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Blaine and I were pretty famous around the neighbourhood for our duelling Simon Le Bon impressions ~ Cooper Anderson

Blaine Anderson-Stark Masterpost

Because I feel like I need to sort out which is when and which is a sequel to what and yeah

  1. Blaine Stark Peter Parker bromance and Tony blows up a lab
  2. Blaine is sick and Tony is useless
  3. Mutant Kurt
  4. More Mutant Kurt
  5. Post-Shooting Star
  6. Blaine runs away to New York
  7. The Avengers meet Tony’s kid
  8. Tina and Sam find out who Blaine’s dad is
  9. Follow-up to the Tina and Sam thing
  10. Tony keeps on showing up at Kurt and Blaine’s apartment
  11. Justin Hammer kidnaps Blaine
  12. The Nightbird thing
  13. Shooting Star AU where the gunmen want Blaine
  14. Blangsty shooting star fic follow up
  15. Blaine meets Loki Version 1: In Stark Tower
  16. Blaine meets Deadpool
  17. Five year old Blaine in Tony’s lab
  18. Foster kid/post-Sadie Hawkins Blaine
  19. Blaine is jealous of Peter Parker
  20. Smart Blaine helps save the world
  21. More Smart Blaine
  22. Steve teaches Blaine to box
  23. Kurt isn’t answering his phone. Blaine panics. 
  24. Arc Reactor
  25. Blangsty Nightmare Thing
  26. Blaine meets Loki Version 2: Five year old Blaine
  27. Blaine (briefly) meets Loki Version 3: Helicarrier
  28. Blaine talks to Wolverine
  29. The Waiting Room
  30. Steve’s Notebook
  31. Hulk
  32. Late
  33. Cooper worries
  34. Cooper worries some more

tvprogramsfan  asked:

I would like to recommend three fics: I Do, I Think by myheartwonxxo , After All These Years by colferdreaam , and Be My Hero by Awela. Also, I found a fic about the 40s that rabat-joie95 requested, it's: My Soldier, My Hero, My Everything by warblingaway, but there are also others so I don't know if this one is okay or if it has already been recommended. They are all Klaine, by the way.

Thank you so much for the recs!

I Do, I Think by myheartwonxxo

Blaine gets left at the altar, his best friend Kurt wants to be there for him, but the same day of the almost wedding is the day he gets engaged

After All These Years by colferdreaam

Kurt (3) and Blaine (13) are in a care home. Kurt is like a baby brother to Blaine and Blaine is Kurt’s best friend. When the home catches fire during the night and Kurt is missing from the group of children, Blaine runs inside to save him without thinking. That night, however, is the last time that Blaine will see Kurt. What will happen when they find each other years down the line?

My Soldier, My Hero, My Everything by warblingaway

Vintage!Klaine. At the end of WWII, Kurt anxiously awaits Blaine’s return from overseas.  

When you live on the streets, what you have is your treasure. Kurt and Blaine have each other. 

Part 2

Kurt loves holding hands with Blaine. 

In a city with so many people that don’t even spare you a glance, it’s easy to get lonely. But with Blaine’s hand squeezed in his, Kurt feels safe, loved and important. All that in a simple gesture of lacing fingers while spending hours without talking because all they could focus on was finding food. 

“It’s snowing,” Kurt says as they stop at a crosswalk. The hold of Blaine’s hand tightens. Snow means something entirely different to them than to the child next to them, whose dad is carrying his brand new sled. With a soft sigh, Kurt takes a tiny step sideways and circles his arm around Blaine’s waist. “We’ll be okay,” he whispers. 

The light turns green and people start walking. 

“Yeah,” Blaine mumbles.

That ‘yeah’ is as much as a wish as it is a statement. 

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“we met right here. i took this man’s hand and we ran down that hallway. and those of you that know me know i’m not in the habit of taking people’s hands that i’ve never met before but i think my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know yet. it knew that our hands were meant to hold each other. fearlessly and forever. which is why its never really felt like i’ve been getting to know you, its always felt like i’m remembering you from somewhere. as if in every lifetime you and i have ever lived we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love, over and over, for all eternity. and i just feel so lucky that i found you so soon in this lifetime because all i want to do, all i’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. so kurt hummel My amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me….”

