3 meals a day


Simple gestures yet shows the genuine care & love that Shinhwa members have for each other & how beautiful their real friendship is .. genuinely caring friends are such a blessing in this life. Get yourself friends like Shinhwa ♥

Health and Hygiene

1.  Switch out coffee for tea.  You still get your caffeine fix without compromising the calories, sugars, and fats.   There are also various flavors and sugar/calorie free sweeteners for tea if you don’t like the taste.

2.  Cut all sodas, energy drinks, and artificial juices out of your diet.  Switching to just water is insanely beneficial for weight loss, nutrition, and to generally feel better.

3.   Use mouthwash before your brush your teeth, not after.   Mouthwash helps to break down colonies of bacteria in your mouth, and loosens them from your teeth and gum surfaces.   Brushing your teeth is what completely gets the bacteria out of your mouth.    Mouthwash before brushing=whiter, cleaner, healthier teeth.

4.   Switch to unscented men’s deodorant.   Women’s deodorant is generally weak af, stains clothes, and doesn’t last nearly as long as men’s.

5.  Switch to men’s razors for shaving your legs/armpits/pussy.  It has finer, sharper blades for a clean shave without nicking your skin.

6.   Never ever ever use douches, scented pads/tampons, or strongly scented soap for your pussy.  It fucks with your natural pH and can cause yeast infections, UTI’s, and just generally throws off your pussy ’s health.

7.   Lotion/moisturize your skin (preferably with SPF) every single day.   Aside from easing dry and dead skin, it helps you tan better and more evenly during the summer.   Using SPF protects your skin from harmful UV rays and makes your skin younger, more radiant, and more flexible.

8.   Do a mini workout in your bathroom right before your shower.   I like to do 50 squats, and then 30 sec side planks on each side while waiting for my water to warm up.  It kills any “no time to workout” excuses, and you can wash any sweat or grime right off immediately after.

9.   Switch up your workouts every 3 months to avoid plateuing.   Keep your body challenged and excited during your workout.

10.    Eat at least 3 meals a day, each with a serving of protein and fiber.   Don’t skimp on fruits and vegetables, and try to cut unnecessary starches and complex carbs.

11.   Make some bomb ass workout playlists to keep you jamming and motivated when you exercise.   Be sure to switch up playlists and songs to keep it interesting, too.   I like to use songs I don’t know the lyrics to; I learn the lyrics through working out, and when I know the song word for word I switch it out for another song.

12.   Stretch before bed every night for a better nights sleep and less soreness in the morning.

13.   Be sure to have an even balance of weight training and cardio in your workouts, to strengthen your muscles, bones, and your heart without exhausting or neglecting any one part of your body.

14.   If your insurance covers it, or you can afford to, go to a chiropractor every few months for a regular adjustment.  It releases endorphins, fixes your posture, relieves any pent up spinal pressure, and feels just as satisfying as a massage.

15.  I like to make sure my feet are smooth, soft, and pedicured at all times.   Buy a small pumice stone to rub your heels and soles in the shower with soap and water.   Always moisturize your feet after you shower, and avoid being barefoot in wet, populated surfaces (public bathrooms, showerhouses, etc)

16.  Before brushing your teeth, dip a cotton swab in some diluted hydrogen peroxide and run it over the surface of your teeth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide kills many harmful bacteria in your mouth. This will leave your teeth cleaner, whiter, and stronger.

Attention Target Guests: the time is now 9:30 and Super Target will be closing in 30 minutes. Please make your final selections and bring them to the registers located at the front of the store. As you leave this evening please be advised that the grocery side doors are now closed. Please keep in mind as you make your final selections that at 10 o’clock, we will be releasing the lions, and anyone entering the store after 9:55 will be their first meal in 3 days. For your convenience, Super Target will open tomorrow at 8am. Thank you for shopping at Target, and have a great night.

🌿Fatigue Magick🌿

Fatigue is a lack of energy, a tiredness, this can be mental or physical. One who is fatigued might feel indifferent or apathic. It can occur on it’s own or as part of a disease or syndrome. Fatigue that appears in a healthy person is the easiest form to relieve.
Feeling fatigued is super common. We all experience it from time to time, so here is a list of crystals, herbs and care tips to help out when you feel fatigued.

