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15 French Slang Words Every French Learner Should Know 🌻

1. Bordel

Bordel literally means brothel. However, these days bordel is more commonly used to describe a large mess. An example would be: Range ta chambre. C’est le bordel. Clean your room. It’s a mess.

2. Balle

Balle as a singular, literally means bullet. Yet back in the day, balles was used as a slang word for francs, the French currency pre-2002. And when France moved on to the euro, balles moved with it and it is still sometimes used in reference to money. An example would be: J’aime ton pantalon. Merci. Je l’ai acheté au marché pour quinze balles. I like your pants. Thanks. I bought them at the market for 15 euros.

3. Baraque

The word baraque literally means shanty, or small house made of planks. However, recently the term has been adapted to refer to a house, or, as an adjective, baraqué,  someone who is really muscular.  For example: On habite dans une grosse baraque avec 10 colocs. We live in a large house with 10 other people. En règle générale, les joueurs de rugby sont plus baraqués que les joueurs de foot. Generally speaking, rugby players are more muscular than football players.

4. BG

These days BG is a popular acronym. It stands for beau gosse, which means hot guy. Gosse on it’s own though is slang for a child though so watch out! If you’re in Quebec, gosse is feminine and carries an entirely different connotation as a slang word for a part of the male anatomy that is generally used in the plural… So if you’re planning to use your slang in Canada, be aware of that difference, since there could be a few misunderstandings!

5 . BCBG

Another popular acronym, which is the French slang for preppy, is BCBG (bien chic bon genre).

6. Blé

Blé literally translates as wheat in English. However, figuratively it has become a popular way of referring to money. (Another common way of referring to money in slang terms is fric or pognon). Here is an example: Il gagne beaucoup de blé. He earns a lot of money.

7. Bobo

Bobo is actually baby talk for une blessure (an injury). However, you will find that young people commonly use this term when referring to minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. An example might be: Qu’est-ce qu’il y a? J’ai un bobo sur le pied. What’s the matter? I have a scratch on my foot.

8. Bouffer

Bouffer literally means to puff up or balloon in size. However, it has become common practice to replace the word manger (to eat) with bouffer in everyday speech. And in turn, la bouffe is then used as another word for food. Here is an example: J’ai trop mangé. J’ai bouffé un steak tartare avec des frites suivi d’une grosse tarte aux pommes. I ate too much. I ate a steak tartare with fries followed by a big slice of apple tart. Je suis allé en ville pour acheter de la bouffe. I went into town to buy some food.

9. Une clope

A commonly used slang word, especially in Paris, is the argot for cigarette; une clope. For example: T’aurais pas une clope? You don’t happen to have a cig, do you?

10. Kiffer

Another term used by today’s generation, which you may not already know is the word  kiffer, which is slang for to like something (it works best with a hobby!). However, pay attention, if you kiffe quelqu’un, it implies that you desire that person. Here’s an example: Je kiffe faire de la voile. I really enjoy sailing. Je kiffe ton frère. I like your brother. (I’m romantically interested in him).

11. Mec

The word mec is yet another commonly used slang term, and refers to boyfriends as well as guys in general. For example: Il est beau, ce mec.That guy is good-looking. Tu viens avec ton mec? Are you bringing your boyfriend? 

Another type of slang that you might come across is verlan, which are French words spelled backwards, and often incorrectly, in slang. And while this concept might seem a bit intimidating at first, you will find that you pick it up in no time at all and probably without even realizing.

12. Meuf

Our first example is meuf, which was originally femme. And, as with the word femme, this term can be used to refer to a female, or your girlfriend, although it can have pejorative connotations.

13. Relou

Our second example is relou, the verlan for lourd (heavy or taxing) and equivalent of chiant, which means annoying/exasperating. Here’s an example: C’est trop relou! That sucks!

14. Ouf

Ouf is literally the French translation of the interjection phew as well as meaning crazy/awesome in verlan, being the backwards of fou (crazy/awesome). On a fait un truc (de) ouf hier. *Here ’ouf’ can work as either an adjective, without the ’de’, or as a noun, with the ’d’. It’s up to you! We did something crazy awesome yesterday.

15. être vénère

And finally, our last slang word for today is another way of expressing that you are annoyed or angry; être vénère, which is the verlan of être énervé. An example would be quite simple: Mathieu est vénère. Matthew is annoyed. (It is important here to pay attention to your accents because vénéré means to be revered).



How are you guys??

Haha did you guys miss me? I missed you, too.
Everyday before I go to sleep, I find two teardrops on my pillow when I wake up.

[ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know too]
I took screenshots of the comments here on fancafe where ARMYs recommended movies for me to watch. Today, I decided to watch a movie. If it’s good, I’ll recommend it to my members or to everyone through VAPP hahaha. Because of ARMYs I really like to watch movies!!! I feel like I’ve become a better person!!!

[I also]
I’ve been interested in paintings and photography these days, I’ve also been recommending a lot of them haha. Lately I’ve been taking pictures of landscapes, too. I have representative models, lots, there’s 6 of them. I bought a filming camera 3 days ago that I’ve been trying to take proper pictures with. The important parts are the ISO, focus, aperture, and shutter speed. I don’t know much about it, so I’m trying my best to learn, but I’m afraid I’ll stop being that it’s difficult. So please, stop me from quitting.

[Right Now]
There’s so many comments that I can’t read them all. When I have time I’ll come back and read them all. Sleep well. 

[Euwoh I’m touched??]
Because all you guys are supporting me~~
Saying that you all can help me with things like this, I’m extremely proud. If I didn’t meet ARMYs, I wouldn’t have been interested in art. I probably wouldn’t be watching foreign movies or listening to a variety of music, I would be watching Oseam during Chuseok. I wouldn’t have discovered all these things if it wasn’t for ARMYs recommendations and different lifestyles, which is what gives me strength!!! Ahh, I’m so proud!!!

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

T/N: Tae posted several times on fancafe, so I decided to put them all together instead of mini posts.
Also, he replied to ARMYs comments. One gave him advice on his camera, in which he replied “thank you~” (aegyo). The second person was giving him support in which he replied the same way.



This is my family. “Is smoll and broken, but still good.” (from left to front and top to bottom) Kimmy (@spideygirl) is from Utah and Gwen (@gwennspacey) is from Georgia and I (@emberbrekker) am from Colorado. We met through tumblr and our friendships blossomed to become what is our family of three transgirls madly in love.

When Kimmy and I first met I was living in my ex’s car working as a sex worker in trouble with the law, and Kimmy was getting kicked out of her dads living room. So she came to Colorado and we met. Things were still really rough with her and I being in love with each other and with my ex and I growing apart we decided to move to Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs offered new obstacles. Being on our own with only our bags, I saw clients so we could have hotel rooms to stay in and food to eat. But then I met with my uncle who was not only non supportive but also dropped us off in Denver so we could get our lives together. And if the springs were the pot then Denver is the fire, comparatively. 

In Denver, I had the hardest time seeing clients. We walked around drowning in the size and speed of Denver living. We stopped off at a bar to get a drink because I needed to get tipsy to even handle the situation. But not even through our first drink some guy walks up and proceeds to attempt to drug us (we saw it dissolving in the liquid) So we left. Kimmy then has a major panic attack and we call an ambulance. We then end up in the ER for the first night of Denver. I didn’t sleep a bit. The next night Kimmy slept in the Bus Station while I stood watch. This being day 3, and at 2 am my ex came and picked us up and took us back up north. We then sold everything and had my ex drop us off in Colorado Springs.

 I saw a few clients when we got to the springs so we had places to stay and food to eat. One client bought us a car from auction. It was a wonderful gift that was given because I had impressed him so much and he was a nice guy.  So we at that point lived in the car. I did finish my court requirements and got my slate wiped clean. Then one day Kimmy introduces me to Gwen (who she met on tumblr) and we start talking. We hit it off and decided we were going to ask Gwen to move to Colorado with us. Everything lined up and Gwen had me fly out to drive her back to Colorado and back to Kimmy. The first few months were like cats getting use to each other. Quite funny in hindsight, but first had it is terrible. We got jobs and worked trying to take care of each other and doing anything we could with loans to get our life back and the van which had been impounded (we got it out and paid like $1300.00usd for it). But some good did come out of it, I was able to quit the Sex Working industry.

We were staying with a friend at the time who booted us out to live with her boyfriend. So we (K,E,G) moved into said boyfriends empty town house. Which was a big win for our family or so we thought. We settled in for a little bit got food, cleaned the place and planned for Yule. Not more than a week and a half later the “boyfriend” is back in his bed room dealing with issues involving the judicial system.  And this is where we have been. 

At this point “the boyfriend” is already crossing boundaries, being extremely disrespectful, and has now only given us 2 weeks from 02/24/17 to remove ourselves and items from the location. 

