Hey y’all. I did a Weeknd-polaroid style take on some of my favorite albums and I promised a part 2. Well, here it is. Enjoy…



Joshua Harker

"Quixotic Divinity Headdress"

"Exploring the limits of the medium, Joshua Harker brings together art, technology & fashion to create the 3d printed “Quixotic Divinity”  headdress.  Inspired by traditional Native American, Latin, African, & Asian headdresses & masks, this piece celebrates the symbolism & ceremony of human adornment.  Revealing the wearer’s identity, the face mask hangs in position as a floating bodice symbolizing the freedom of the spirit from the body. The piece has nearly 200 hours of design time & was built by EOS on their largest format SLS printer in polyamide, filling its build envelope to full dimensional capacity. Catwalk premier was in London then to Paris at the Louvre.  Debuting in the United States at 3D Printshow New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion, February 13-15 2014.”