🔮Crystals for Fatigue🔮
🔮Aragonite: Raises energy levels, grounds the holder, provides muscular relief. $
🔮Beryllonite: calming and stress relieving energy, helps with deep and peacefull sleep, harnesses and emits energy. $
🔮Corundum: raises energy levels, lowers blood pressure. $
🔮Milky Quartz: clears mind of worry, raises energy levels, brings positive energy, unwind from stressfull situations. $
🔮Opalite: brings good fortune, raises energy levels, makes you more aware of self-worth. $
🔮Ruby: lowers blood pressure, restores positivity and self confidence, raises energy levels. $$
🔮Scheelite: calming and relaxing, transfer energy, raises energy, assist recovery of heart condition. $$
🔮Thulite: Provides comfort, raises energy levels, promotes logical thinking, transfers energy. $
🔮Vanadinite: brings positive energy and joy, raises energy levels, hels with breathing problems. $
🔮Witherite: converts anger and agression into positive energy, grounds the holder, raises energy levels, provides muscular relief. $

🌿Herbs for Fatigue🌿
🌿Ashwagandha: improves insulin sensitivity, balances hormone levels, alleviates mental and physical fatigue.
🌿Dandelion: detoxify the liver, fights tiredness and sluggish digestion.
🌿Eleuthero (Siberia ginseng): helps body handle stress, increases vitality, boosts concentration and energy.
🌿Ginseng (Asian): restore vital energy, improve physical and mental performance, helps recover from ilness and fatigue.
🌿Ginger: often combined with ginko and ginseng to combat fatigue, resistance to stress.
🌿Gota Kola: Indian folk medicine from the Himalayas used to fight off fatigue and boost stamina and energy levels.
🌿Ginko Biloba: remedies poor concentration and fatigue, improves oxygen utilization.
🌿Licorice Root: fight off fatigue, restore function of adrenal glands, enhances production of cortisol (= increased energy).
🌿Nettles: similar energy boosting effect as coffee without negative effects, fights weakness, boiled water and dried nettle brewed overnight makes for a perfect infusion.
🌿Reishi Mushroom: used in traditional Chinese medicine, boosts imune system, helps with chronic fatigue, raises energy levels, can de used as tea to replace coffee.
🌿Shilajit: Indiadn folk medicine known as “destroyer of weakness”, used by Himalayan mountain climbers and sherpas to preserve energy.
🌿Skullcap: alleviates tension aches, headaches and pains. Aids with good nights sleep.

Fatigue Care Tips
✨Get some excercise or go for a walk, even a little bit will help.
✨Make sure to drink enough water, stay hydrated!
✨Yoga is excellent for fighting fatigue .
✨Try eating more often, instead of having 3-2 big meals a day have smaller portions spread throughout the day.
✨Relax more! Make a bit more time to do things you enjoy.
✨Drink less coffee and alcohol.

*Magick should never replace your medication and/or doctor’s instructions and advice*
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The No S Diet (not a diet but a lifestyle where you eat 3 meals a day five days a week > nosdiet.com) has really helped me overcome binge eating. Other things have also helped me recover, but finding the No S Diet has been life changing.

Its founder Reinhard Engels recommends trying the vanilla version at first before making any modifications. The vanilla version is simple: No snacks, no sweets, no seconds - except (sometimes) on days that start with “S”. Days that start with S are Saturdays and Sundays, obviously, but also Special days such as holidays, anniversaries, birthdays etc. It took me quite a while to wholeheartedly ‘convert’ to No S, though I knew from the beginning this was the answer for me. It’s so simple and clear and can always be applied. After straying away from No S for a while and going back to grazing and snacking and eventually binging again, I realized for me as an overeater there were 2 options left. Counting calories for life (which costs a lot of conscious effort, is not always accurate and applicable) or the simpler version of counting meals. I opted for the latter.

This works great for me. Why? Well, whenever I eat, I eat till I’m (very) full. So if I eat 5x a day, that means 5 times a day I’ll eat till I’m stuffed. Once I start eating, it’s hard to stop. When I’d have an apple as a snack, it would only make me hungrier than I was before. Intuitive eating never worked for me. For some people it does, but it has always made me very confused and obsessive. When I’m happy, I’m hungry. When I’m sad, I’m hungry. When I’m angry, I’m hungry… You get the point.

Sticking to 3 single serving meals a day is just very clear. Less wiggle room. A lot less worry over “Can I eat?”, “Should I eat?”. “Is it lunchtime? No? Then you don’t eat!” And the best part is, YOUR APPETITE WILL EVENTUALLY OBEY. It can be trained. You can train your body to only get hungry at meal times. When I started to experience that, it was amazing! It’s like, my whole life I was so consumed with eating / not eating and now all of a sudden I had so much time and mental energy left to actually LIVE. Everything got so much simpler.

I have been No S-ing for a about a year and a half now. And I have made 2 personal modifications which work very well for me. The first one is that I don’t always have a single plate meal as in vanilla No S, but single serving meals (a tray or placemat being my plate). So I might use an extra little bowl or dish. This is purely because I sometimes don’t want the sweet (fruit, not junk food of course) component of my meal to touch the savory part. But all the components of my meal must be pre-plated before the meal. I can’t go back to the kitchen, that would mean going for seconds. It’s visually compelling to see all the food you’re going to eat in one meal laid out before you. It’s a good way to practice portion control.