This is pretty much all we own. So we are going to get a storage unit and pay two months in advance in Denver, while we move there. 

This is our next hurdle. I have my Med Badge and Kimmy and Gwen are going to get theirs. But we are paying tons for healthcare and medication as we are all going off HRT. We do have appointments set up but its gonna be two months till the earliest appointment. We have pretty much no food, our accounts in total are -$350 usd. We have no idea how we are are feeling rather trapped and are worried about having to move cities. We know we are going to live in the car again, but we don’t know what to do about our stuff, or food, or even necessities like showers. We need a grand total of $950 to successfully move to Denver, and this does not include an apartment.

We aren’t asking for very much if anyone has even a dollar to spare or even $.50 every thing is going towards us moving and finding a safe place for us to live. 

Thank you for all your help so far and continuing to aid us in finding our place in the world! We are doing our best and just need a little help. Thank you and Blessed Be!

(PS paypal is littletransgirl18@gmail.com)


ITS PRIDE MONTH!!!  (for the next 3 hours that is.)

Any who!   With all that’s been happening this month …I knew I wanted to do something for the all of you to show how much this month means to me.  (granted I am a happily gay tranqueer so its a personal thing too.)

So here ya go. 

In Order.

(note ; I picked these 4 because I thought them the most likely to go to a pride festival.)

inkXerror  A smooth and proud!  Ink would so drag Error to something like this and then just to make Error feel better sit farthest from everyone and hand him one of those Hate pamphlets to shred.  (I was always getting those from the anti’s when I’d go hell one time they broke a friends arm tugging her away from me.)

PJxFresh (i know the proper name is freshpaper but I messed up sry.)  -  First timers.   I call this art this cause I feel like this image looks like its the start of their relationship and honestly their both unclear of what to do here.  So they hold hands and try to think less awkward thoughts as couples and families surround them.

PalettexGoth  (again, I know its Poth, I screwed up!)  Super gays!  These two got this title though the fact I saw Palette like myself at prides wearing my flag as a cape and buying and wearing every rainbowy thing I could possibly get my hands on.  Goth is like my love now.  He’ll wear a pride shirt and his bandana but nothing else.  Also he’s normally the one encouraging me to scream out something stupid…which I’d do to my him smile.  Stay Uke my friends!

AfterDeath (Was the last art to do so I got the name right yay!)  Forever Proud!  Reaper and Geno each have a half of a pride flag.  This has always been a symbol to me.  The first Flag I bought with my love now is done this way.  Its a way of saying we’re never whole without each other.  They are the long time goers of Pride I would sit back and watch them and their kids have fun and wish that one day that was me.

Side note!

I’ve drawn a lot of AfterDeath lately.  And soon I’m thinking of doing the 30day OTP art challenge.  So watch out I may drawn more LEL.

Undertale/ @tobyfoxofficial

Ink/ @comyet

Error/ @loverofpiggies

PaperJam/ @7goodangel

Fresh/ @loverofpiggies

Palette/ @angexci

Goth/ @nekophy

Reaper/ @renrink

Geno/ @loverofpiggies

Just  took notice I used all 3 of CQ’s skele-sons lol

cheer4ham  asked:

first kid headcanons with sincerely three?

• i feel like you guys wouldn’t have planned the pregnancy at all
• but you guys were stable enough and had a steady income, so it was all okay
• Connor had been going to therapy regularly and has been taking his anti depressants !! yay!!
• but there were still a few struggles
• you often had to remind Connor that he was going to be a great dad
• after Connor finally shook away his insecurities, he was confident
• he wanted to be the dad that he needed growing up (no shade Larry)
• one day you guys would be cuddling on the couch and he would gasp
• you would be like ??what??
• and he would pull your shirt up because he felt your little belly for the first time
• tears would well in his eyes because it was finally so real to him
• Connor was transforming in front of your eyes
• he was so responsible and so timid
• he would talk to your belly when he thought you were sleeping
• “hey there, little one. daddy loves you. i always will, okay? you mean the world to me”
• anyways
• when you finally got to be like 7 months pregnant you were the size of a planet
• and Connor would fetch anything for you
• when it was finally pushing time, Connor insisted on being in the room with you, holding your hand
• he would be so supportive, kissing your forehead and whispering reassuring words
• when the lil sucker popped out of your hoohah he would start bawling his eyes out
• the doctor would announce it was a girl and Connor just starts ScReAmInG doing a FUKING victory lap around the room
• he would do the skin-to-skin thing where he holds the baby underneath his shirt while coddling her
• you would be asleep and Connor would stay up all night, talking to the baby in a hush tone.
• he felt so complete


• you and Evan tried for kids after getting married and finally opening up your own bakery!!
• you guys did the cute little grandma announcement to Heidi and it went viral online
• it would be one of those scrabble games and she’s spelling out the word “grandma” and she’s like “??? OH MY GOD”
• she would start bawling her eyes out hugging the two of you
• this was so important to Evan because he never had a father figure growing up
• he wanted to be the best dad possible!!
• he took a lot of advice from Jared because Jared was the coolest dad ever
• you guys would do those time lapses of your tummy
• Evan would probably rest his head on your belly when he slept on the couch
• when the baby grew feet and started kicking, Evan would kiss your stomach to get the baby to kick there
• you two would do it for hours and just giggle
• you guys would have the gender-reveal baked into a cake by one of the people who worked in your bakery!!
• so at the baby shower you guys cut the cake and it was blue inside
• EvAn WoUlD bE a MeSs
• he would be crying, sobbing, hugging you, and laughing
• Heidi bought you guys a little blue polo for your little guy
• so the big day finally comes and your assigned to a C-Section
• while you’re waiting for the doctor to wheel you in, Evan is just laying with you on the hospital bed
• you guys are grinning and talking about how exciting everything is
• Evan goes into the operating room and holds your hand the whole time
• doctor: “okay, the procedure is now taking place, Mr.Hansen, please don’t look over the curtain”
• Evan fucking looked
• and passed out at the sight of the baby being pulled out through ur organs like wtf
• but he would be out for long
• you guys would be back in your room and he would open his eyes to see you holding a little baby in a blue blanket
• Evan would wander over and hold him and start smiling ear to ear
• Evan was the best dad ever


• I feel like something would happen where the doctor told you that you were incapable of having kids
• and you guys were so upset by it, you stopped trying for a year
• seeing all of your friends have children was so upsetting
• but one day you woke up, expecting your period but it wasn’t there ??
• and it’s been like three days since you were supposed to start??
• then you thought back to 3 weeks ago when you and Jared had the FRICK frack
• you didn’t want to hype yourself up buT YOU WERE FUKIN PUMPED
• you ran to the store and bought 18 pregnancy tests
• you knew that this could just be your period being late, but something felt different this time
• you couldn’t WAIT to tell Jared
• so you planned it all out
• you guys’ anniversary was coming up and you had an idea
• so flash forward to your anniversary, you guys went out for dinner and came home to watch a movie and exchange gifts
• Jared had bought you a really nice necklace and a new book that you had wanted to read for a while
• you passed Jared a collection of mugs, tshirt s, and aprons that all read “World’s Best Dad”
• he looked at them hella confused bUt ThEn It SaNk In
• so throughout your pregnancy Jared was so giddy and you guys called your parents and they screamed with you
• then you guys went in for an ultrasound to see the gender and just for a checkup
• and the doctor was like “wanna know the genders?”
• and you and jared looked at each other and were like “genders??”
• and the doctor looked at you like you were dumb
• “yeah, there’s two babies in there”
• “Jared, be quiet this is a hospital!!”
• your delivery went smoothly (as smooth as it can … two babies came out like the shit is painful yikes)
• and Jared would hold both of them at once, giving you a heart attack
• when the babies were three months old, they are super giggly and babble all the time
• sometimes you would just walk in to see the babies laying on jared, and he would pretend to listen to them speak
• “uh huh. Ok. Is that so?”
• what a dork

I bought a 3 euro gouache pack from the supermarket near my house and the moment I opened it I knew immediately that everything will be left in ruin

anw gas mask

Chris Pine Request

Hey!! Can I please request a Chris Pine imagine where he’s been away for a few months filming while the reader is at home pregnant with their first child? Can it be a really cute fluffy moment when he comes home and surprises her too? I LOOOOOVE your imagines btw! I live for them! 💜💜

AN: I hope this turned out like you wanted!! Thanks for reading and requesting!!

You sat the bags on the kitchen counter and started to unload when the FaceTime ringtone went off on your phone. A smile took over your face when you saw your husband’s name on the screen. “Hi,” you sang.

“How’s my favorite girl doing,” he smiled back to you.

“Good. I just got home from the grocery and I think after I get all this stuff put away I’ll start laundry and take the dogs for a walk. How’s filming going?”

