3 wolf scream

okay it's cute shit and all

but when fanfics for other ships use quotes from another one of my ships, ofc im gonna flail around like I’m being chased by a bee. A little warning would be great next time.

When you get bored during summer vacation and make dream cast posters for a movie that is never going to come out. Scream 5

The Chimera Pack and others playing Spin The Bottle
  • Corey: My turn. It's my turn.
  • *spins the bottle*
  • Corey: There. I just spun it.
  • (in his mind) Dear God, if you really exist, please show me by letting it land on Mason so I can explore these confusing, conflicting feelings I've been having lately.
  • *The bottle lands on Stiles*
  • Corey: 😡😡😡 Re-spin. New rule: You can re-spin.
  • *he spins the bottle again and it lands on Mason*
  • Corey: Oh, Mason. I guess we have to kiss. 😉😊😊
  • *Morey kiss*
  • Mason: You're a great kisser.
  • Corey: Thanks. I guess you're okay.
  • Theo: I'll say it again: I don't know why we're doing this!
So what if Claudia knows?

She looks so “I know I’m here only ‘cause my freakin’ son is forgotten” suspicious.

She saying she doesn’t want kids. Now, in the preview for next episode, holding Lydia by the arm while she’s trying to take the wallpaper off the wall? Smiling in the “I’m a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD guy” way?

What if, somehow, she made everything happen? So she could come back to life? I mean, yeah, it sounds crazy. But this is TEEN WOLF, this is BEACON HILLS. Everything can fucking happen. Stiles said it “it’s a myth. But like every myth in Beacon Hills, it’s not a myth”.

Am I going crazy? Probably.
Do I want to see Stiles? Definitely.
Do I need the next episode? ABSOLUTELY.

psa to scream fandom

the ratings for scream are super low and if there’s any chance at getting screamed renewed for a season 3 we gotta spread the word and get more people watching the show , this fandom is so small because not a lot of people watch the show. get your friends, family, neighbors, aliens , cats, dog, etc. anyone you know to watch the show, we gotta get these ratings up

Scream: The Series

Hello, I have some new info on Scream: The Series.

A friend of mine works for MTV’s scripted television department. She sent me some tidbits on the upcoming Scream television series.

The show is set to debut in June of this year. 
The first promo for the series will air during the season finale of Teen Wolf.
No actual footage will be shown in said promo. 
The show WILL be connected to the movie series.
One original cast member will be featured in the pilot. It may not be a speaking role. (aka it might be in a newspaper or television news cast)
Cameron Deane Stewart has tested for the lead Male role.

External image

Now here’s some info on the Supernatural aspect of the show.
The idea to make the series Supernatural came when MTV was looking for a potential Teen Wolf Spin-off. The Scream Pilot script was really strong and the producers from Teen Wolf are behind it. MTV asked them if it was possible for the writers to re-write the script to connect the two shows. They did. It worked. The Supernatural script was phenomenal. However, the supernatural script did not allow the series to mesh with the Scream Film series. 
When the Winesteins decided to push for Scream 5 the Supernatural Scream Series died. The show will now be connected to the Movies and will lead into/be referenced in Scream 5.

This is all the info I have at the moment…however expect casting announcements soon.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Allison Argent transcended the archetype of "the girl next door" and grew into a heroine who was smarter, braver, and stronger than we ever could imagine. Even from the beginning, she defies her family to follow her heart and be with Scott. She sacrifices herself to save her father. She fearlessly protects Lydia from Peter. She changes her family code, a code they have lived by for who knows how many years, to protect innocent people. She knows where the scroll is that has info on how to kill a nogitsune AND hatches the plot to retrieve it. She figures out how to kill the Oni and does a lot of her own research. She has to rely on almost NO ONE to survive and saves lives once or twice. She absolutely destroys the character mold of the "first love"/"new girl in school." SHE DIED SAVING HER BEST FRIEND. She was not given the sending-off she deserved and, even if she HAD to die, was not given a proper funeral.