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Hi I'm Brenda I'm 27 years old living in SoCal.I'm a mommy to two my first is a 5 year old boy and my second a 3 month old baby girl. Married to my best friend and we are both small business owners, I would love to meet more moms in Cali follow for follow

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Aqours 3rd Years (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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  • me and literally most other gay men I know: *is only attracted to people within 2-3 years of my own age
  • Straight men: *literally always talking about fucking teenage girls no matter what age they are*
  • Conservatives: "all gay men are pedophiles and need to be burnt in the fires of hell!"

Thought I’d have some fun and give this a coloring. The Jackson bunch.


You know something is wrong with society when a 12 year old girl is dying inside because she thinks something is wrong with her because instead of liking boys like all her other friends she likes girls.

Society makes you think that being gay is the biggest mistake you could have ever chosen to live your life with. That being gay makes you less human, with different rights and values than other people. That being gay will make your life way more complicated because of the hate people can have towards you.

We teach our next generation that is better to keep it to yourself rather than to be your true self and enjoy your life, instead of teaching them to accept homosexual people because they are not in any way different than straight people.

I spent the last 3 years of my life thinking something was really wrong with me for liking girls instead of boys, and that I would have to live my whole life pretending to be someone I’m not. Until one day 3 years after, I kissed a girl. I knew I liked her before kissing her, I also knew I couldn’t do much because kissing a girl would mean my life would be completely different from that point foward  because girls aren’t supposed to kiss girls and that kissing her would be something extremely wrong. I thought that until I kissed her. From that point foward I knew society was making millions of teenage lives live in fear and hating themselves. Kissing another person whether they are gay, bisexual, transexual, who cares what they are, they are still HUMANS, has nothing wrong. You are just doing the simple action of  KISSING  someone, LOVING someone, TAKING CARE of someone, there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. I was just being who I really wanted to be for a really long time and I wasn’t able because I thought it was a big deal, because I thought I was wrong, because I thought my life would be over. But I realized I wasn’t, I realized it was the most normal thing anyone could possibly do, LOVE SOMEONE ELSE.

Instead of teaching being gay is something gross, and discusting, because the only thing you are doing is creating fear to those who haven´t come out yet and hating themselves for loving someone they are not supposed to love, teach is okay to love people, to kiss them, to take care of them, regardless of their sexual orientation, because after all is just that. THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

im really emotional and sad because i got kind of reunited with an old friend and i realized how much my life actually sucks right now

just one year i wanna be able to give someone a gift on valentines day

its super cute and cliche but im totally into the idea of giving loved ones chocolates and flowers

ive never had anyone to ever do it with but one day i want to because its fucking cute