“It’s going good but I’m ready to be home with you and the little one,” a hand instinctively went to your baby bump. “How’s he doing?”

“Good,” you said rubbing your stomach. “I pee every 5 minutes and he really wants me to eat oranges.”

“Oranges? Really,” Chris laughed.

“Really. I bought like 10 oranges today and some of those little mandarin oranges in the fridge packs. That’s the only thing I’ve been craving for the past 3 days. Oh, and chocolate milk,” you said lifting up the gallon of chocolate milk you hadn’t yet but in the fridge.

“Chris, we’re ready to start the next scene,” you heard someone yell behind him.

“Babe, I gotta’ go. We’re working late tonight so I’ll call you tomorrow morning. I love you.”

“Love you too,” you watched the screen go dark and went back to putting away groceries.


You got up bright and early thanks to the pressure against your bladder. Letting the dogs out back and turning on some much you went to the kitchen and started fixing your breakfast. You added the cheese and broccoli to your omelet and folded over half the egg onto your added ingredients. “No oranges in there?”

You yipped and jumped with your spatula ready to attack until you turned and saw your husband. “What are you doing here? You almost gave me a heart attack,” you chuckled and ran into his arms.

“I didn’t work late last night, I was on a late flight,” he admitted. “I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, I’m glad you did.” You untangled yourself from him and walked back to the stove taking out your omelet. “Hungry?”

“Starving,” he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your growing stomach. “He’s getting big,” Chris rested his head on top of yours. A pang on your stomach made both you and Chris freeze. “What was that?”

“I think he just kicked,” you whispered waiting for it to happen again. Another two kicks moved your stomach. “That’s the first time he’s kicked,” you grinned. “I guess he’s happy his Dad is home too.”

Would Never Call It Love | Finale

After many many many weeks of me being gone, I’ve finally gotten the courage to write the finale of a story that I’ve had so much fun writing, and have had so much fun seeing you guys reactions to it. This story is now my most popular with the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post, and I can’t thank you guys enough for always pushing me to be a better writer. Sad to end this one, but I have ideas in store for a new story, can’t wait to share it with you guys hopefully soon :-). Enjoy.

(not my photo)

Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This day had to come. This day was bound to creep on us sooner. This day may not seem huge to some people, but it’s huge to me. 

The last show of their first leg of the tour. Also known as, the day I’ve decided to go back home to my lonely, small, quiet home…all by myself.

When did I decide this? Probably about 5 hours ago at 7 am when I impulsively bought a plane ticket, while at breakfast with Luke, Ashton, and Arzaylea. While the couple talked throughout breakfast, Ashton kept nudging me and bugging me about what had me so fixated on my small screen, but he leaned over a little far at one point and gave an annoyed sigh before throwing his share for his own food and walked out of the eatery. Luke and Arzaylea still haven’t figured it out.

Now here I am, packing my things, the memories of the last couple of weeks with the boys coming down on me. I picked up a black and white stripped shirt that I wore the day of their 3rd concert, the one where Michael spilled a little too much water on me backstage after the show, and my bra peeked through; of course he didn’t seem to mind though. I then started placing the different colored bracelets Ashton gave me within the second week of tour inside a little pouch in my suitcase. They made me smile because they matched his, so I’d always have a little part of him.

Then it got to my lingerie and undergarments, many of which I wore when Calum was over. I held back tears, my throat becoming itchy, as I packed them deeply away underneath anything else I could. 

I heard a knock at my door, and saw Ash standing there, leaning against the door still looking displeased.

“You know they’re asking about what happened at breakfast right?” 

I only rolled my eyes. “Why am I not surprised.”

“I’m not telling them, you are.” He strode toward my suitcase and began taking out the nicely folded clothes and even took things out of the pouches. The room went silent when he saw the colorful bracelets, and even the same bra from that night when everything took a turn for the worst. He bent down and studied them both, the memories hitting him hard as well.

“After all these weeks, you still have these bracelets?” He questioned quietly. I only gave him a nod. “And this…I remember this little number…everything felt so right that night.” He smiled sadly at the moment that practically changed everything; the friendship, the relationship, his ability to forgive himself for one mistake.

“Well, at least for one person it did.” He threw it back down next to the bracelets and began striding out of the room. I took two big steps before pulling him by the cuff of his sleeve, stopping him.

“Don’t do that to me. You don’t get to be mad at me for the decision I’m making. So what if I’m leaving? So what if I don’t want to be here anymore? It is not my fault that because of my stupid mistakes I don’t want to be in a place where I am not welcome anymore Ashton. Sorry that you don’t have a choice. You’re a part of this band, these are your best friends and even though you’re having a fight with one of them doesn’t mean you can take it out on me because you can’t run away from it like I’m doing.”

“You’re being selfish. You’re thinking of only yourself. Which is exactly what Calum said the other night when you tried talking to him right?” Slap. Instantly my hand landed on his right cheek, making it head and hair whip to the side and cover his face. My breathing was heavier and louder, the feeling of my cheeks getting red growing. He turned his head back slowly, his eyes like dagger stabbing into my skin. I could just the anger dripping off of him.

“Y/N look…” he tried to sound sympathetic, but I only held up my finger and pointed it at the door.

“Just get out.” He knew he was defeated, and that he hit a spot in me that stung. Before I shut the door on him, he turned back slightly and whispered, “Just call me when you get there, please. I need to know that you’ll be safe.” I hummed in response, and shut the door, leaning my back against it. 

Hiding my suitcase backstage behind a bunch of curtains was surprisingly easy. It was easy access, and since I would be leaving 15 minutes before the end of the guys show, nobody would really know that I had left. The only person I’d truly have to say goodbye to is Ashton since he was the only one that knew, or so I thought.

Arzaylea caught me at the snack table and tugged on my jacket, getting as far away from the boys as possible. I gave her a confused look, waiting for her to tell me what was going on since she looked so worried.

“Arz, w-what’s going on-”

“I bugged Ashton for hours about what went wrong this morning, and he finally told me.” She crossed her arms staring me down, while I was looked down messing with my fingers.

“Look, please don’t be upset with me-”

“Oh, you think I’m just upset. That’s rich. I’m more than upset with you Y/N. You’ve become like a sister to me, I thought you were stronger and had more integrity than you’re showing right now. You’re letting a stupid boy get in the way of you living your best life. You think you’ve fucked up? You think I haven’t fucked up either! This-this is all just so disappointing.”

“You have to understand that I’m miserable here now. There’s never a day that goes by anymore that I don’t blame myself for how things have laid out the past couple of weeks. I’ve only made things worst since being here, when I wasn’t even suppose to be in the first place!” I felt the water prickle in my eyes, but clenched my fists to help make it go away.

“If you’re mad because you feel like once I’m gone you feel like we’ll never see or talk to me again, then I can make a promise that that won’t happen.” She only scuffed, but in an amusing way.

“That’s partly why.” She pushed my shoulder playfully as we both smiled at each other.

“I’ll still text you, facetime you and call you. Just because Calum and I can’t get along great doesn’t mean I have to give up some of the best people in my life. I just have to…give him some space. It’s for the best.” I peeked over her shoulder slightly to see Calum biting into a green apple, water bottle in his other hand. I couldn’t help but shutter at the veins popping out of his neck and how defined his jawline got when it jutted out to eat the piece of the apple. It’s the simple things Calum did that got under my skin.

Arzaylea pulled me into a tight hug then pulled back to smile at me, and proceeded to do what most girls do with their best friends, take a snapchat. She pulled up a funny filter to get me to calm down and smile, but after the picture was taken, something slimy and runny was piled on top of my head.

Arzaylea and I jumped back from each other as some of it did get on her too, then we turned around to find Nia with a smirk holding the big plate that was dead center of the snack table that was labeled “Spaghetti.” The crew and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing, and watched to find out what was going to happen next.

“Nia what the fuck!” Arz yelled, wiping off the bits of tomato sauce that was now on her clothes and hair.

“She deserved it.” She came up close to my face, trying to intimidate me however I held my ground and stared her right back down.

“That’s for making Calum break up with me.” She chuckled. “You think he’d really eventually end up falling for you? Oh girl, you’ve got it so wrong. He told me all the awful things you’ve done to him, but don’t worry, I fucked all the bad feelings out of him.” Before I could hear another word, I pushed past her walking fast toward the curtain where my suitcase was located. Sure, I’d have to wait in the airport for almost 2 hours, but I couldn’t stand to be in anybody’s presence anymore. I felt an arm tug me around, and the same husky voice from before rang through my ears.

“Y/N what are you doing, you can’t leave now!” He yelled in my face.

“Ashton! Stop trying to make my decisions for me. You may love me but you don’t know what’s best for me.” His grip instantly loosened and I took the chance to take my arm from his hand. “Now let me go.” And grab my suitcase hoisting it up from the ground and running toward the back exit.

