3 winners


I’ve put all of you lovely peoples names to a random generator, and here were the results.

so I chose the first 3 people for the winners!


WINNER: @just-latiosandfriends

(full shading, detailed background)


WINNER: @dailyprima

(shading, simple background)


WINNER: @featherfluff

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I’m planning to give out 3 VIXX new mini album for this comeback.. All you have to do is REBLOG this once (you don’t have to follow me) and say what you love about VIXX and the album cover you would like to win (birth flower or birth stone). There will be 3 winners and I’ll pick 3 random number and I will contact you here. If you don’t respond in 2 days then I’ll have to pick a new winner.. Deadline is May 13th. For people under 18, please make sure it’s ok from your parents to give out personal name and address so I can ship the album to you.

(*Loooook at the super adorable tortoise-skele icon the wonderful @nighttimepixels made for me~.  Yep, that’s my tortoise self wearing Stretch’s hoodie.  Ahhh, I had to address that first!)

I decided for the milestone event, I’d do a fic raffle because they seem fun!  

How to Enter:  Just be following me and reblog this post!  Easy-peasy!  

The Prize: An Undertale one-shot!  Your choice of characters and AU’s.  I don’t have many limits; it can be SFW or NSFW, and I’m down with most pairings (canon/canon or canon/reader).  I do request that you not ask me to put your specific OC in the fic, however, just because I’d hate to portray them incorrectly.  Also, I’m good with most AU’s, and even if I’m unfamiliar, if there’s enough information for me to be able to get a feel for the characters’ personalities, we’re golden.  You can be as vague or detailed as you like; even if it’s something as simple as “Stretch sin.”  Or, hell, if you have something you want to see as an SSLL chapter, I’m game for that too.  

The Deadline: It’ll end at 2PM CST on 6/24.

I’ll enter everyone’s names into a random gen and pick the winners that way.  Right now, I’m hoping to draw three names.  That’s subject to change depending on how many people enter.  

Thanks again for reading my silly stuff, guys!  You’re all amazing!