My second modification is that I am allowed to have one piece of fruit WHILE cooking dinner. I don’t see it as a snack but of course this is 100% psychological. It’s only fruit, never something else and only one serving. Usually around dinnertime I’m pretty hungry and not very psyched about cooking. It’s just the last thing I feel like doing when I come home from work. That piece of fruit will give me some energy to get a healthy meal on the table. But I’m very strict: I must have started on cooking dinner before I can have the piece of fruit. I’ll still be hungry after eating it but I won’t be inclined to binge because I know: *dinner is on the way*. Another reason I do this is because often after not eating for 6 hrs or so since lunch and then eating a healthy serving of cooked food, I get a stomach ache. That piece of fruit sort of breaks the fast for me. I must add that when I skip the fruit while cooking dinner, I’ll have it after as dessert, but never both.

These modifications may not work for others but I have chosen to incorporate them because I prefer eating a whole foods plantbased diet with limited use of oils. This makes my meals naturally low in calories.

I think this may be the longest blog post I have ever written on here. I didn’t think I’d even have the patience to write it out, lol. But reading other people’s experiences has really helped me. So even if I can help just one person that would be great :)


How Minwoo instantly reacts to Eric’s words ..he didn’t pose, didn’t freeze, didn’t think twice .. just a perfect reaction .. to that great extend the members understand each other .. 20 years of friendship speaks volumes.
Shinhwa’s amazing teamwork keeps on impressing everyone ..

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So, I had this thought after reading several stories about humans giving birth and not having eggs.  What if aliens do not have ‘family units’ the same way humans do, but instead raise children in more of a group setting.


Captain H'roll'ah was excited to have hired on not just 1 but 3 humans, all of whom were extremely qualified for space travel.  Even better, they were all from the same clan and so there would be no rivalry or refusal to work together because of old scores to settle.

“Captain! Three humans just came in a have taken over the dining area! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?” Ensign Khralhen was out of breath and panicked, but his species was notoriously afraid of humans after it became public knowledge how dangerous they were.  Not that his own was much better, but H'roll'ah knew that these humans should be here and it was probably near a meal time for them.  How could such an evolutionary advanced and apated species not figure out a way to avoid needing 3 or meals a day was beyond H'roll'ah.

“It is fine, Ensign Khralhen.  These are likely the Humans that I just signed on to the crew.  They are from the same clan, so they should work at peak efficiency,” the Captain answered, trying to put as much calm and soothing into his voice as possible, “Let us go introduce ourselves and welcome them so that the ‘pack-bonding’ can begin.”


“Greetings, I am Captain H'roll'ah and this is Ensign Khralhen, our cook.”

“Nice ta meetcha! Cook, huh? Guess we best buddy up to you right quick then!” said the male.  He was average height for a human and perhaps a little on the heavy side, but H'roll'ah knew that it was likely muscle not fat.  After all, this human and one of his female companions were security personnel.

“Always thinking with you stomach, Thomas.  How about you buddy up to the Captain, so that we do not get kicked off this boat? Hmm?” said the smaller female, later identified as Samantha or “Sam” for ease.  "Small" being used only in comparison because she did not have the bulk of her clanmates.  She must be the medical officer.  H'roll'ah was worried that she would be distant from her clanmates but her body language suggested extreme comfort and trust, above what H'roll'ah felt for his own clanmates of different castes.  The third human, Laura if the captain remembered correctly, remained silent but was constantly looking around, as if expecting an attack at any moment, not that strange considering all that H'roll'ah had hear about Earth.

“Well then, please tell me what times that the three of you eat, and I will prepare food for you then.  Also, please tell me any dietary restrictions you have so that you do not have any medical incidents,” Khralhen said, realizing that the humans could be bribed with food as easily as a Con'valix could be bribed with fruits.


(3 Months Later)

Captain H'roll'ah was surprised at how well the humans worked together.  He thought that they might exceed standard human operating efficiency by 10%, but regularly they were 20-25% better than the reported average.  They barely needed to vocalize to communicate, and they were able to remember each other’s needs and the needs of the crew extremely well.  Captain H'roll'ah decided to ask them how they did it, and if it was a clan trait, where he could hire more humans of clan “Walker.”

“Thomas clan Walker, do you have a few minutes to talk about personal matters?” The captain asked, assuming that Thomas would, since he was off shift and relaxing in the lounge.

“Sure thing, hoss.  What can I do for you?  And I hope this isn’t about my or Laura’s tattoo’s, because we had to settle a bet on that a few days ago,” Thomas answered easily.  He was a bit flippant for the captain’s taste, but his results were impeccable and the other humans followed his lead, which spoke volumes for the man.  

“I was hoping that you could explain how you and your clanmates have achieved such a high efficiency rate.  You perform well above average, even for clanmates who grew up together.”

