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This might cause me to lose followers, and it’s not really college related, but I do believe this is a very interesting topic. Don’t get me wrong, I respect religion in every aspect, but there are just certain things that I don’t believe exactly go with science. You can most definitely be a scientist and believe in God, but the way Mr. Ken Ham presents his argument is flawed in my opinion. I truly agree with Mr. Bill Nye and everything he states and feel free to disagree because it is a highly opinion based subject, but after this I idolize Bill Nye even more than before. The debate is over 3 hours long, but it is SO worth watching. So if you’re neglecting all of the homework that you have to do. this is definitely something worth watching in the meantime. [video]


Night in the Forest with Gentle Music: 3 Hours of Relaxation

A 3 hour long video with the relaxing sounds of a forest, including owl sounds and crickets, accompanied by soothing music. Great as meditation music, spa music, relaxation music, study music, work music or even sleep music. Enjoy. Love and light ♥

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