The timing in TLD is totally off. At the end, Eurus tells John:

Culverton gave me Faith’s original note.  A mutual friend put us in touch. Did Sherlock ever tell you about the note? I added some deductions for Sherlock.

We are to assume this mutual friend is Moriarty, Consulting Criminal. But that can’t be true. Because Faith/Eurus tells Sherlock at 221b that the TD-12 session happened three years ago. Lets calculate:

Say Rosie is about 6 months old now. She was born about six month after the wedding. The wedding, be it in May or August, was at least six months after Sherlock’s return. So, in TLD war are at least about 18 months after Sherlock’s return - which would make three years prior sometime during Sherlock’s two years of being dead. After Moriarty shot himself on the roof of Bart’s. So he can’t have put Eurus in contact with Culverton three years before.

So, either Eurus is lying about Moriarty’s involvement, or about the timing of the note - but why, if this is all real? Why not say it was five years ago? Or tell Culverton gave her the note himself?

On the other hand, if all of this - Faith, Eurus, Culverton, the note -  is not real, but just in Sherlock’s head, timing is not important. And it might even be a hint that Sherlock is stuck some time after the fall - be it in Serbia, or in hospital, because he did jump of that roof after all.


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