3 speed bicycle


Don’t be a Wuss (Ride a Puss) by Alex Wichman
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David and I picked up this 3 speed bike at a garage sale for $5.  I should of taken a before picture.  It was covered in rust, dirt, cobwebs, and dust.  The back tire was flat and the basket was rusted and bent upwards.  

Now it look brand spankin’ new! Well, David thinks it looks like a different bike, not entirely new.  David fixed the flat and I did the cleaning! I washed it, scrubbed it, and STEEL WOOLED it to get it looking this good!$5 bike now looks like, well, something worth more. It works and it will be used at Cape Cod for David’s mom to ride to the beach!

I like bragging about making something so old look new again and giving it new life. : )