3 Years of the Klaine proposal Happy anniversary

So Desi and I have three plausible, logical theories about these "spoilers"

1. Blaine becomes Dave’s new bestie/mentor. Dave misinterprets Blaine’s affection and Blaine, being Blaine…is completely clueless.

Remember during Tested (5X16) when Blaine said:

“It all started when you came to Dalton to get away from Karofsky. I wanted to help you through that"  Kurt replied "And you did”.  And then Blaine says “And I LOVED the way that felt. I loved it. I loved being able to protect you."  LINK

But now Kurt doesn’t need Blaine to protect him anymore.  He’s strong, independent and can take care of himself.  Perhaps Dave comes back into the picture and he DOES need help.  Whether it’s dealing with his sexuality, or how to attract someone, whatever.  Blaine loves being needed - he loves helping so naturally he’s the one who agrees to help Dave out.  Along the way, however, Blaine is being too kind, too touchy feely because that’s just the way he is and Dave either misinterprets OR he honestly believes he has fallen in love with Blaine.  It will probably take Kurt to be the one to alert Blaine to this fact and straighten the whole situation out.  This could easily be drawn out for 4 episodes.

2. Kurt has pre-wedding jitters and/or cold feet (it’s common) - he’s overwhelmed with all the wedding planning and literally has a nightmare.  Who else in his life has hurt him to the point of nightmares that he will probably deal with for the rest of his life - regardless of the good place that Kurt and Dave were left in.  Dave bullied him relentlessly, he forced himself upon him, and threatened his life.  That is the last person on the planet that he could imagine Blaine cheating on him with therefore the perfect person for him to have a nightmare about.

The spoilers do not say the “love interest” lasts 4 episodes – it just says that Max is back for 4 episodes.  The “love interest” angle doesn’t necessarily have to last that long for Max to have a four episode arc.  He could be back in any capacity and this “love interest” could literally be a 30 second scene.  Remember Blaine & Brit in bed?  That was about a 4 second scene but promoted in the teaser and talked about by the media as “trouble for Klaine??!”

3. Literally since the finale of S5, the promotion of Klaine has been insane by Fox and Glee.  They have promoted Klaine more than they have in 3 years.

Some examples:

“We’ll always love the beautiful story of Kurt and Blaine. Tell us, what’s your favorite Klaine moment?”

#youknowyoureagleekwhen…shipping #Klaine is a full time job. #glee

“You know you’re a Gleek when…shipping Klaine is everything”

“When your shooting star catches you before you fall”. #glee (photo of Klaine from YMMFSY)

“It’s the #FirstDayofSummer! How are you celebrating?” #glee (pic from GTGYIML)

“Retweet if all of you loves all of #Klaine “❤

They wouldn’t be doing all of this, to just break them up again immediately, at the beginning of the season. All of these rumors could possibly be a diversionary tactic, while they set up something bigger, regarding Klaine.  ie: the wedding? 

A three day shoot at Dalton.  The Vivian Westwood suits for Kurt. Darren is the first one in the studio recording.  We’re not saying it IS, but it could be…

Regarding the spoiler that claims it will only be a six month time jump, it makes even LESS sense given how they left Klaine at the end of S5.  We are to believe that within six months, Kurt and Blaine…

“I will never, ever, EVER cheat on you again”

“All I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you”

“I choose to trust and to love you through everything”

“He’s the love of my life, and nothing and no one is gonna come between us”

“There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than my fiancé”

…called off the engagement/have broken up, both moved to Ohio, are teaching Glee clubs at separate schools, and Blaine is now dating Kurt’s former bully, Dave Karofsky.  On what planet? 

We are just as skeptical as the next person, after all…it’s Glee. But nothing about these spoilers make any sense.

Bottom line is that these "spoilers” are causing buzz, causing the media to run with it, getting people talking about Glee again.  Whether it’s the truth or not, they don’t care.  And we’ve got a long way to go before 6X01. 

Good luck to you all.

#nelliedrabblechallenge - @sadieesperanto

“I’m going to go home now.”

Kurt’s assistant Lydia couldn’t keep the knowing smile off her face. “You lasted an entire- what? Three hours today? Must be a new record.”