I didn’t see it, but I left Calum standing there with his food now sprawled across the floor at his feet, a dumbfounded look on his face, and for the first time in a while, an aching heart. 

Calum’s POV

The last show of this first leg of the tour was thrilling and exciting, but once my body left that crowd of energy and happiness, reality snapped back into me, and all my confusion and frustration came out of me when I chucked my water bottle at the nearest wall, and it exploded everywhere. Michael’s soft voice could be heard right behind me, telling me to calm down and to not take my anger out so aggressively like that because who knows, I could’ve hit a person instead. 

“Look, I know MIkey, I’m sorry…I just-I’m so confused right now.” We both plopped down on the couch in our dressing room, my hands coming up to my face.

“What did Ashton mean by ‘you can’t leave now’ when he was talking to Y/N? And what was in her hands when she was running away…”

“She left.”

My hands came down from my face, hoping and praying I’d see a laughing MIchael after that statement. It just couldn’t be true. But after a few seconds had passed, he continued to nod his head, as if he was still trying to make the situation seem real.

“She left Cal. She went back home tonight. Ashton told me before we went on stage tonight. He couldn’t tell you because he knew it would only distract you more. He just doesn’t want to keep making you mad mate, he cares for you so much even after everything.” His hand came up to my shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze. My chest sank lower in my chest trying to piece together just how bad everything had gotten, my life outside of the lights and music, was falling into shambles.

“I need to go make up with him first.” Michael smiled and agreed, both of us quickly grabbing our stuff before heading out. He informed me that Ashton had drove straight to the hotel we were staying at right after the show ended, and that Luke and Arzaylea were spending some time together tonight out and about. We headed straight after to him to patch things up. Even though that was the first thing on my mind, I was secretly hoping Y/N just might be there.

We raced up to the elevator and impatiently waiting until it reached our floor, only to find Ashton just closing his door as if he was leaving. I ran up to him and tackled him in a big hug, his weight leaning against mine to stop us from falling. I was holding him so tight the indents in my arms were showing through, and my hand veins were popping out. 

“Ash, ash I’m so sorry for everything dude. You come before anyone else and I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything happening.” We pulled away and he smiled so big his famous dimples showed, and the crinkles near my eyes accompanied my own smile.

“Cashton, always man.” And we did one of those bro handshakes, Michael leaning against the hallway wall watching this beautiful moment unfold. My eyes slowly drooped after things quieted down. Ashton could read my mind, and his arms reached out to gently rub my shoulders.

“So, she’s really gone?”

“I just got off the phone with her. I raced back here to see if she’d still be here but, no luck.” I shook my head in disbelief, disappointed in myself for being as stubborn as I was and almost losing my best friend, along with the girl of my dreams. “Her plane should be taking off soon, I’d say text her Cal. She needs to hear from you that you at least don’t hate her.”

“But that’s the point. I don’t hate her at all, I feel so strongly for her, more than I ever thought I could for someone…” Michael came behind me and leaned his head on me sighing. The weight of her gone now upon all of us. The atmosphere seemed different, the vibe between all of us was still off, as if the Earth was off its axis and everything seemed…wrong. 

“Why don’t we get some rest now guys, we’ve worked hard these past couple of weeks. Let’s enjoy these next few days before our next leg? Am I right?” We all agreed and they decided to walk with me to my room and stay the night, just so we knew that we were all there for each other if one of us needed something throughout the night.

As we entered the room, I walked in first to see a familiar jet black sleek suitcase sitting next to the door. My eyes widened and I looked up to see Ashton holding back a small grin, jutting out his chin, telling me to go see what I was already thinking. My legs quickly carried me past the small curve of the room into the bedroom, seeing a small Y/N sitting crossed legged on my bed in the first t-shirt I ever gave her to keep when I wasn’t around her, my Maine t-shirt.

She stood up upon hearing my loud strides and the shirt fell to just above her privates, her hair disheveled and her makeup slightly streaky, like she had been crying.

“Calum…” her voice croaked. I looked back at the boys, watching them in awe as Michael’s face lit up at the sight of her, Ashton looking proud. And they both walked slowly out of the room, leaving us alone.

“They told me you left…” I said in disbelief.

“I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get on that plane and fly away from you, not without fixing things first.” She walked closer to me timidly. I had to bring her closer, so I pulled her in by her waist, wrapping my large hand around the back of her head and placing it underneath my chin, my other hand tightly wrapped around her waist. My breathing became heavy, my heart beat racing, my head filling up with euphoric memories.

“You’re-you’re heart is beating so fast Cal…”

“It’s because it’s happy to be close to you again.” She pulled away to look up at me, her eyes glossy once again, a happy yet sad look in her eyes, as if she didn’t know how to feel in his moment.

“Y/N I am so sorry for never letting you have a chance at explaining things to me, or never giving you a chance to speak and finish your sentences. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it and that it took you almost leaving for me to realize that I never stopped feeling for you. But I promise if you stay, right here, with me, you won’t ever have to go through something like this again. We could have the love we’ve always wanted.” I pleaded. Without hesitation she reached up and brought my face to meet hers, her lips lightly pressing the softest kiss we’d ever shared. I couldn’t help but deepen it, feeling her smaller frame pushed up against mine again. We rested our foreheads against one another as she brought her hands to rest on my chest, lightly rubbing her thumbs over the material.

“I wouldn’t have ever called this love before.” Gesturing to the past complicated relationship we had.

“What about right now?”

“It’s the only word I can use to describe it.”

YAY IT’S FINISHED. I was going to add smut but this alone took me 3 hours so I’m extremely tired you guys ;( request smut though if you want it! Again, thank you so much on the love for this story! I put up a ‘would you rather’ post so if you could, please look at it and tell me which story you’d like to write next. Btw GGMOW will be up soon as well!

“The Lyrics to my Music” - Prologue

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Tags: Fluff, Slight smut and angst in future chapters.

Summary: One day you lose your notebook, the most important item you own, it’s filled with exactly 68 lyrics that you wrote, all of them extremely personal to you. Later that same day you discover an iPod filled with different songs with no lyrics. By some strange coincidence that iPod belongs to the same person who discovered your notebook of lyrics. This would cause the two of you to meet and form a friendship. Or maybe even something more…

A/N - Okay here it is! The prologue to my first imagine! I really hope you like it and any feedback would be very appreciated! 

Next chapter is going up next week!

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[Y/N]’s POV

All of us have, at some point of our lives, felt the feeling of panic. Whether it was because we were scared of something, or because we missed an important event, or because we lost something. Well, take that feeling and multiply it by a hundred - that’s how worried I was when I realized that my notebook was gone. It was so strong that it made my stomach turn and cold sweat to cover my forehead. My legs were shaking as I was standing next to my parked car digging through my backpack like a crazy woman.

 My eyes were filling up with tears when I finally gave up realizing that my most treasured possession is gone. This notebook was basically my journal, keeping every single one of my secrets. The only difference being that instead of journal entries, it was filled with song lyrics. Exactly 68 of them.

 And now they’re all gone! All my secrets, my dreams, all my fantasies - my deepest darkest thoughts - they were all gone!

 I tried to trace my steps back to when I last remember using it, which was this morning. I took it with me to the park and after my morning jog I sat down on a bench, right next to the lake and spend an hour or two writing.

 Then I went back home to my apartment and when I opened my backpack, my notebook wasn’t there. So I decided not to panic and went back to the park, but by the time I got there it was gone.

 I groaned in frustration. Why the fuck would anyone take a random notebook they found on a park bench?!

 Angry and confused I went back to my car and started digging through my backpack again, in hopes that maybe I just didn’t see it the first time.

 Which leads me to where I am right now - sitting in my parked car, banging my head against the steering wheel with people walking by me completely oblivious to my struggle.

 After about 20 minutes of me banging my head against the steering wheel, crying my eyes out and pulling on my hair in frustration, I tried to tell myself to relax. I told myself that everything is going to be okay, because I wrote my phone number on the inside cover of the notebook back when I bought it, so if anyone did find it they would text me. Hopefully.

 And you might think I’m overexaggerating  things. But I am not! As sad as it sounds, this notebook has like my best friend ever since I bought it 3 months ago. My safe place. And just knowing that right now someone else is holding it in their hands drives me crazy.

I spent a few more minutes trying to calm myself down. But when I looked at my watch I - for the second time that day - panicked. It was 10:55. My work shift was starting in 5 minutes! I started the car engine and headed to work, going as fast as I can without going over the speed limit.

 I work at a small Italian restaurant owned by a very large Italian family. They were mostly nice to me. But even though I’ve worked for them for 3 years now, we never really talked a lot.

