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crackedgrace  asked:

Okay but jimin helping jungkook with contemporary dance??? Them dancing beautifully and gracefully together into the late night??? I need it

tifFANY listen u had me at ‘jimin helping jungkook’ i’m??? ;^; but listen, ok just imagine it:

  • soft, sweet music and simple choreo bc jjk isn’t familiar with this style of dance yet, so they’re starting off easy (despite golden maknae’s protests)
  • jeongguk being nervous and jimin kissing his cheek, “you’ll be fine gukkie!” (rlly it doesn’t help bc ‘park!! jimin!!! just kissed me!!!’)
  • smol hands holding jeongguk’s body in place
  • jeon tripping over his feet at first bc he’s nervous
  • s m o l h a n d s i repeat
  • but he gets the hang of it and then they’re both dancing around each other and it’s bEAUTIFUL
  • it’s midnight but they’re so lost in it ajshkajssjsdk and they keep dancing ;-; (‘let’s skip the part where cinderella runs away from the prince, hyung, and just stay and be my little dancer’ ‘jeON JEONGGUK!!!’)
  • also jimin would be so pROUD OF jeongguk and would keep praising him and it would be v sweet and leaVE ME ALONE IM EMO BYE

anonymous asked:

There's a reason for that anon Someone on Twitter is piss off that we're doing something that isn't to see who gets the most retweet and they're telling everyone to retweet Ellen tweet

Let me repeat myself - our current goal isn’t to surpass Ellen’s tweet. It’s to reach the milestone of 3 million for AIMH (hers is at 3.2 million). If you want to get upset about what people are doing with Ellen’s tweet, go for it, but I’d rather focus on accomplishing what we’re trying to accomplish. I get that people are annoying in their poor attempts to sabotage, but you can’t control their behavior so I’d recommend just taking that and allowing it to motivate you to push harder for Louis’ tweet to reach 3 million. Now please stop sending me asks about this.

ETA: And as another anon pointed out, it’s Oscar day so people probably would have been retweeting Ellen’s tweet more today anyway.

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#42?(these are so adorable and amazingly written!)

(Thank you so much <3) 

“Stop being so cute.”

You watched Spencer as he continued diligently reading his book across from you. You had stopped reading your book a while ago, unable to contain your self much longer, “Stop being so cute” you said with a huge smile on your face. 

“What?” Spencer said confused, “Stop. Being. So. Damn. Cute” you said leaning over the table and placing a kiss on his cheek. 

Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 3)

Eric x OC

Warnings: language

“Jackson and Peter are still missing, lost somewhere in the factionless district.”


“We need to retrieve them, see what information we can gather.”

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hehe I love how I'm the one who asked for the fanfic that you wrote now titled "The Reader and The Writer" and how everyone loves it hehehe AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART OMG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING SO GLAD THAT YOU EXIST AND THAT I FOUND YOUR BLOG PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP WRITIIINNNNG ^_^ <3

haha wow nice and THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME <333


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Lapidot Week Day 1: Water/Magnetism 

Couldn’t do stuff for the last one so, here have this thing, for once I wanted to draw some “serious” scene.

My Aesthetic
  • Even noticing Isak the first day of school, weeks before Isak ever even noticed him
  • Even probably having his own moment when Isak had some sort of epic slow-motion walk as he went by
  • Even probably staring at Isak a lot 
  • Even sitting himself in the cafeteria in a place where Isak could easily see him just in case
  • Even joining Kose JUST TO MEET ISAK
  • Even seating himself near Isak and then looking at him when Vilde says to group up
  • Even leaving to go find Isak after he leaves bc “no it took me weeks to get near you where the f did you go you adorable boy”
  • Even doing that dumb thing with the tissues as a conversation starter
  • Even looking at Emma when she comes up to them outside like “this bich…”
  • Even immediately claiming Isak as his partner when Emma intrudes bc “back off chick I saw him first. I’ve been after him for WEEKS there ain’t no way you steppin up on this now. yeah you heard that right. WEEKS.”
  • Even “forgetting” his id just so he can invite Isak over
  • Even knowing about Isak’s rapping skills which mean he did so much stalking of his own
  • “like hey that cute dude in the snapback whats his name?” “oh he raps that’s cool” “what year is he” “yo is he single?”
  • ((CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS JUST UP TO EPISODE TWO! I know Even probably won’t be the main for season 4 but I want to know more about him and him noticing Isak and what he does and ughhhhh)