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My fellow space-loving asexuals! I wanted some cool ace stuff so I made a logo for us based on a certain famous space agency! (it’s to remind you that you’re out of this world ♥︎)

If you want to buy it as a sticker or t-shirt etc you can find it on my redbubble here

so guess what

so i made myself a t-shirt designe and … it finally arrived!

TADAAAAAA!!! :D *happy squealing*

the colors are a bit tad darker, butt love it anyways!!! X3

i got permission from @loverofpiggies to make this. THANK YOU!!! :D

and @alainaprana, if you really love to have one, just give me an e-mail and i send this to you! :3


Weekly Fanfic Recommendations: 4th Anniversary Edition

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4 years with bts ahHHH when the boys have finally made it to the billboard music awards, ive never felt so proud, and omg its their 4th anniversary already. time surely has passed by so fast, from their 2 cool 4 school days to O!RUL82? to school love affair to dark and wild to the HYYH series to the Wings era, it has been a rollercoaster ride. 

with them finally winning #1 on a music show for I Need U on April 29 in 2015, slowly getting more attention and recognition, with their concert venues getting bigger, fan meeting venues have upgraded to the gocheok sky dome and the fanbase getting bigger, currently at 6 million followers. its undeniable how far they have come, especially from a small company and not the big 3, anyone can see their success!! im sad that i wasnt there form the start but thankfully i joined in before their big successes and am proud to witness it. happy 4the anniversary bangtan!! please always take care of yourselves as much as you take care of us, your fans.

anyway heres a special edition fic rec to celebrate it !!! woo, this will be some of top favourite fics!! hehe

lets start~

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katana563  asked:

Hecatia being a mom headcannons?

  • Clownpiece is Hecatia’s favorite fairy because she led their army during the LoLK incident, Hecatia is practically her adoptive mom now
  • Hecatia has free access to the Outside World. This means that she can buy as many cute novelty t-shirts for Clownpiece as she wants. This means that she can by Clownpiece another Welcome <3 Hell t-shirt. She can buy Clownpiece a shirt with a giant skull on it, or american flag pajamas, the options are limitless
  • For this same reason she can probably take Clownpiece and Junko on day trips to places like Greece
  • Clownpiece gets to play with various Greek mythological cousins while Hecatia catches up with Hades and Persephone over tea
  • She can probably also grab things like electronics and outside DVDs so that they can watch them together
  • Hecatia does not supervise Clownpiece at all. She’s immortal. She can handle herself. Get out there and make me proud
  • Similarly, even if she is supervising her she won’t mind in the slightest if she attempts some dangerous stunt, because it’s fun
  • If Junko is nervous about Clownpiece, Hecatia will probably actually watch her, just to give her peace of mind. Even if fairies can’t be permanently hurt she doesn’t like seeing Junko afraid.
  • Hecatia is extremely good at multitasking for obvious reasons. She doesn’t mind doing most of the housework.
  • She has no idea of what an appropriate bedtime story or movie or book for children is but it’s ok because Clownpiece is kind of fucked up and probably appreciates it anyway, oh boy yay another horror movie at midnight
  • She has shitty halloween decorations up 24/7 all year because they’re her aesthetic, Clownpiece loves them too, Junko finds them a little strange
  • She uses modern text speak and slang and Clownpiece has inadvertently picked some of it up. Admittedly, she doesn’t actually know what ‘lmao’ means, but she likes saying it around her other fairy friends.
  • Danmaku duels with your child are ok
  •  If Clownpiece can’t sleep Hecatia cuddles her with all three of her bodies so she feels safe
  • This also applies to Junko

(oops? did you not ask me to throw in junheca headcanons as well? oops how careless of me)