 I arrived at work at 11:05. Even though I was late, I was still proud of myself for being - almost - on time. I walked into the kitchen and put an apron on, ignoring the angry look the owner’s wife (who was also the cook) was giving me.

 The rest of my shift was pretty uneventful. I was serving food, cleaning up tables, sweeping the floors and even managed to clean up a few toilets. But I was also checking my phone every 10 minutes or so, to see if anyone has found my notebook.

 But as more time passed, hours and minutes rolling by, I couldn’t help but start losing hope about someone actually finding my journal and texting me about it. 

 It was about 7:15 - exactly 15 minutes before my shift was over and I could finally go home. No one has texted me about the notebook yet, and I was slowly starting to panic again. But work helped a little, at least it was a distraction.

I had one more table left to clean. It was a small table for one at the middle of the restaurant - nothing particularly interesting about it.

That was, until I noticed a small device with a pair of earbuds plugged into it. An iPod - I realized. I didn’t pay it a lot of attention at first and thought that I would just give it to the owners and tell them that someone lost it. It happens often - people losing their stuff and then coming back the next day to get them. 

But then, an unexpected feeling of curiosity hit me. Maybe it was, because I, myself, lost something today and I kind of wanted to replace it. Or maybe it was because the idea of someone else’s iPod, maybe containing just as much secrets as my notebook, interested me. Of course I knew that it might just be full of random songs with no real meaning, but I still decided to take it. 

I looked around to see if anyone was there, because I knew I would get in trouble if the owners see me taking it. When I saw that there was no one there I quickly put it in the pocket of my jeans and finished wiping the table. 

Yoongi’s POV

It wasn’t panic that I felt when I realized my iPod was gone, it wasn’t sadness…it was anger that I felt. After I realized I forgot it at the restaurant it was already 8:00 PM. I drove back to the restaurant, as soon as I could, but when I asked one of the waiters to check for it on the table that I sat earlier that day he came back empty-handed with and apologized, telling me that he asked the other waiters and the owners if they had found anything but they all said no. 

I collected all of my remaining sanity and gave the waiter a quick “thank you”, before storming out of the restaurant absolutely furious at myself for forgetting it. 

The iPod wasn’t anything too expensive or important, it was what was inside that was important to me. In it, was every song I have ever composed, none of them have lyrics (I’m still working on that), but still, they were important to me. 

And yeah, I know, I have the music sheets for all of those songs at my studio, and I can play every song whenever I feel like it, but that iPod was different. I was using it to try and come up with lyrics while listening and re-listening to my songs. 

Usually I’m great with words so I don’t really have a hard time coming up with lyrics. But this time was different. It was different, because in my music I expressed certain emotions that, as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t express with words. 

And now I was standing in my car, in front of the restaurant, wanting to punch myself in the face for being so distracted! 

I sighed and looked around the car, until I found what I was looking for. The notebook. I found it earlier today on a park bench, I know I should’ve probably just left it on the bench and leave, but it was about to rain and I didn’t want it to get wet so I took it with me. 

I didn’t have enough time to look at it, and I knew I probably shouldn’t, but the way it looked made me really curious. 

I took it and put it in my lap, looking down at it. What if it was someone’s diary? I shouldn’t be doing that. But then again, is there really anyone above the age of 10 who keeps secret diaries? 

 I looked at the cover carefully. It was a completely ordinary notebook, decorated with a lot of random doodles and random quotes written all over it. I carefully ans slowly, as if it was made out of glass, opened the notebook to the first page. 

“A letter to my future self”

It said at the top. And I thought that this was, for sure, someone’s diary, because that would be the kind of stuff I would write if I had one. But as I started reading it, sliding my gaze over the words carefully, as if worried that I’m going to read something I shouldn’t, I realized that it wasn’t a journal entry, but rather a poem. And as I kept reading, absolutely fascinated by the way that person used their words, I realized that it wasn’t really a poem either, but song lyrics. It was structured like a song, and it sounded like a song, so it must be…a song. 

When I finished the poem I closed the notebook again and put it aside. I still think that this might be someone’s diary! I just can’t help it! They way the song was written was absolutely stunning, but I feel like it was just a journal entry covered in a lot of metaphors an rhymes. But the way that person wrote it was just so…intoxicating. There are so many words I could use to describe it, but intoxicating was definitely the best. 

I looked at my watch - 8:45 PM. I sighed, remembering my lost iPod. It was time for me to go home.  

I put the notebook aside, giving it one last look before starting the car. 

 3 hours later, I’m laying on my bed, the notebook sitting open on my lap as I was reading through it. I’ve read through 4 of the songs since I got home, each of them getting better and better. Right now I was on a song called “Lights”. It was really deep, but really good at the same time. 

As I was reading it I realized that a lot of the lyrics probably would make a lot more sense to people who actually knew the person who wrote them, because a lot of them seemed to be holding a very personal meaning, but a lot of them could also be interpreted in a lot of different ways. 

For example, I have been rereading the line:

“The lights saved me when nothing else did.” 

I’ve be rereading it so many times that I memorized it perfectly. I was trying to understand the meaning of it. Maybe by lights, the author meant stage lights and that performing was what saved them from dark times. Or maybe by lights the meant people in their life. Or maybe they meant something completely different and I just couldn’t understand it. 

I got so into the songs that I got out a pen and started scribbling down little notes next to some of the lines. 

And as I finished reading “Lights” I realized for the fourth time that night, that the person who’s notebook that was, is an incredible writer. I absolutely fell in love with the way they write. It was just so addictive and they really had a way with words. 

I yawned and lied down in my bed. I was exhausted, but I really wanted to keep reading…

I decided to reread the first 2 songs to see if I can find a new meaning in them and then go to sleep. But when I opened the notebook to the first page I noticed something on the inside cover that I didn’t notice the first time. There was a phone number written in a glittery blue pen, and above it it said:

If found, please text:

I didn’t know what to do. 

I knew the right thing to do was text the person and tell them that I found their notebook. But I really, REALLY didn’t want to give it back! Also, I already wrote inside it. 

And then there was also the thought of actually meeting the person who was behind those words and actually talk to them… It sounded ridiculous, even if I did meet the person they would probably just want their notebook back. Also, I shouldn’t have read it anyways so….

But it sounded so amazing! I really, really want to meet that person! I want them to explain to me exactly what each song means! 

I sighed at what I was about to do next. Before picking up my phone.

My first message was a simple:


Then I decided to explain exactly who I was and why I was texting them:

“My name is Yoongi and I found your notebook on a park bench today…”

I immediately got a response back:


“Wait, did you read anything that was inside?”

I should say no! I really should! Just say no and give back the notebook and the two of you would completely forget about it the next day.

“Yes, actually.”

“I’m very, very sorry!”

“And actually I was wondering something…”

“Can we maybe meet someday so you can explain some of the meanings behind your songs to me?”

“I promise I’m not a creep! Or a serial killer! I just really like your work!”

I wanted to facepalm myself as soon as I sent the last message. Why would I do something like that? I don’t like people! And I don’t like talking to people! And I especially don’t like meeting new people! So why the hell did I want to meet this random person so badly?

The realization hit me as soon as I asked myself the question. It was, because as I was reading the lyrics, I didn’t just become interested in the meanings behind them, but I also became interested in the person who wrote them.

[Y/N]’s POV

I was lying on my living room couch with my headphones on. My button was hovering over the play button of the iPod for  minutes now. I turned it over in my fingers to look at the back. “Suga” was written on it in a black permanent marker. I didn’t know what it meant, but it kept reminding me that this was actually someone else’s property. 

I took a deep breath and finally pressed the play button. 

There was silence for a moment. But then it was interrupted by the sound of a piano. It was a song. A song with no lyric. Only music. 

And I couldn’t deny - the music was beautiful. Even though there was not a single word in the entire song, it was full of emotion. Emotion that was somewhat contagious. Emotion that somehow moved through my headphones to my ears and inside my body. 

I closed my eyes and imagined a person, their hands hovering over the piano, pressing each key carefully, gently, as if they weren’t touching a musical instrument, but the love of their life.

My heartbeat was getting faster and my eyes were filling up with tears. 

The song was hypnotizing. Contagious…

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the loud beep of my phone, informing me that I have a text. 

I immediately removed my headphones and at the speed of light, I unlocked my phone. 


It said.

“My name is Yoongi and I found your notebook on a park bench today…”

I responded immediately, almost jumping off the couch in happiness:


But then another thought hit me, that for some reason made me nervous:

“Wait, did you read anything that was inside?”

I sat on the floor, drumming my fingers nervously, waiting for a response:

“Yes, actually.”

“I’m very, very sorry!”

“And actually I was wondering something…”

“Can we maybe meet someday so you can explain some of the meanings behind your songs to me?”

“I promise I’m not a creep! Or a serial killer! I just really like your work!”

