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Jeff: Snap out of it, Dean!

Dean: OW! What the hell was that for?!

Jeff: Oh no! …Did I do it wrong?

Jeff: Jon said sometimes a good slap will break someone out of their doldrums

Lucah: Jeff, when you slap someone, you do it with an open palm.

Lucah: You just punched Dean in the face!

Jeff: Um… It’s the thought that counts?

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The doors opened suddenly, banging against the walls. Liam’s mother, Lenore, walked quickly into the room. She held a letter in her hand and silently strode across the room directly to her husband.

“Jaymes, look at this.” she said, thrusting the paper in front of Liam’s father. Lord Strong scanned the letter, eyebrows furrowing. 

“What is it?” Liam asked.

“Lord Grey has asked me to come to Wolveswater. He wishes to discuss something important and encourages me to bring my family.” Jaymes said slowly, still reading the contents of the letter.

“What could be so important? You haven’t seen each other in years.” said Lenore sitting down at the table next to her husband.

“He wants you to bring your family as well?” he inquired.

“Aye,” said Jaymes, “How strange. If it was serious I don’t understand why he would want my family to come.”

Suddenly it hit Liam, and he started to laugh. Three pairs of eyes swiveled to look at him, their expressions curious and confused.

“Why are you laughing?” asked Serra. 

“Because it’s obvious,” grinned Liam.

“Not to me,” said Serra wrinkling her nose. His mother suddenly gasped next to him.

“It’s a marriage request, obviously,” Liam’s grin got wider, looking at his mother and her shocked expression.

“Why are you smiling then? Isn’t that the last thing you want to do?” asked Serra, confused as ever.

Liam chuckled and shook his head while Lenore looked at the letter again, and said, “My son, I love you, but I don’t understand why lord and lady Grey would choose you…” 

“They didn’t, mother.”

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“They chose Serra.” said Liam, looking his cousin straight in the eye with a with a small smile playing on the corner of his lips and warm affection in his eyes. 

The rest of his family looked at each other in confusion, but it was so obvious to him. Serra, a beautiful and smart young maiden of age sixteen. Pure and perfect, born to a small noble house and raised like a daughter by a prominent noble house. Serra had been raised, unknowingly by herself and perhaps even his mother, to be a great lady.  She had the poise, elegance and patience while remaining strong. Liam told his family as much.

“And let’s be honest,” he added at the end, “The Grey’s would never marry Illyana to me. They like me and respect you both, but I’m far too unpredictable for their liking. Maybe they realized this would be the perfect way to join our households.” 

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Persona 3, 4, 5 Protagonists

Persona 3
Male MC

What you think he is: an anti-social character who hates everyone

What he really is: a caring character who wants to protect everyone with his life

Female MC

What you think she is: a carefree girl

What she really is: can date all the men she likes all at the same time including a minor without them ever finding out

Persona 4

What you think he is: a serious yet cool character

What he really is: a dork and a low-key perv

Persona 5

What you think he is: Nerd, calm, collected kid

What he really is: FUCKING SATAN