3-Way (The Golden Rule)

3-Way (The Golden Rule)
Lonely Island (Featuring Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga)

~Here in the dark…it’s so hard to tell…

where her body ends….and my homie’s begins…~

i just remembered that fuckin dangan ronpa sprite video to 3-way (the golden rule) and im about to piss myself that was the best thing to come out of this fuckgin fandom besides like the one where souda fucks a car and what the hell komaeda


We had a blast talking to The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer) this year about their rap parodies.

Tomorrow we’ll replay the interview. The Saturday Night Live digital short 3-Way (The Golden Rule) featuring Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga is a classic.

It's okay, when it's in a three way - Liam and Harry

Suggestion sent in by an anon for a threesome with Harry and Liam. Actually based on the song ‘3-Way (Golden Rule)’ by The Lonely Island with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. I never do one shots based on songs, I just tend to use lines in a song as a title. Hope you enjoy!’

‘Haha this song is the best!’ Liam laughed. He loved this band, and I could never understand why.
‘Why, what’s the song about Liam?’
‘About threesomes’ he said, with a mischievous grin on his face. He looked at Harry, and they exchanged glances, before laughing at the lyrics.
We sat and listened, finishing off the last of our beers, and harry nearly choking from laughing so hard. When the song was finished they turned to me.
‘So Y/N’ Harry started, ‘…what would you say to a threesome with me, and the Payne Train?’ I nearly spat my drink all over him, eyes nearly popping out of my head.
‘W-what?’ I stammered.
‘You heard.’
‘Well, I, er, I,er…’
Liam interrupted. ‘We know you want to. We heard that you’d told someone about a naughty dream you had involving us two, and how much it turned you on.’ My face went crimson. The only person I had told was Zayn. Bloody big mouth.
‘I’m gonna kill that bastard!’ I exclaimed. Liam and Harry just laughed.
‘Well, why don’t you try it out? See if you really do like it?’ Harry challenged me. He wasn’t going to give up, and neither was Liam. They both moved closer to me, it felt like I was being circled by vultures. Out of nowhere, I had a surge of confidence, and squared up to them both.
‘Only if you think you two are man enough to handle me.’ I stood up and sashayed out of the room, giggling to myself at the stunt I had just pulled. No way those two were serious, they could barely speak to girls, never mind initiate a threesome. I flopped on to my bed, and closed my eyes. As I stretched out, I felt the bed dip on either side of me, and my eyes shot open and looked from side to side. Liam and Harry were sat either side, and before I could ask if they were serious, Liam had his mouth planted firmly on mine. Harry was playing with the waist band of my sweats, trailing his fingers lightly over the sensitive area underneath my stomach. I broke the kiss and looked down at Harry. His head was positioned over my aching core, ready to pounce at any second. His eyes danced with delight, as he shot a menacing smirk at Liam, before ripping through my lace panties and delving in to the slick sweetness.

His tongue swirled, and lapped at me, hungry and desperate. I moaned into Liam’s mouth, as his hand wandered to my breast, playing the cup of my bra, before he pulled on it, freeing it from it’s lace prison. Taking my nipples between his fingers, he twisted and pulled ever so lightly on it. He moved his mouth from mine and trailed sweet, lingering kisses on my neck, before closing his mouth around my nipple. I moaned out, the feeling of both of their tongues on my hot body. I needed them both. It had been more than just the one dream, I had found myself fantasising about it at any opportunity that arose. When I was in the shower, when I wasn’t busy at work, and when I found myself alone with nothing but my hands for company. As if sensing my desperation, Liam signalled for Harry to move, as he stripped to nothing. His cock was thick and long, and so beautiful. I didn’t realise I was licking my lips as I watched him move and settle himself between my legs. Looking up, he smirked, and pushed himself all the way in.

'Oh god. You’re so tight Y/N. Harry, you’re going to have fun with this.’ Liam started to move, hitting every spot that was screaming to be touched. Moving his hands up my pubic hair, he tugged on it, adding to the sensation. Harry had managed to get himself undressed, and hadn’t taken his eyes off of where me and Liam were connected. It should have felt weird, but it actually felt right. Not like how you would imagine it. These two were smooth operators, hiding behind a facade of being shy boys fresh from their teen years. Harry moved onto the bed, kneeling at my head. He cupped my cheek and turned my head to face him, positioning himself at my mouth.

I teased the tip of his penis, kissing it, and darting my tongue in and out. I licked the tip, and then pushed my mouth down on to his shaft. He moaned from above me, and placed his large hand at the back of my head, and pushed tentatively. Relaxing my mouth, I took him deeper, and watched him lose control. He was a moaning mess, the public would have died to see him like this. As he pumped himself in and out of my mouth, Liam was furiously driving himself in to me. Long, hard strokes, and the swivel of his hips were shattering my nerves to pieces. He was skilled, and moved with such grace, that somehow it didn’t seem like we were just fucking. Raising up my legs, he hooked one over his shoulder and held the other with his arm, so he could hit at a deeper angle. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and he picked up his pace, racing to the finish line. 

As he came, he called out my name between gritted teeth, a low growl in his chest, and the warm fluid spilling in to me. He slowed to a stop and looked at me, a lazy grin spread on his face. 'Harry, it’s your turn now.’ They switched places, and as Harry slid himself in, Liam laid out beside me, teasing my nipples with his fingers and mouth. Both sensations were driving me crazy, taking me higher and higher. The end was so close, but I couldn’t quite get there. I snaked my hand down to my clit, and found that Liam had beaten me to it. With one hand still playing with my breast, and his other circling slowly against Harry’s fast thrusts, I felt myself tense up.

'Oh shit Y/N, I didn’t think you could get tighter’ Harry moaned. His voice was hoarse, his need to come was there with mine. Liam moved his mouth to my ear and whispered.

'Come for us Y/N, go on. We want to see it. Harry’s waiting for you.’ His silky smooth voice and warm breath, unleashed the impending orgasm. It wreaked havoc with my body, causing me to throw my head hard back on the bed, and screw my eyes shut. I heard Harry moaning, s he emptied himself into me, Liam’s fingers still working in time with Harry’s thrusts, drawing the rest of my orgasm out of me.

I laid there, drained. Harry settled himself on the other side of me, and he and Liam looked at me. It was a nice moment, no words were needed.

'So where does it go from here?’ I asked.

'Well, I had fun, it was hot watching Harry do you.’ Smirked Liam. He high fived Harry, which broke the seriousness of the situation. Elbowing them both in their sides, I looked at them.

'Maybe next time, you two could do each other? I’d like to see that…’ I laughed, and they both started to fight with me, tickling my ribs.

'No, in all seriousness’ piped up Harry, 'I like this arrangement, and I’m happy if you guys are?’ He stuck out his little finger, our secret handshake. Linking our fingers, we all looked to one another, before giggling again.