3 week old pic

she needed a new twitter profile pic also i edited her face the tiniest bit


Day 3 of the last week of school and our theme was childhood heroes.
As you can see: I was Pocahontas. :D ❤️

anonymous asked:

All of the people going on anon and telling Caulscott shippers to kill themselves. I wonder how they would feel if they revised the blogs that they sent hate to and saw self harming pics and then a 3 week old suicide note? Would they even care?

I think it is like with Kate and her video: They only think about the things they have done when it is already too late.

But serious Anons, did you really learned nothing from Kate’s story?

Why was this Seventeen article posted yesterday, amidst the “Zaynie Calvin twitter bs” and the “Louis taking sides against Zaynie/Zouis are enemies mess”, why did we get THIS ARTICLE WITH THIS HEADLINE AND THIS PIC. The radio interview is almost 3 weeks old. There were already articles written about this. 
Is someone trying to ensure Ziam are positively connected? That despite @Louis’ odd liking of Calvin Harris’ tweet, there are still members of 1D, namely Liam, who are team Zayn?