3 ring binder



Today I stumbled across these bitchin’ binders on Zazzle. That’s right, these are 3 ring binders. Bound in faux leather, customizable, and with 3 different size options, these are a great alternative to a huge leather bound book for those of us on a budget. It also caters to those witches that prefer the 3 ring binders, as opposed to permanently bound books, but gives that beautiful and desired look for a Grimoire/Book of Shadows. I just can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before now. You can find them here for $25 a piece.

teapartyforthewitches’ 1,000 Followers Giveaway Celebration!

As you may know, I recently hit 1,000 followers on this blog!
As a thank you to all of you amazing people, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway!
This is an extremely custom giveaway, and all items are made by me! (One of them will even be designed especially for you!)
Without further ado, these are the giveaway prizes:

1. Hair combs with turquoise, amethyst, jade and glass beads 

(as modeled by my beautiful mother [won’t be the exact one pictured, as the one pictures is the one I made for my mum’s birthday])

2. Old leather-bound book style, binder grimoire

(Similar to the one shown, you can choose the colour, and if you want letters on the front [i.e. your name, “Book of Shadows”, “Grimoire”, “Spells”, etc], either 2, 3 or 4 ring binder)

Rules/More Info:

1. You must be following me; since this is a giveaway for my followers.

2. This giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way, it is coming out of my own pocket as a thank you to you guys!

3. Only reblogs count; but you may like as well as a bookmark.

4. You may reblog as much as you’d like; but please don’t annoy your customers too much!

5. DO NOT TAG THIS AS A GIVEAWAY (if you want to tag it as something related to this giveaway, tag it as #teapartyforthewitchesfollowercelebration)

6. The giveaway ends August 13th 2016 (In Australia).

7. The giveaway is international so all feel free to join!

8. All these products are handmade by me and will be different from the ones shown due to that.

9. The giveaway will be decided by a random generator website so it’s completely unbiased!

10. Good luck!