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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

maybe the seat isn’t the “gay seat” but the “I understand that you’re probably going through a lot right now and may need both physical and emotional space, and because I’ve known you all my life I also know it’s best to sometimes leave you and not overcrowd you, so I’ll sit here and give you time to think and breathe but still be close enough to show I’m not upset or angry with you and am still here” seat


Sims 4 & Sims 2

Round Table Dining Set

(for lack of a better name)

• 2 new meshes made by me
• Round Dining Table - 1414 polys
• Round Dining Table Chair - 1286 polys
• 3 seat cushion textures in 6 wood 02 textures (peacemaker)
• matching table textures
(Sims 2 version shown in last picture)

** special thank you to @daer0n for answering thousands of questions!
I love you sweetie ♥

Please Note *
there is a clipping issue with Sims belly cutting a bit into the table.
I hope this is not a huge issue for you.



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Guys. GUYS.

You absolutely need to watch 3%.

I am serious.

Like stuff like Hunger Games and Divergent (or w/e it’s called) but wish it was less white, more morally ambiguous, and less tailored to teenagers? 3% is the show for you. Tired of every dystopia being US-centric? 3%. Want a disabled character who does not want or need to be cured and has a storyline that has nothing to do with his disability? 3%. NO ROMANTIC SUBPLOTS? 3%. Everyone being shady as fuck? 3%. A plot that will literally keep you glued to your seat? 3%. An actually interesting, layered, and realistic portrayal of a dystopian society? 3%.

I could go on, but I’m only on the 4th episode, and my point is: GO WATCH 3% IT’S ON NETFLIX THERE’S NOTHING STOPPING YOU DO IT RIGHT NOW

(fair warning: it has violence, gore, torture, and other touchy stuff, so proceed with caution but seriously watch it it’s amazing)

  • Cheating on test in shows: Everyone's skillfully getting answers from the smart people in class. The teacher's unaware
  • Cheating on test irl: You share answers with everyone directly beside you, even the kid in front of you turns around and stares dead at your paper. A kid mouths "what's # 15", to someone who's 3 seats away. They make a C with their hands. Kid who usually sits in the front moves to the back right next to their friend who made a B on the last test. Five different kids are linked in a group chat sending answers under the desk. Some kid writes all their answers on a ripped piece of paper, folds it, and 'goes to ask the teacher a question' all while handing another kid the paper. The teacher is barely a foot away.

Changing Skies around Edinburgh Castle 

All these pics are in the order I took them, the first looking out to Arthur’s Seat at 3.09 pm till the bottom one looking back at Princes Street was 4.07pm. I could see when I was walking around beforehand that the sky was beginning to change, it had been a dull grey day beforehand, these are the best skies I have witnessed while visiting the castle and I have been up there once or twice!

anonymous asked:

Hi Anne, so i was watching bangtan's 2nd FM Festa and after hearing Yoongi say one of his wishes was to perform in Jamsil stadium. Has BTS performed there yet?? I hope his wish comes true if it hasn't happened yet

hello anon~ during their 2nd anniversary they set a goal for them to perform at Jamsil stadium it has around 11,000 capacity. And a lot of other popular groups uses this stadium to hold a concert in that’s why Suga said it. But actually after that during HYYH they were able to hold a concert at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium which has 13,000 seating capacity. History of bangtan’s concert halls capacity through the years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_BTS_concert_tours

Episode II: The RED Bullet // AX Korea (5,000 seats, 3 days)
Episode I: BTS Begins // Olympic Hall (6,500 seats, 2 days)
HYYH on Stage // SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium (13,500 seats, 3 days)
MUSTER 2 // Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium (4~6,000 seats, 2 sessions)
EPILOGUE // Olympic Gymnastics Arena (15,000 seats, 2 days)
MUSTER 3 // Gocheok Sky Dome (18~19K seats, 2 days)
WINGS // Gocheok Sky Dome (18~19K seats, 2 days)

which is why Suga has a part in his AGUST D mixtape in the track ‘The Last’ there’s a line where he goes:

From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to Olympic Gymnastics Arena

Suga was talking about their growth and how they came from performing at AX Korea to Gocheok Sky Dome. ^_^


If ya’ll are complaining about not getting good seats for SHINee and therefore wont go…can i kindly remind you USA venues SM is using for SHINee average only 3-7 THOUSAND seats…and in places like Korea Or Japan they have arenas like this where SHINee will be a dot to them..and yet EVERY SEAT is taken…its about supporting our boys no matter where we sit. Lets please go to events if possible.. and show our love to SHINee. 