The messages came one after the other so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to react properly to any of them. He read my lyrics! And he likes them! He likes them so much that he wants to meet me?!

In any other situation I would have said no. But after all, this Yoongi guy found the most important object I own. And I was so happy and thankful that I was willing to do almost anything in return.


I answered simply after a few minutes of thinking.

“Really?! Thank you so much!”

He answered. 

“Of course:)”

I replied before turning off my phone and putting my headphones back on.

An Unexpected Surprise - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Nope. Just an idea I had for a Liam imagine.

Word Count: 3,320

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of implied smut/sex, Teenage pregnancy

Author’s Note: It’s been a while since I’ve written a Liam imagine. I miss writing about my SMOL. I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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“Come on, come on, come on,” Y/N repeated as she paced back and forth in her bathroom while looking at the timer on her phone in her hand.

Two days ago Y/N realized she was late and bought a pregnancy test at the drug store on the way home from school. For two days, she had the brown paper bag with the test hidden inside behind her towels in the linen closet of her bathroom. As soon as she woke up this morning, she double-checked if the house was empty as her parents were supposed to leave early for a business trip. When the coast was clear, she took out the test, peed on the stick, and was now experiencing the most torturous three minutes of her life as she waited to see if the test was positive or negative.

Y/N’s phone vibrated as the timer finally rang. Y/N closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she grabbed the test and sat on the toilet. She silently prayed the test would be negative. She was never a religious person, but right now she hoped some higher power would answer her prayer. She was only a junior in high school and a werewolf. She wasn’t ready to be a mother.

She took a deep breath before she opened her eyes and turned the test around to look at the results.


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1. You are worth more than the cheap cup of coffee he bought you and marks he left on your neck.

2. You will destroy yourself if you keep trying to mend the broken pieces that make up his heart.

3. You don’t owe anybody an explanation if you stay in bed, but get up and do something for yourself that day.

4. You can miss him but not want him back.

5. He might have loved you, but he probably didn’t.

—  5 truths my mother told me.
Water Fast FAQ

What is a water fast? A water fast is where you abstain from eating food and consume only water for a specific amount of time.

Is there a particular water that I should drink? No. Any water will do, as long as it is just water with noting added.

How long should I go for my first fast? I suggest 3 days for your first fast to get an idea as to what you will be facing.

What was your longest fast? 30 days.

Why do you water fast? Health reasons and weight loss.

What are the benefits of water fasting? Water fasting is a great way to jump start your new healthy life style, because generally speaking it reboots your system and rids all of the poor things you have been putting into your body. People use water fasting to cleanse their system for things such as becoming vegetarian or vegan or simply making a drastic change in dietary plans. I’ve also encountered tons of people who have used water fasting to help/cure eye sight issues, eczema, other skin issues such as acne, bowel issues, stomach issues, and more. There have even been some cases and personal accounts of people water fasting and then having their cancer cells lowered or disappear. However the most common use of water fasting is for weight loss.

What is the difference between restricting/eating disorder and fasting? Generally speaking restricting is about control and stems from a mental illness or other psychological problems. Restricting is not about being healthy and strong and doesn’t have an end date. Where an eating disorder is a mental illness water fasting is about health and strength and is not a long term plan but instead a journey with an intended end date.

How do I start a fast? You want to start a fast by easing into it. Doing so prepares your body for the decrease in food which is to come. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of eating just fruits and veggies and then transitioning into another   2-3 day period where you juice. After doing so you may move into your water fast.

How do I end a fast? You want to end a fast the same way you started it, by EASING out of it. Doing so prepares your body for the reintroduction of food and prevents your body from assuming that food will disappear again. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of just consuming juice/juicing. After these 2-3 days, . you should move on to another 2-3 days of consuming just fruits and veggies. After this period of time you can add back in lean proteins and other non fruit and veggie items.

How do I juice? You have to buy a juicer to make your own juice. Sense these can be expensive you can also buy fresh juice instead.

What juice can I buy if I don’t have a juicer? I generally juice my own fruits and veggies, so I don’t remember the exact brands I bought. So I would go to a farmers market, juice bar, organic market, or whole foods store and look for organic fruit juices there.

When should I drink the juice? I honestly just drank when i would naturally consume food. SO maybe 1-2 cups of juice for breakfast. A cup for a snack. 1-2 cups for lunch. A cup for another snack. 1-2 cups for dinner. And maybe another cup for another snack.

When should I consume the veggies? Once again, I consumed it when I would normally eat. So breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.

Is there any particular fruit or veggie i should consume while easing in or out of fasting? No anything will really do but leafy greens and things like watermelon (Which has a high water content) are especially good for you.

How much water should i drink drink on a fast? I suggest anywhere between 1-2 gallons a day. You should be drinking constantly the whole day. And peeing frequently. It doesn’t matter when your drinking the water just that it’s constant throughout the day. Sense there about 8 water bottles in a gallon, and I aim for 2 gallons (8 x 2= 16 water bottles)…I either carry around a water bottle and try to fill it/consume 16 bottles before the day ends. Or I carry around a gallon water bottle and try to drink 2 of those before the day ends.

Does it matter if the water is cold? I have been told by experienced people that drinking cold water is better because your body supposedly works harder to convert it to the temperature of your body, but I’m not sure.

How does water fasting work? Basically after about 3 days your body goes into something called ketosis where your body starts to metabolize/consume fat. This is why people use water fasting to lose weight.

Do you gain weight back after a water fast? Yes. Everyone will gain some weight back and it differs for everyone because water weight/water retention is different for everyone.When you start your water fast generally you will see an initial and quick 2-5 pound weight loss. This is because when you eat food you consume sodium (salt) which holds on to any water you consume. When you water fast you are not consuming food, which means no salt, SO there is no sodium in your body to hold on to the water you are drinking. Thus you lose what is called initial water weight.


When you end your fast and start consuming food again you consume salt and will thus start retaining water again, which will cause generally a few pounds of water weight.

When I finish a water fast how long before I can start another? I have read and been told to wait at least 4 weeks, but I have broken that rule numerous time. Just saying.

Before and after pictures? Are they you? Were they from fasting? Yes they are me. Yes they were from doing a collection of 2 long fasts. You can find them by going to  http://smashingxteacups.tumblr.com/tagged/beforeandafter

Have you gained any weight back? Yes about 20lbs due to two traumatic deaths in my family which resulted in poor eating. 

Do you plan on doing more fasts in the future? Yes. One I’m actually starting tomorrow. 

Can you give a detailed example of what you ate after a water fast.

Should I exercise durring a water fast? No.

Sure but keep in mind this is only an example/ I experiment a lot with food and recipes and it’s impossible for me to remember what I ate because I constantly switch it up and am pulling from different online/book recipes.

Breakfast: Organic oatmeal with cinnamon and cut up bananas on top with a cup of almond milk. 

Snack: Apple and berries

Lunch: Salad with lemon juice and almonds, bits of lean chicken, carrots, cherry tomatoes and water.

Snack: fruit smoothie or maybe a carrots and dip.

Dinner: Stir fry in a kale wrap

Desert: Strawberries and light whip creme. 

What are some foods that are good for you? Nuts, almond milk, coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, fruits, veggies, leafy greens. The closer to the ground the better for your body. 

Do you smell on a water fast? No Can you brush your teeth on a water fast? Some people say no I do because it doesn’t effect weight. I know that a lot of people want to know exactly what i ate and juiced but i just cant tell you that because i didn’t keep track of it when i was fasting and i wing meals and experiment so much with it that i lose track. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and ill add it to the FAQ. Thanks!

I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 1

WARNING: Cursing, Fights, LOTS of Fights, Injuries.

A/N: I am finally done with part one. (s/o) btw is also you but in a different perspective (you are your own best friend :DDDDDDD), I might create a poly!hamilsquad x reader once I’m done with this. ALSO BIG SHOUT OUT TO @boss-headcanons for giving me hcs about what the demo reps would order in McDonald’s and for reading the rough drafts I sent them. They are really nice <3 <3 <3

Thomas, Madison, and Burr held hands while they walked towards the food court. Burr in the middle, Maidson on his left and Jefferson on his right. They decided to get something to eat after a long day of shopping. Thomas being Thomas brought along a chaperone to carry the bags who probably went back to put them all in the car. Of course, Madison told him that it wasn’t necessary but he was more stubborn than him so James just sighed and just went along with it.

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So I'm going to be a little sappy if that's alright with you. I randomly picked up Red Queen on a day I really should not have bought a book, and since then I've finished the series so far, and 3 other books. I stoped reading for a long long time in high school, so I guess just thanks for bringing reading back in to my life.

