one. (if it counts)

Day 1 Origins-Butch Hartman’s original idea was for Danny to be a human hunting ghost with a pet owl (which I named Bluford) and he would ride a motorcycle as well as have a psyhic connection with Sam.

Day 2 Fenton Works-All of Danny’s gear is from his parents including the Fenton motorcycle.

Day 3 Road Trip-A coastal ride hunting ghosts.


New Video: San Francisco Adventure (w/ Tyler & Troye)

(enjoy the fun, music montage of our 3 day trip)


Been fiddling with these for over a week now (took time out for 3-day field trip with 90 of my students that I am only just now recovering from - getting old sucks!). Anyway, with some tutorials from the folks over at Sims 4 Studio (and a fair bit of trial and error), I finally figured out how to fix the problem of the blocks reappearing when zoomed out to LOD2.  Woohoo!

What prompted me to try to make these was I found that, even with huge improvements over “moveobjects on” in TS3, “bb.moveobjects” just isn’t that easy to design with in Sims 4.  First, I find the key combinations awkward and fiddly to work with. Add to that the problem of objects still “snapping” to container slots on surfaces that have them. It all left me longing for the simple but elegant OMSPs I used so often in Sims 3.  

So, now you can have some more slots, too :)  I hope some of you designers out there will find them useful!


A question about how these OMSPs function in game was asked in the notes: 


Wait, is this actually a OMSP mod? Or is it an object that you place, place the object you actually want, and then remove the placeholder type object?

Answer:  melbrewer367 - these are objects, not a mod.  They are modeled after MangoSims’ OMSPs for Sims 3.  You place the “block” that has a slot on it. You then place your clutter object (large, medium or small) on the block.. Arrange it and other blocks with clutter objects on them how you want them on your surface, then use the design tool to go back and choose the 2nd swatch on the block which is transparent.  The blocks remain, and you can still grab them and move them in Build/Buy Mode when they are transparent.

24-HOUR CALL, HOUR # 10.5–

  • I took my Step 3 board exam a few weeks ago.
  • I’ve been pretty stressed about it, because my track record with standardized exams has not been fantastic since the MCAT.
  • Today, I found out that I passed.
  • Yay.
  • So I’m now semi-comfortable with being called Dr. Iwantcupcakes.