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Hey dude, you got any game recommendations that are on sale on steam?

  • if you don’t already have all of valve’s good games, buy those
  • doom classic complete (use a source port for a better experience)
  • new doom if your pc can handle it
  • max payne bundle (max payne complete comes with 3 but it’s up to you)
  • wolf pack
  • wolfenstein TNO + TOB
  • quake collection (doesn’t come with quake 4 but it’s up to you) (source port/unofficial patches recommended, doesn’t come with the cd music but that’s easy enough to find online, alternatively just buy the GOG versions since those come with the music files)
  • dragon’s dogma
  • killing floor 2 (deluxe edition comes with KF1)
  • serious sam bundle
  • the talos principle (portal-esque puzzle game made by the serious sam people)
  • metal gear rising
  • bayonetta
  • vanquish isn’t on sale but it’s worth $20
  • dead rising triple pack
  • earth defense force 4.1
  • binding of isaac rebirth if you like rouge-lites i guess
  • warhammer 40k spess mehren was pretty fun


  • doom 3 bfg edition
  • dead rising 3 and 4
  • duke nukem 3d world tour
  • gearbox games in general
  • ubisoft games as well since most of them require uplay to be running alongside steam
  • call of duty games, you can typically find them for way cheaper on keysites
  • daikatana

He’s autographing his wanted poster for them :D

Feels good man.

Given how much those hats mean to Jack, this is a really strong symbol. Also he literally just pulled that out of the back of his robe like HOW?


I’ve never seen Jack this excited to murder before. Not that I blame him but…

Sweet, delicious karma.

The following scene: too explicit for a children’s cartoon. Rip those jerks, amirite? I am right.

And that’s season 2! I was thinking for a while this episode was a 6/10, a lot of the humour didn’t fly with me, but the scene with the family was so strong that it earned an extra point all on its own, so 7/10!

Season 3’s up next, what it does next, who can say? I’m looking forward to it. See you then!

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I know ziam think of themself has Ross and Rachel but what are the similarities you see of them? Also haven't they broke up 3 times ? :S

Who broke up 3 times? Ross and Rachel or Zayn and Liam?


Well anyway, let’s not be too literal.

But both their bandmates…

…and Zayn and Liam themselves…

…made the Ross and Rachel comparison.

So, I think it’s because Ross and Rachel were it for each other. Everybody around them knew it. It just took a minute for Ross and Rachel to get with the program. Circumstances kept getting in the way. In the interim they had supportive friends trying to help them figure it out while they bonded, bickered, hooked up, took a break and finally made that commitment. And of course, Zayn is the sassy, temperamental, pretty princess. And Liam is the solid, reliable guy with good intentions who sometimes screws up anyway. I’m guessing that’s why they’re the Ross and Rachel of 1D.

Favorite Scenes: Peter and Olivia Climb the Stairs during 6B (3.14)

What’s up?  Is everything alright?


Um … I might be being presumptuous, but, um … I was thinking maybe …

Yeah, of course.  Come on in.

I’ll get us some glasses.

To disaster narrowly averted.

Or at least postponed.

[They drink to each other]

Peter, what you said to Mrs. Merchant … I want what you want.

What do you think we should do about that?

[They kiss … and kiss … and kiss]

Am I glowing?

[Olivia takes Peter by the hand …]

[… and leads him up the stairs as Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes” plays softly in the background]

Depression is like rolling a dice, you never know which side of it you’ll get. All 6 sides hold different dangers and truth be told they’re all pretty equally sucky to go through.

Side number 1 is the side in which everything feels heavy and dark and like you’re a bird drowning in the sky or a fish trying to fly in the sky; it’s the uphill, never-winning battle that we continue to fight because it’s the only way. Side number one teaches you how to stay strong and adapt.

Side number 2 is the sadness, my god that sadness, the sadness that rips through you like a tornado and leaves you shaking and scared and of course sobbing; it’s the sadness that makes you envy the drowning birds and falling fish. Side number 2 shakes the world beneath your feet but you won’t fall, you’ll go through a bunch of kleenexes and need a helluva lot of comfort food and romantic comedies but the tears’ll stop and you’ll be able to breathe again.

Side number 3 is the lazy side, the side where your body fuses to the mattress and your head is just not cooperating today; the side where you just want the world to go away so you can sleep it all away and wake up in 10 years time. But despite side number 3’s best efforts, get up, take the dog for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy some sunlight even if it’s only for 10 minutes - use all the energy you’ve got that day just to defy it.

Side number four is the rage, the anger that boils up inside the sadness, the nostalgia, the madness of being trapped in this illness; the anger that leads to cutting, drinking, smoking dope, writing angry poems, cursing, and hurting the people we love. Side number four is painful and you’ll regret it tomorrow but you’ve got to remember that, although it’s no excuse, it wasn’t you talking - it was the depression. The real, mood-altering, mind-controlling, life-damaging illness. Forgive yourself for the snide comments or cynical retorts.

Side 5 is the side no one talks about, for reasons unknown to me, because it is perhaps the hardest side to face when you get it, it’s the darkness - the point in which you just wanna curl up and let it all collapse around you because then at least it would end, it’s the side that makes you feel indifferent, numb, and guilty for not seeing any light because there’s always a light right? Someone always has it worse and here you are hiding underneath your covers like some damsel in distress, wrong - side five is the hardest because it makes you feel bad about your illness, guilty about it and it makes you question its validity, which for the record is very fucking valid.