Thank YOU for reading. :)

Making these darn things takes forever (3 days, I mean)… It wasn’t supposed to take this long, but I’ve kept forgetting things I planned so had to go back to remake ugh. I’d better take a break and make something else. Or maybe I should play Parenthood. I bought it right away when it came out but haven’t played it at all. Well, typical me.

Oh… I even haven’t uploaded my legacy play screenshots that I took 2 months ago. idk if it is the game itself which keeps getting me bored of this game, or it is just the legacy family. Hmm, maybe both? Hope Parenthood gets me motivated like TS3 Generation did to me.

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Ahhhh omg yes of course my darling! <3 <3 <3

Okay so just imagine right now at 3:57am in Norway, Isak suddenly jolts awake in the middle of the night, wrapped tightly in Even’s arms. Who is still sleeping peacefully, his little tiny whimper of a snore, consuming the whole room. Isak doesn’t know what woke him up abruptly. There is just this strange feeling in his gut. Something making him restless and jumpy. But not in a bad way, no. He feels happy and loved and excited. he feels it in every part of his bones. he can feel it in the way his toes tingle. It is almost as if he can sense that in another parallel universe there are millions of people all over the world so in love with his and Even’s love, that they voted them as the best couple of 2017. 

I mean of course he doesn’t consciously know this. But he is still awake right at this moment because he can feel the happiness, the excitement, the joy. He can sense it in every fibre of his being and now all he wants to do is share it with Even.

So that’s what he does. 

Isak turns around to face Even, and slowly presses his lips against his. When that doesn’t do the trick, he moves to his eyelids, and then his nose, his forehead, that spot behind his ear Isak is obsessed with. He kisses every inch of his face until Even’s hand grabs the back of Isak’s neck and pulls his lips closer. They kiss under the moonlight seeping in from the window, which is enveloped by the yellow curtains Even bought Isak for Valentines day. Eventually they pull apart, a soft sleepy smile stuck on Even’s face. 

“What was that for?” Even asked, his voice saturated with a dreamy glow. 

Isak shrugged and grinned brightly at his angel. “Nothing. I just love you.” 

Even’s heart grew 3 times bigger and he softly rubbed Isak’s cheek. “you felt compelled to tell me that at 4am?” 

Isak nodded. “Yeah strangely I did. I just- I love us Even.” 

Even gazed at his golden angel before kissing his nose “Me too.” 

then he wrapped Isak back into his arms and smiled at the ceiling, thanking the world for bringing these two broken souls together to form the one perfect couple. 

<3 <3 <3 Happy Evak is the best TV couple for 2017 day! <3 <3 <3 

Struggles Part 1- Josh Dun

Request- Hi! Could you please do a josh dun x reader about pregnancy or giving birth or having a newborn baby with him or something like that xx sorry if that makes no sense (can I please stay anon xx)

Hi there… I was wondering if you could do something with josh and the reader where they struggle to get pregnant and like they finally do and it’s real fluffy. could you include like after the baby is born to. thank you.

I think his will become 3 or 4 parts. I combined these two requests and I really hope you like it.

4 years ago you tied the knot with your best friend ever. You’ve always known you wanted to be a mother to his children, but since you were 16 years old you knew getting pregnant was going to be a struggle. At 16 you were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, which means your chances of getting pregnant and not miscarrying the child were slim. Josh was aware of this and he always said that it would work out in the end.

3 Years Ago

It’s not uncommon for someone with PCOS to not get their period, so when you didn’t get it this month it wasn’t a concern. It was only the next month when you felt really sick and bloated. You took a pregnancy test and cried when you saw that it was positive. You and Josh at that point had been trying for a little over a year.

“Josh come here quick.” you called out of the bathroom.

Josh came running thinking there was an emergency.

“What is it? Are you okay?” he asked and you turned around with the pregnancy test in your hand.

“Josh we’re gonna be parents.” you cried.

“Really?” you nodded your head. “Y/N, I told you it would happen. This is amazing.” he said excitedly.

That was one of the best feelings you ever had, but it ended when you were 19 weeks pregnant. You had just found out it was a boy 3 days before and the doctor said everything looked good. you had decided his name was going to be William after Josh’s father. You couldn’t wait to hold that precious bundle of joy. 

It was late when you started feeling intense cramping. You were both in bed when you shot up in immense pain.

“Josh, Josh wake up something’s wrong.” you said frantically.

“What is it babe?” Josh said groggily, but when he saw you he sat up quickly.

“I think there’s something wrong with the baby.” you explained.

“Do you think we should go to the hospital?” he asked getting up from the bed to help you up.

You nodded your head, in to much pain to speak.

When you stood up you saw a small pool of blood on the bed sheets.

“Oh god.” you cried, knowing you probably lost the baby.

“Shh, it’s okay. We’re going to get checked out everything will be fine.” Josh soothed you and for your own sake you had to believe him.

Once at the hospital they took you in for a ultrasound and you held tightly onto Josh’s hand the entire time looking for the movement or heartbeat of your baby. When the nurse wasn’t saying anything, you knew it didn’t mean good things.

“I’m so sorry ma’am, but I can’t find a heartbeat. It looks to me that you lost the baby sometime yesterday. I’m going to let this sit in for a minute and leave you two some privacy. The doctor will be in soon to discuss options.” she said sincerely before leaving the room.

You broke down and Josh sat with you until you stopped crying, whispering loving words into your ear.

“It’s okay Y/N. He will forever be in our hearts. He wasn’t going to be strong enough for all our love. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.”he said while kissing your head.

Every mother looks forward to hearing their baby cry when they are delivered. You had to deliver your baby boy, but you never got to hear him cry.

When you went home the next day you sat in the started nursery. You rocked back and forth in the rocking chair you had just ought. I was the first the first thing you bought for the nursery and the last. You imagined being able to hold a baby while rocking them, but it soon set in that it wasn’t going to happen. 

Josh was there for you, but you pushed him away wanting to be alone and moan over the loss of your son. After 3 weeks of tears and pure sorrow Josh finally got you out of the house.

You were currently just walking around the park talking about what had happened.

“Look I’m sorry I’ve been so distant, it’s just I feel guilty.” you started and Josh stopped walking.

“What? Y/N, you couldn’t control this. None of it was your fault. He wasn’t going to be strong enough and although it’s extremely unfortunate, it must have been for the better.” he said and squeezed you closer into his side and continued walking.

“What if I can’t carry kids without miscarrying them. God why do I think I can have a kid, I can’t even keep it alive when it’s in me.” you said starting to cry.

“Don’t say that. The time will come and there is always options to help with your condition. I think we should wait and see where life takes us. Were still young.” he said kissing your head.

He made you feel better and soon you were back to your normal self. He was right you were only 22 and him 25, there was time and options.

Over the next 3 years you kept trying for a baby, but the negative pregnancy tests never stopped. Twenty one pilots was getting a lot of attention, receiving awards and a Grammy. You were so happy for Josh, and you were sort of relieved you had lost that first baby because life was too busy for a baby or what he would be a 3 year old.

It had been exactly 3 years since you had to deliver your baby boy and it was always a hard day for you. Each year on this date you and Josh would go to that same park and release 2 blue balloons in his memory.

“We love you little William Dun.” Josh said when he let his balloon go into the wind.

“Send us a little brother or sister from heaven Will, we love you dearly. Mommy thinks of you everyday.” you said and let go of your balloon.

Josh held you in his arms as you two watched the balloons float away. Some people might think it’s weird that you were talking to the sky and letting go of a balloon, but it made both of you happy.

Once the balloons were out of sight you tuned to Josh and kissed him.

“I love you Josh.”

“I love you too. What do you say we go get some ice cream to make this day happier.” you nodded and started to walk with him.

Although you were still craving to have a baby, you kept Josh’s words close to your heart that the time will come.

It was 2 negative pregnancy tests later when you decided to bring up the topic of seeing a doctor for help getting pregnant.

“Hey Josh will you come here for a second?” you asked.

He said next to you on the couch and you sat closer to him.

“I know we were just letting time decide when we would have a baby, but I’m really ready to be a mother and I’m just dying to have a baby. We’ve tried for 4 years and lost William. I was looking online and there are a few options to help with infertility. Do you think we can look into it?” you asked, unsure of what Josh’s reply would be.

“Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. I don’t want to see you disappointed anymore with all the negative tests. I really want kids and if this doesn’t work, there’s always adoption, but it’s worth the try I think.” Josh said.

“Thank you thank you thank you.” you said tackling him with kisses.

Those were the words you were looking forward to and it gave you a go on setting up an appointment with your doctor. You were aware of the chances of the treatments not working, but it was a chance you were willing to take in order to take one last try at pregnancy.

Two weeks later you went to the doctor’s and they told your option for the most successful pregnancy was IVF. IVF extremely expensive and you weren’t sure you wanted to pay $13,000 if the pregnancy doesn’t work out. Josh reassured you money was the least concern and encouraged you to go ahead with the IVF treatment.

