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1. juniper fritz for @simlightened

computer whiz, geek, romantic, genius 

2. londyn thorne for @squishiesims

city native, active, bro, slob

3. hannah shepherd for @granite-pixels

master chef, foodie, perfectionist, insider

4. grant cohen for @cillaben

big happy family, family oriented, cheerful, ambitious

5. jillian henley for anonymous

artistic prodigy, squeamish 

6. penny mayfield for @pxelmango

freelance botanist, loves the outdoors, vegetarian, clumsy

#30 Country pref | You're from Sweden


Ahhh yes Sweden! My neighbor country! You guys are so lucky to have the boys in your country right now!

I can reefer you guys to another pref where I wrote something with Sweden. You can read it here x


“Soo where are we going?” Luke asked as you and him were walking on the street. “We’re going to this thing called midsommarstång. It’s a thing we have here in Sweden in the start of July. We’re going to meet my family in there.” You smiled as you were swinging your hands back and forth. “What it’s about?” He asked as you turned down the corner. “It’s something we do where we’re outside and sing. Doing fun stuff. I have a flower crown as well. “You laughed pulling it out from your purse before placing it on your head. “It’s pretty on you.” He commented making a pink blush appear on your face. “Thanks. My grandmother made it for me.” You smiled making him give you a kiss on the cheek. “It makes you look like a princess. My little Swedish princess.”


“So Calum do you wanna taste this?” Your uncle asked and Cal lifted his head to see what he was referring to. “Swedish beer? Why not.” He smiled taking the bottle before opening it, letting down 3 big slobs. But the reaction on his face wasn’t as expected. “Uhm I don’t really like it.” He said making the half of your family choke on their beer all eyes on Calum now. “Holy moly.” You muttered under your breath before giving your family death glares. “So Calum.” Your mother started trying to change the subject. “Do you play football?” Calum shifted in his seat uncomfortable before nodding his head. “Jag hörde ordet fotboll. Skulle han vilja spela med mig senare?” Your little brother asked you timidly making you look at Calum. “ You wanna go play with him after dinner?” You smiled making Calum look at your little brother before giving him a thumbs up.  


“Oh my god, you still have this?” You exclaimed taking the Viking helmet out of Michael’s closet admiring it. You were bored out of your mind and the only thing Michael was doing was to sit on the bed with his phone, more occupied with that instead of you. So you thought it could be fun to clean his closet. “Yeah why?” He asked confused standing up. “Because I remember  this.. From back when I was a fan. Do you know how much I fangirled?” You asked making him shake his head. He took the helmet out of your hand looking at it. He then formed out a “o” looking wide eyed at you. “You went to one of our concert in Stockholm in 2014?” He asked in disbelief as you nodded your head. “I did. It was awesome by the way.” You winked making him put the helmet at you. “ It completes you and your Swedish gods.”


”Y/N!” The sudden panic yelp made you sprint up from your spot on the couch running towards the washroom to see Ashton standing with a panicked look on his face hiding something behind his back. “What’s going on?” You almost panted making Ashton gulp slightly keeping on holding something behind his back. “Don’t be mad but.. I may or may not have been putting my red T shirt into your white wash.” He sprinted on making your eyes wide. “Ashton jävla idiot.” You exclaimed taking the now pink wash out of his hands. “ jävla.” You kept mumbling. “Sweedish swearing? Sexy.” He said whilst nodding his head, almost like he checked you out. “How do you know it’s swearing?” You questioned. “Because you say it all the time. I know that you swear a lot. I just concluded it.” He shrugged. “Ashton jävla idiot. New nickname for me I guess.” He winked making you laugh as he already lighted up the mood. 

dianabiprince  asked:

Supercorp for the ship thing



1) who’s the cuddler: Kara initiates cuddles most often, but Lena secretly loves it :)

2) who makes the bed: Lena. I feel like Kara can be a tiny bit of a slob sometimes

3) who wakes up first: Kara. I would imagine being a kryptonian means she needs less sleep than a human. Also Lena has a bad habit of staying up wayyy too late doing work, whereas Kara is usually tired enough by the end up the day due to her physical work being supergirl that she crashes pretty early.

4) who has the weird taste in music: I think Kara has random taste in music. 

5) who is more protective: Well Kara is supergirl. But I think Lena is just as protective of her, so Both. 

6) who sings in the shower: Both

7) who cries during movies: Lena

8) who spends the most while out shopping: Lena definitely. I can’t imagine how much her wardrobe costs. Also she loves to buy things for Kara. 

9) who kisses more roughly: Lena.

10) who is more dominate: I think Lena would initiate more, i.e. planning the dates, kissing Kara first etc, but then Kara would take over dominance in bed ;)

11) my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 👌👌👌 otp

If I Were a Sim... Even Just For a Day

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1. What world would you live in and why?

St. Claire. I’m a city girl at heart.

2. What would be your traits?

 - Artistic

- Handy

- Diva

- Good Sense of Humor

- Hot-Headed

3. How would you live?


4. What would you call ‘your spot’?

Anyplace up high with a fabulous view of the city lights.

5. What are your top 3 most DISLIKED traits?

- Slob

- Coward

- Loser

6. Your favorite color/music/food


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