Kurt played with his wedding band as he stared down at the cell phone on his desk. Sure he had a few clients to finish designs for by the end of the month, and it was award season- his busiest time of the year, but he also had a husband and 5 month-old at home who he would much rather be with right now. If he was at home, he’d probably be covered in drool and spit up while he watched Blaine work on composing the same song he’d been working on for the past week (that song would be stuck in his head for the next 3 years, he was certain) but there was nowhere he’d rather be.

“Blaine hasn’t texted me back yet. Do you think they’re alright?”

Lydia put the roll of fabric Kurt requested down in his office and smiled at him. “Knowing Blaine and Alfredo, they’re probably robbing a bank right now. Those two are always up to no good.”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Stop mocking me.”

She laughed. “Relax. Just like your husband would say, everything is under control. You need to focus on finishing the piece for the Golden Globes and trust that Alfredo will take good care of Blaine.”

Kurt smiled a little and took a deep breath. She was right. He went back to his sketch and stretched a little just as the door to his boutique opened and in walked his husband, wearing a red, white, and blue cardigan Kurt made for him. He also had a baby sling with Alfredo tucked securely inside- their son wearing a matching cardigan and matching Aviator sunglasses.

“Oh. My. God.”

Blaine smiled as he approached his husband’s workspace and looked around the shop. “Wow. Busy morning, I see.” He removed his sunglasses and then removed Little Feta’s. The baby smiled when he saw Kurt and Lydia laughed at how fast her boss hopped up to go and greet them.

“You two look too adorable,” she said. “And your timing is incredible, I have to say. We were just talking about you.”

Blaine waved hello to Lydia and smiled at how Kurt basically flew over to them, kissing Alfredo all over the jaws. Their son laughed and reached up to grab Kurt’s face.

“Now you’re making me jealous.”

Kurt laughed and leant up to kiss his husband quickly on the lips. “You two are the cutest cuties in the universe. Where’d you get a rainbow baby sling?”

Alfredo reached for his Papa’s tie and brought it to his mouth, despite having his pacifier in as Blaine answered. “Amazon. We were watching The Hangover last week and decided to reenact the scene with Zach Galifianakis.”

“You did not watch The Hangover with our 5 month-old son, Blaine.”

“Could you say no to this face?” He asked, looking down at their little boy who was spitting out his pacifier. “We brought brunch, and even though Little Feta is going to be the next best pianist after his old man, I figured we could lend a helping hand with a little stitching.”

“He’s going to be a designer, Blaine. Give it up.” He kissed Blaine again and Lydia tried not to puke as she walked away. “Thanks for surprising me like this. I was this close to coming home since you didn’t reply to my text.”

Blaine laughed as Kurt took the bag from him. “You texted me like 2 minutes ago, Kurt.”

Kurt went towards his workspace and shrugged. “I worry, you know.”

Blaine grabbed his son’s fist as they followed behind Kurt. “Say ‘we love you too, Papa.’”

It only took 3 years but FINALLY Klaine in the choir room sitting together, Blaine with his arm around his husband.  Klaine PDA in the choir room.  FINALLY.

I’m crying.

As The Years Go By (3/5)

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more.

part one / part two /  on AO3

Kurt starts high school, and it’s better, if only by increments, but it’s something. Now he understands proper skin care and his dad has given him a very generous clothing allowance that he’s learned to stretch as far and fantastically as possible. He and Blaine had a long summer together, floating in the above ground pool in Blaine’s yard, going to movies at the artsy theater downtown, lazy afternoons in the air conditioned basement watching TV shows, choreographing dance numbers and singing duets.

Blaine decides to go out for the glee club at Dalton, so Kurt says he will, too, at McKinley. 

Glee club ends up being so much more than a fun distraction, it’s acceptance and expression and Kurt can feel his world start to stretch beyond just Blaine. But Blaine still sits at the center, the axis and Kurt’s tethering point of gravity, so making new friends seems safe, and the shifting going on between them feels more comfortable. Usually.

A few months into the school year, Blaine gets a crush on a boy that he constantly texts Kurt about, the older brother of one of his suite mates. Jeremiah is so tall and blond. Jeremiah sat next to him at the coffee shop OMG. Jeremiah is so mature and smart. Jeremiah has the best, most magical hair in the whole wide world and Blaine wants to have ten of his babies and move to Martha’s Vineyard with him and marry him for his Gap discount.

Kurt has never met Jeremiah. He hates him so much.

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