Side number six is the side which everyone doesn’t understand, it’s the unknown or the other side; this is the side where you’ll be perfectly content, laughing with friends over ice cream or something equally delicious when you just stop because depressions snatched your laugh from you, when your going through your checklist for college in target and break down in the towel aisle because college is too far away and you don’t think you’ll make it, when you’re on a bus to somewhere and you see someone with scars on their arms and although you shouldn’t assume - you know where they came from and you know that pain all too well, when you watch a little kid being happy and high on life and get so goddamn down because they’ll have to face the music one day and you remember that day for you. Side 6 is all the others mixed together, at the unexpected, most unwanted times.

So yes, of course, depression’s a bitch and it’s an illness struggled with by so many in so many ways. But depression, on any given day, is the luck of the draw. Will you get a semi-survivable day? Or will you get a day with suicidal thoughts and surprise mood swings and stress out of this world? We don’t get to choose what day it’ll be, we just get to choose how we respond and how much power we go into battle with.

- We don’t get to choose when we get depressed or how, it’s chance.

—  S.A.S.

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Gee, I was reading Sydney's blog and an anon was saying imagine if Harry's little daughter kept calling him by his first name. Imagine if Darcy did that when she was little! It would be so cute! xx

@trulymadlysydney MY SWEET PRECIOUS LOVE. Sydney is my sweet angel, okay?

Aww! She’s maybe 2 and a half or 3 and she’s picked up on it because obviously she hears her momma call him by his name all the time, and every time she does it it’s so sweet in her little toddler lisp, so it comes out a little jumbled together, and her Rs sound more like Ds so it comes out a little more like ‘Haddy’, but still so precious and always with a huge smile and it makes him MELT, and he giggles and scoops her up. “That is my name, yeah! You’re very clever.” 

“S’wha Mumma calls you,” she’d explain proudly. “Mumma says, ‘Haddy.’”

He’d smoother her cheek with kisses, constantly amazed by how much she seems to learn every single day. “Can I still be ‘Daddy’? S’that alright? I quite like being your daddy.”

“Yeahhhh,” she hums, nodding happily. 

“Yeah?” He softly kisses her forehead. “Okay, good. I love you, you know.” 

“Looove you.”

 Also, can you imagine her trying to call him ‘Green Eyes’ or ‘mister’ because that’s what she hears the missus call him all the time? Or calling her momma ‘Snuggs/Snuggles’ or ‘my love’ or ‘missus’ :’)) xx.

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Hi. I love your writing and its so nice of you to take time to fill all of these prompts. Please "AU where everything is the same but jemma gets infected with the alien virus in season 2, 3 or 4, that's up to you"

Hi! Aww thanks, I’m actually really enjoying it! :) Also, thank you for the prompt!!

I chose do to Season 2 (though I could pretty easily be persuaded to try out 3 or 4…), and since “everything is the same”, I wrote under the assumption that something else in Season 1 triggered Fitz’s realization of feelings, and everything happened in much the same way, just without 1x06.

*Takes place sometime around 2x12/2x13



Jemma Simmons was completely and utterly tired of aliens and the messes they left behind.

When Coulson had gathered up her, Skye, Fitz, and May on a trip to investigate a floating body, Jemma had known nothing good could possibly come from it. Whatever had caused it was obviously alien, and Coulson had been worried that it might have something to do with the Obelisk (even after it’d been destroyed in the temple) or possibly even HYDRA – neither of which spelled out anything good for them.

Unfortunately, it had taken two more victims for them to realize that the cause was a virus left in a Chitauri helmet, and Jemma couldn’t help but feel responsible for more deaths; if they’d only just figured it out sooner…

However, they had the helmet in their possession, and had loaded it onto the Bus to take with them to another SHIELD base Coulson had gotten back up and running, that would further study and take care of it. Along the way, Jemma had begun the study, though, and she was so sick of anything to do with aliens that she couldn’t even find it in her to be amazed at how the virus spread from person to person through electrostatic shock, something never before seen on Earth.

And, it was just par for the course that Jemma herself would end up with the virus; really, she wasn’t even surprised any more by the terrible luck they all seemed to have when it came to things like this.

According to her calculations, she figured that she must have contracted the virus thirty-six hours ago, which left her with only two hours now to figure out a solution – or remove herself from the situation, which she would if it came down to it. But, so far, nothing she’d tried seemed to work, because how could it when she didn’t understand anything about this virus?

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Ahh I love Soul Eater! It’s my favorite anime <3
Here’s a touch-up on the designs I came up with for their furry versions. 
@gengarkae, do you remember that comic I made a few years ago when they got pregnant and had pups? xD

AVENGERS 4 Title Seemingly Revealed By GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Actress Zoe Saldana in a interview.
“all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year.”
That suggests that Avengers 3′s follow-up will be titled simply, Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet.  What do you think?

@daddysprince @ajalisimsy thank you bbs ♥

@eslanes sweet, sweet eslanes, rest in pepperonis, you will be missed 

5 Random Facts:
1. Disney World is my favorite place on earth
2. I have 2 tattoos that include peoples names, neither of which are my husband’s 
3. I grew up thinking I wanted to go to Harvard because of Gilmore Girls #lol
4. I never, ever, ever wear any kind of makeup, including fingernail paint or lip gloss #aunatural
5. I’m asexual. Since it’s pride month, I should do a picture, because I actually never knew that aces were included in the LGBT community until a week ago. So there’s my #pride.