My old school was ghetto, like REALLY GHETTO. half of the student population was in a gang/gang affiliates and so school was a mess ( thats a polite way to put it…) But i remember getting this email from my home ec. teacher and i STILL remember the exact day that caused her to send that email.

The class when it was just the actual 5 students that did the work was pretty ok. Well have fun reading it. 

Good afternoon Parents. I hope you are having a better ending to your day that I am.  If you are receiving this email it is because I have your child during 6th period Life Skills class.  I am emailing because I am at my wits end with this 6th period class. I would email parents individually, but more than half of the class is causing a disruption. I have moved seats 3 times, given infractions, called home on a few, and sent students out.  I am reaching out to EVERY parent in this class and asking for your help.  I am NOT able to do my job effectively with this class.  Part of it is the make up of the class. There are 20 boys and 8 girls in here during 6th period.  I cannot teach.  I am frustrated and disappointed at teh behavior I am seeing and honestly CANNOT believe that some students are attending high school. I have been cussed at, had students looking up inappropriate things on the internet, and been totally disrespected.  I REFUSE TO DEAL WITH THIS BEHAVIOR ANY LONGER. From this email on if your child is being disruptive and preventing me from doing my job, I will have them contact you and let you know and then I will send them out of the room for the remainder of the class period (every day starts fresh so I will not carry that incident over), but if necessary I will write them up.    

We are preparing to do food labs (cook) on Monday and students in this class threw my recipe book, 5 of them got up and left class, and several didn’t complete the daily assignment.  There were 8 that did.  I cannot and will not tolerate that behavior.  I am just trying to educate students on Life Skills and they are being rude.  I am asking that each of you please remind your child about appropriate behavior. I am also inviting any one of you to come to this class during 6th period and sit with your child if you wish.  

I LOVE to teach and I LOVE to teach cooking even more. I want these students to participate, but I need cooperation. I do not want anyone getting hurt.  If you could help me out and just discuss expectations and behavior I would greatly appreciate it.  I welcome your emails if you have concerns or constructive comments. I do hope you have an amazing weekend and look forward to seeing your children on Monday.

I want… Hunk and Lance to be theatre nerds. Like image it:

  • The comics said that Hunk could sing and play instruments, so he was probably the on stage guy
  • Sure he’s anxious, but once he’s comfortable he kills it. Super believable when acting
  • Lance could help with costume and design, and even though he already has a bold personality he struggles with being on stage 
  •  Their parents probably are the ones who sell the first 3 rows of seats to family members for all 3 nights
  • Someone: “Oh my God you guys” 
  • Hunk and Lance: *Legally Blonde the Musical flashbacks*
  • Let them break out into random show tunes during training or a battle
    • *cough cough* let them sing show tune love songs to each other *cough*
  • Really hardcore when it comes to arts not being funded enough in schools
  • They both are the fastest to change into their uniforms
    • “Wow that was quick”
    • “Please that was nothing, have you ever had to do a full costume and makeup change within 25 seconds?”
  • Think adaptations from book to movies are bad? Hunk and Lance are super judgmental from stage to movies.
  • Prefers original cast recordings, and knows every word to every song

fifth harmony stans are coming for little mix but like????? little mix are literally selling out shows in 3 continents with seating attendance of 10,000-20,000 whereas fifth harmony are only selling out shows with seating attendance of 4,000-9,000 in two continents. Just because Little Mix hasn’t conquered America doesn’t mean they’re “flopping”, they’re a thriving, successful and powerful girl group. Fifth Harmony are only popular in the Americas, I could literally go outside right now in Australia and ask 100 people if they know who fifth harmony are and only around 3 will know. 

It's time to switch to proportional representation districts.

First-past-the-post elections aren’t working for us, and I honestly question if it ever did.

Congressional House district need to be 1) redrawn to undo gerrymandering from both parties, 2) combined into larger, multi-seat districts, and 3) have those seats distributed proportionally by percentage of votes.

The Presidential system needs to be 1) either do away with the electoral college, or 2) award electoral votes proportionally by percentage of each state’s vote.

The two major parties are reliant on first-past-the-post, because it gives them the most power on every level of governance. It guarantees that this country will remain divided by a false dichotomy, and it’s much easier to divide and conquer that way.


I was always meant to be a mother, but God wouldn’t give me a baby, and then one day we were coming out of the movie theater and there was Frankie in a stroller, and he smiled at me, I just knew in my heart he was mine.
                                                                        Where did God give Frankie to you, Joan?
In a mall… in Austin.