3 years later cg


Dreamy Days S2 Joji Chakura’s ~3 Years Later Route~

I finally got around to finishing it =3 sad to see that there is no epilogue or Cohabitation/Living together route for him, I hope Voltage will make more routes, DDIWT is of my favorite Voltage game~

Quick overview of route: One day, Reiji Uraga (our upcoming new character!) comes in and asks to take back Kurofune, it turns out that he is the son of the original Master of the cafe. Reiji wants to make it into a bar so it’s a dilemma for Joji since he feels like he’s indebted to the original Master and seeing that Reiji is the son he can’t say no. Then Joji thinks of a plan where during the day it operates as Kurofune and at night it would be a bar - which doesn’t really work out so the 10 chapters is basically talking about Kurofune and how it’s so important to everyone.