“Clanmates? Oh, that’s right! Sam mentioned that your species, and most species on this ship raise their young in a group setting and the kids hatch from eggs, right?”

“That is correct, and please do not remind me that human females carry their young in their bodies like a parasite.  The last time Sam explained that, it was enough to make all of us wonder how humans have managed to reproduce at all.” H'roll'ah still shuddered when he thought of it, and Khralhen wasn’t able to cook for 3 days after Sam had explained human reproduction.

“Fair enough, I think we reproduce more by accident that anything else, but yeah.  Me, Laura, and Sam are not clanmates like you think,” Thomas chuckled and shook his head, “We are siblings.”

“I do not know this word,” H'roll'ah answered uneasily.  In his experience, an unknown term from a human meant that something painful, gross, horrifying, or all 3 was about to be revealed.

“Sam could explain it better, and having Laura here only seems fair…” Thomas trailed off as he reached for his comm.  "Hey, brats (again with the casual disrespect), can you both get up to the lounge? Captain wants to know about siblings.“ H'roll'ah was always surprised that Thomas clan Walker could be disrespectful when asking for others to do something.

“Sure, be right up,” Sam responded.  She was likely a floor up in the medical facilities and wanted to take a break.

“Grrhhrhhgg.” Laura clan Walker had been sleeping, then, and did not want to come.

“Thanks, ladies, you can both explain family better than me.”  Now the captain was worried again because there was a second new word being bandied around.


“So, captain, a family unit for humans is very small compared to yours of Ensign Khralhen’s,” Sam explained, “A family is usually made up of the mother and/or father or a surrogate who has assumed that role and the children.  It usually numbers no more than 4-7 individuals.”

“But…But…how do you grow or develop? And to place all that burden on only one or two adults, how do they do anything else?” spluttered K'roll'ah.  He was shocked to find out that humans in the region called ‘America’ did not have an open community.

“Well, children who share 1 or both parents are called “siblings”, and they develop together.  The adults are called “parents”, and yeah, there is a definite loss of freedom involved.“

“So then, you three are…siblings?” H'roll'ah asked.

“Yes, Thomas is the oldest, and Laura is the youngest, with me in the middle,” answered Sam, “and our father bailed on us after Laura was 3 years old, so Tom became the ‘man of the house’ at 7 years old.”

THAT explained Thomas clan Walker’s attitude! Captain H'roll'ah realized that Thomas clan Walker had been in a command position and not had a commander from a young age!

“So that is why you both follow him? He is the new leader”

“Kind of, he is just the best at leading.  He knows what to do and does it well.” Laura answered, which was rare; she was the most quiet of the three.

“And the reason for your peak efficiency?” Captain H'roll'ah asked, determined to get an answer to his question.

“Well, we have known each other all our lives and spent most of those lives in close proximity to each other.  We just understand each other from the long familiarity and exposure.”

“Ah, the same way a pilot becomes better from being on the same ship, just with a person instead.”

“Exactly! And if you are interested in hiring others we are familiar with, we have some cousins, children of our parents’ siblings, who we know very well and want to get into space.”

“Then I will look them up, thank you for answering my questions." 

Humans were a strange species.  Instead of focusing on a large community, they developed close bonds with only a few people who share familial ties with them.  Captain H'roll'ah did hire the 'cousins’ and they worked out very well.  The human guidebook was updated to notify captains that humans sharing close blood ties have the potential to perform at higher than normal efficiency.  


Now somebody write a story about a captain hiring siblings who hate/cannot stand each other!

bts posters drop: love yourself

me: don’t tell me what to do 😤

jin’s poster drops: love yourself


My Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Eat 3 meals a day and if you really need to snack in between then eat something healthy or low calorie. For example: fruit, crackers, nuts.

Drink as much water as possible. It’s good for weight loss but also it’s healthy, good for your skin, hair and nails.

When you first start exercising then start slow. Maybe a 20 minute work out and the gradually increase the intensity and length. Exercise at least twice a week.

Allow yourself to eat unhealthily every once in a while. If your doing well and your body is healthy and your where you want to be then treat yourself. Eat a pizza yourself. Have chocolate and sweets and soda. Life is for living so eat what you want.

Keep realistic standards. Your not going to lose 100 pounds in a week. Even if you lose 1 pound in a week, progress is progress no matter how small.

Do it for you. Don’t try to lose weight for anyone. If you want to be healthy then do it for you. If your happy with whatever size you are then you do you. You’re beautiful no matter what you look like. Society just has unrealistic standards.


It’s always hard to say goodbye to the people you love the most :((
Sad Eric pretended to be cool while MinDy were saying goodbye to everyone & couldn’t even send them off. But the moment the boat took off sending them away, he couldn’t hide it anymore & screamed for his best friends to come back  & shot huge hearts at them T^T .. Real friendship ♥♥