3 speed automatic


1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula with a 455 cu/in power plant stuffed under the hood. Same car but two different car shows. You can barely see the twin hood scoops that mated to the air intake ducts on the air filter & breather. This car was a 3-speed automatic. Remember the factory “honeycomb” rims? What looks like striping on the sides is just a reflection of the parking lot lines.


1932 Ford….Roadster….$124,900

GNRS Winning Steel Dearborn Duece 

‘32 Ford Cabriolet 427 FE 428hp Auto AC.


* Custom, ground-up build that was completed in early 2010
* Awarded Class Winner at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show
* 427 cubic inch FE V8 / Overbored to 431 cubic inches / 428 horsepower
* C4 3-speed automatic transmission / Speedway Engineering quick change rear axle / Posi-traction differential / 3.70 gears
* Vintage Air Conditioning
* Custom leather interior / Cloth top that retracts in to the car’s body
* Custom TCI chassis / Custom suspension / 17 and 20-inch Bonspeed Delta wheels
* Dearborn steel body / House Of Kolor Kandy Wine and PPG Orion Silver paint
* Rack-and-pinion steering / Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes

rkmotors com/vehicles/2777/1932-ford-roadster


Submission for #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: ‘The Carbs Only Theme’

My 1966 Mustang with a handful of swaps. Starting with the motor, a 1994 5.0L HO, I stripped off the stock fuel injection for a Holley 4-Barrel. Long tube headers and two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers provide a bit more power and a primal soundtrack. I also pulled the C4 3-speed automatic in favor of a rebuilt T-5 5-speed from a Foxbody. The 8" open rear axle was changed out for a narrowed late model 8.8" with 3.73s and LSD, while disc brakes replaced the drums on all four corners. Racing buckets and retractable 4 point harnesses keep you in place while 4 6x9s and 2 12" subs supply some beats to accompany the V8. Pushing 300 crank horsepower and weighing in at under 2500 lbs this nearly 50 year old car was daily driven for 2 years.

However, I recently purchased another daily so I could tear into this thing again, looking for more power and tunability from a unique late model EFI setup and upgraded heads.


Take a look at this 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T with a 440 Magnum mated to a 3-speed automatic. The big block puts out 375 horsepower and a whopping 480 ft/lbs of torque. This girl is covered in factory “Dark Burnt Orange.” The owner said the carb is a factory Carter in the 800 cfm range. The massive breather mating to the functional hood scoop makes the size of the carb pretty obvious.


What a difference 60 years makes Alternating views of Jeep Forward Control, 1956 and Jeep FC 150, 2016. The original Forward Control Jeep was designed by Brooks Stevens and produced by Willys and then Kaiser Jeep from 1956 to 1965. As part of its 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari an FC 150 heritage Jeep vehicle has been presented which utilizes an original steel body while components underneath have been revamped with a 2005 Jeep Wrangler chassis modified to accept a Dana 44 front axle, Dana 60 rear axle and 17-inch white steel wheels wrapped in 33-inch BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires. It is powered by a 4.0-liter PowerTech I-6 and is mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission.


1968 Dodge Charger R/T clothed in factory “Black”. Funny that there is no fancy name for the factory paint. This car has a 383 attached to a 3-speed automatic putting out 330 horsepower and 425 ft/lbs of torque. Enlarge the interior picture and you’ll see the 150 mph speedometer. Notice how wide the rear tires are. Nice car!


1966 ragtop Mustang to start the Labor Day weekend! This girl has a 289 Cobra with 271 horsepower and a 3-speed automatic wearing Candyapple Red and impeccable Parchment interior coloring. Would that be a 2:80 rearend? The remnants of Harvey dumped over 7" of rain on us yesterday and last night. Pray and donate for Texas please. But the sun will be back out tomorrow with a huge local car show and maybe I’ll see this cute little ‘Stang there again!


I’ve posted a pic of this immaculate, candy apple red, 1969 Mach 1 Mustang before, but I’ve never got a pic of the motor until yesterday. Behold!! The 428 Cobra Jet!! Putting out 335 horsepower and 440 ft lbs of tire smoking torque. This behemoth was mated to a (hopefully bulletproof) 3-speed automatic. This car is actually for sale and in the low six-figures.


1970 Dodge Challenger, convertible. This girl has a small block 340 but still puts out 290 horsepower. It’s mated to an A-727 3-speed automatic. The lively factory paint is called “Go Mango”. I’ve stated before that I like my classic cars in factory trim only, but the set of Craiger S/S rims on all fours sets off this classic musclecar. We all rode on Craigers back in the day!


1968 Plymouth GTX with a 440 Magnum delivering 375 horsepower. This model came with only one other engine choice and that was a 426 Hemi. This car has a 3-speed automatic and is cloaked in “Mist Green” factory paint. Notice the two-tone seats. This car is for sale for about $60,000.


1969 Mach 1 Mustang with the 428 Cobra Jet under the hood. The big block puts out 335 horsepower and 440 ft/lbs of torque from the factory. There’s a massive 735 cfm Holley 4-barrel sitting on top of it too. This particular car has the Ford C6 3-speed automatic.