2 months later you were back in the same situation you dreaded, taking a pregnancy test. This time you were extremely nervous and Josh knew that so he decide that you take the test then leave the bathroom and he would look at the results.

“My pees on it, don’t touch it.” you jokingly warned trying to get rid of some of your nerves.

Josh chuckled at you as you left. You hear the timer go off 2 minutes later and you felt like you could throw up you were so nervous.

You saw Josh start walking towards you with no expression on his face.

‘Why wasn’t he smiling? If it was positive wouldn’t he be happy? Oh god it’s negative.’ these things were racing through your mind.

“Y/N, look at me.” Josh said and you looked from your feet to him, this time her had a smile on his face.

“Josh please tell me good news?” you begged.

“We’re having a baby, Y/N, you’re pregnant.” he said and tears filled your eyes.

“Really? This can’t be happening?” you said wiping your face of tears.

“It is baby. This is happening.” Josh said kissing you.

You excitement level was through the roof. The doctor had told you if you did get pregnant from the IVF, then the chances of the baby reaching full term was high and you would be most likely holding a little one soon.


Hey guys, here I am again! If you don’t know, this post is inspired by this post from Iza ♥ (I already made two posts like this one and u can check them HERE).

Technically this can’t be “my trip” but I live in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, so consider it as a trip hahaha. 

Let’s start, when I knew that Final 6 would be here I was very excited (of course), but when they left the ticket prices I was like WHAT??? For u have an idea, in Rio I paid 3 times less than here, anyway. I bought tickets only for the final (08.07.17) because it was the only day that I had no commitment in the games schedule.

On thursday (06.07), my friend sent me a message saying that his father had gotten tickets for the games and I went to Brazil vs Russia. It was so nice to be back, the energy is always amazing!

On saturday (08.07), I went to the hotel at 2pm, and there I met a friend who came from another city to watch the games. We were waiting for Lucarelli to bring her ticket. While we were outside chatting, we saw a movement on the side of the hotel and when we got there (YEAH), Petrić and Ngapeth were talking. My purse fell in this moment, so I was awkward in this picture hahaha

He is so cuuuute, really. He said thanks when we take this photo ♥ Maja, your boys are amazing, be more proud! 

Now with the MVP. He is super sweet and said “tchau” (bye in portuguese) for me hahaha

After 15 minutes, Lucarelli came to deliver the ticket to my friend. He was very polite, and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek (♥), and then I asked to take a photo:

After that, my friend and I went to the hotel where she stayed to charge her phone. A few minutes later we came back, and Kliuka was leaving.

He was very very VERY nice and cute. He surprised me (:

I saw Okolić inside the hotel but he didn’t leave ):

I met Simon, who came to watch the games too. 

There were people asking for a photo speaking in english and he said "guys, I speak portuguese a little bit” hahahaha. 

At 5:30pm the buses arrived

The first to leave were the americans and unfortunately I couldn’t talk to Christenson and Jaeschke, they got on the bus very fast ):

But I’ve seen them all (it’s already been worth it). I asked to take a picture with Erik Shoji

He is the cuteness in person, I can’t  ♥

They left very quickly so it was hard to talk to them. When Sander left, I almost jumped to get a picture and I did it hehehe

He is SO cute and friendly, really. And what about the eyelashes? I can’t.

After that the canadian team left but unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo with any of them. I called Perrin but he didn’t hear me ):

Now some photos of the games, unfortunately my team did not win but it was a volleyball show and I’m very happy to have witnessed it one more time. I sincerely think that I give luck to France, the first time they were champions I was in Rio, and now here hahahaha

I hope you like this post, and I really hope someday we can watch a game together! Thanks for reading! Love you all

Don't Mess with Ouiji Boards

we-will-always-save-the-day submitted:

I want to tell you a story about something that is happening to me right now. It started about 3 years ago. At first I thought it was nothing more than my grandfathers restless spirit playing pranks on me. He had died back in 2000 from a long battle with cancer and had always been a trickster in life, so it seemed like the easiest answer.

Three years ago, after years of begging, my mother bought me a ouiji board that she had picked up in a thrift store. I was out of the state for the weekend and when I came home there it was sitting on my bed. Immediately, I got an uneasy feeling but shrugged it off. I was always into the paranormal and finally having a ouiji board of my own was exciting. I tucked it away safely under my bed for the night and went to sleep. The next night I had a friend come over and play it with me. We both attempted to contact loved ones of ours who had passed away. She tried to contact and uncle and I of course tried to contact my grandfather. Needless to say, we were both discouraged believing that the board didn’t work.   After about an hour of us playing with this we decided that it was enough and packed the board up and put it away.

A few days past and everything was going well. I felt fine and was happy but one morning as I was getting ready for class I sat down on the edge of my bed. As I was pulling on my pants, I both felt and saw my bed cave as if someone had just sat down next to me. I began to shiver slightly and suddenly I became exhausted. And then as quickly as it had happened the bed uncaved and flattened out again. I stopped shivering and I regained my energy although I was still a little tired. I shrugged it off believing it to be just a trick my mind had played on me and headed off from school. 

A few days later, my brand new tv went on the fritz. It started turning off on its’ own. It would turn off, I would get up and turn it back on. When I would sit back down, it would turn off again. Over and over I continuously got back up to turn on my tv until I became frustrated and yelled, “Knock it off!” It didn’t happen again after that but I swear when I decided to turn it off for the night, I saw a quick slim shadow stride across the screen behind me. It was late and I was unusually exhausted that again, I shrugged this all off.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I began to believe it was my grandfather. My cousin and a friend of hers were taking photos on a digital camera down in the dining room. I was upstairs playing on the computer, which at the time was situated so that my back was to the tv, when I heard her shout in excitement. I ran downstairs to see what had happened and she said excitedly that she had gotten a picture of our grandfather standing behind her in one of her pictures. She let me get a quick glance at it, to me I can see how it would resemble him. It was a dark shadow tinted older man who appeared to be sickly. I wasn’t completely convinced but before I could argue about who it was she had taken off to show our grandmother. Before she made it to the room that our grandmother was in the camera had turned off. When she turned it back on, the picture was gone. 

That’s when things started becoming very strange. I’d begun feeling as though something was watching me. At all times of the day. It felt like there were eyes on me. The ouiji board was still under my bed at the time and it began to make me uneasy. I had dreams about it. My dreams had the ouiji board laid out flat at a table with me sitting on one side and my mysterious sickly shadow man on the other side. He never said anything until the last time I had the dream. I sat shivering on my side of the table and was screaming at him. I was terrified. I remember screaming, “Why are you watching me? What is your name? Are you my grandfather?” I remember he smiled and said nothing except a quick “Hello”, and I knew at that moment that it was not my grandfather but something more sinister. 

The next morning I threw away the ouiji board. I knew it wouldn’t help because of what I know about spirits and demons. A ouiji board is a welcoming map for spirits and demons into your home. Whatever it was, it was in my home and I had welcomed it. 

A year passed and I became used to feeling like I was watched. I would sit with my back to the tv and play on the computer and it would stare at me from the tv. I would turn around quickly expecting to see the shadow on the reflection. Or when I walked up the stairs. I felt like if I didn’t run up them, it would swoop down from the ceiling. At this point, I began to lose energy quickly. I was tired all the time. I didn’t sleep well, and when I did, I would wake up at all times of the night and feel like something was standing over me.  Every now and then in the middle of the night, I hear a knock on my door. I would get up and check but of course, everyone in the house would be asleep. 

Then  things began to be misplaced. Things would fall off of my shelves and my collection of dolls would be moved around and into different positions that I left them. I could sometimes hear something run up and down the stairs. The bathroom door close in the middle of the night. I started noticing handprints on the outside of my window even though I’m on the second floor. 

Soon, it all developed into what the doctor’s claim as  depression, insomnia, and an overactive imagination. They put me on medications. The anti-depressants didn’t work at all, but the sleeping medication caused me to experience sleep paralysis and have frequent nightmares. My nightmares ranged from small things to much much large things and are too many to recount. They could be attributed to side effects from the medication but, in almost every one of them, the sickly shadow man was in attendance. 

After a while of this I decided to stop taking all medications and refused to see the therapists. Even now I won’t take medications. I’m exhausted all the time and depressed. I feel like something is sapping my very essence out of me. I’m cold all the time. I don’t even bother to wipe the handprints off of my window anymore. 

Right now, I feel the air growing heavy. I can feel him by my tv staring at me. I’m cold and exhausted, and I can barely move my fingers.  I know something is going to happen tonight. I’ve upset him and can only imagine the torment I’ll go through tonight. 

FuckYeahNightmares Mod James: 8/10 I’m sorry, that sounds really scary.  Thanks for sharing!