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AU/Almost Missed a Good Thing: Chapter 15!

Riley and Lucas suck when it comes to matters of the heart. See what happens when these two romantics fight their way through, misunderstandings, heartaches and learn that sometimes the person who’s seen you through it all is that good thing you’d been searching for all along!

Word Count: 1,473

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December in New York City was beautiful. Reds and Greens swirled around the streets as bundled up passersbys clung to each other for warmth. It was a sight straight out of a Romcom. Usually, this would bring a smile to Hannah’s face, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it as she glared at the headline on her phone.  

“Morning, babe.” Lucas said as he leaned in for a kiss. She mindlessly pecked him and continued to read. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah why?” She asked, still lost in the article about Noah Wilder and his latest mystery girl that scarily resembled Riley.

“Your forehead only creases like that when your upset.”

Her head shot up. “WHAT?! NO IT DOESN’T!”

“Yes, it does!” He laughed as he made his way back over to her. “What is it this time? Some celebrity wear one of your dresses wrong or something?”

She quickly clicked off the screen and nervously giggled as he took a seat next to her. “YEAH! STUPID CELEBRITIES!”

He shook his head. She was a rising young designer with the attitude of 20-year vet.

“So, I totally forgot to ask you this last night, but why was Riley at the Gala?”

His jaw tightened as he poked at his cereal. “Noah Wilder.”

She began to choke.

“BABE!” Lucas shouted as he firmly patted her back. “You okay?!”

“YEAH!” She coughed. “Sorry!”

He quickly retrieved a water from the fridge for her.

“Thank you.” She wheezed.

“I know, I was pretty shocked too.” He said as he sat back down.

“How’d they meet?”

His jaw tightened again. “I don’t know, I don’t care and I don’t like it.” He vigorously shoved a spoon full of semi-soggy Kix into his mouth. He always got this way when Riley dated some guy, a tiny fact Hannah had completely forgotten about. She slowly stood up and made her way into their bedroom. When the door was securely shut she pulled out her phone.

“Come one.” She mumbled. “Pick up.”

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A/N- This was a personal request from a friend who went through a hard time x I wont post your request up here love but know I think you’re absolutely stunning x

Summary- Reader grew up with acne scars which has affected her lifestyle, and reader feels like she isn’t good for anyone. Let alone, Dean.

The strong distinct smell of coffee was the reason for your awakening as it lingered throughout the entire bunker. You yawned as you stretched your stiff limbs and the sound of your spine cracking echoed in your room. You rubbed your eyes hoping the sleep would magically disappear as well as your grumpy mood. You were staring into an empty space simply basking in the few moments you had alone with your mind however it was interrupted by three loud knocks.

“Y/N?, you up?” Sam’s gruff voice rasped behind the heavy wooden doors, his voice deeper than normal indicating he had just woken up.

“Yeah” Your voice came out hushed and soft so you cleared your throat before throwing the heavy blanket off yourself.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute” You heard a grunt in approval as you heard Sam’s feet take him somewhere else. You raised your arms up higher and released a deeply yet satisfying yawn as you made your way to the inbuilt sink.

 You scratched your head and grabbed the familiar bag on the table beside. Zipping open the bag you were welcomed with your beauty products which you couldn’t live without. As some say you’re exaggerating you simply sigh and look into the mirror, faced with what you and only you see, nobody else.

The prominents dark circles under your eyes, building up as you spend more nights awake with the Winchesters. Your vibrants y/e/c now dull and lifeless as they stared back at you holding no emotion whatsoever. Yet these tiny aspects of your flaws never bothered you the most compared to what has scarred you emotionally and physically. The oddly grouped indents on your cheeks frustrated you and you couldn’t do anything but blame your younger self. You cursed your brain as you failed to treat your acne correctly, when you were 13 you went through a stage every teenager goes through, puberty. Whilst some got the great end of the bargain, you felt you were unfortunate.

The rising red bumps invaded your skin and left their marks behind. Which made you feel as if your skin was anything but perfect. You groaned at your typical negative thoughts and washed your face . You brushed your teeth as well. With droplets of water still on your face, you dried it with a towel and began with your daily routine which took about half an hour to complete.

Time passed and as you finished your makeup off with translucent powder you stepped back and stared at this porcelain face in front of you. You wished this was how you looked all the time but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. You changed out of your pyjamas and into grey sweatpants and a tank top. You unlocked your door and head out towards the kitchen.

“Morning” You yawned again as you passed by the two brothers sitting on the wooden round table with newspapers in their hands. You made yourself a couple coffee while they mumbled in reply to your greeting.

“Whats on for today?” You grabbed an apple and sat beside Dean but regretting it instantly. You were honestly baffled with how beautiful a person could look in the morning with zero effort whatsoever. You saw how the slight presence of scruff invaded his cheeks which traveled across and down to his prominent cheekbones. His bright pink lips, how they appeared so soft and moist annoyed you the most because you’d often get lost thinking about how they must feel. But what you cherished most about the eldest Winchester was his eyes. The speckles of hazel amongst the green could tame any beast in your opinion. He had seen so much ugly yet his eyes remained beautiful.

“Y/N?” Dean snapped his fingers in front of your face and it occurred to you that you were lost in your thought yet once again. You heard Sam snicker and you glared at him before clearing your throat.

“We were saying we have nothing on today. So Sammy wants to buy some things, wanna come?” You took a sip of your coffee and tucked a piece of hair behind your ears. Sam noticed the way his brother admired Y/N. How he refrained from moving the loose pieces of hair from your face or how your eyes shimmered when he was around. But neither of them made a move, why? Because they were both broken.

“Sure let me get changed” You left the kitchen and walked into your room deciding on what to wear while you were completely unaware of the conversation the winchester boys were having.

“Dean come on, you have to tell her” Dean rolled his eyes at Sam’s desperate tone and he folded the newspaper in his hand.

“I’m not going to say anything especially when she doesn’t feel the same.” Sam grabbed a grape from his plate and threw it at Dean’s head. Dean’s eyes narrowed at his brother while Sam had annoyed expression plastered on his face.

“Are you freaking kidding? She is crazy about you, Dean. I swear you’re so dense you make Cas look like a genius.” Dean smirked at the slight possibility of you returning his feelings but he shook away those thoughts.

“If she did then she’d be more open with me. Sammy, she doesn’t talk to us. Why was she so adamant to get a lock? Why can’t she trust us?”

“She’s human Dean, she’s insecure. Give her time” Dean nodded his head knowing his brother was right. He knew you had personal problems with some things but he wanted to know why you couldn’t trust him. He wanted you, all of you, flaws and all.

“Y/N please make sure Dean doesn’t put any crap in the trolley while I’m not looking. I swear he’s like 8 when it comes to shopping” You giggled as you exited the car. Dean flipped his little brother off as the three of you walked towards a grocery store. Before you met Sam and Dean they barely had money to shop at a legit grocery store where they had fresh produce. When the three of you met you fortunately came into a lot of money as your parents passed away due to a rogue “animal attack.”

You weren’t oblivious to the supernatural world, your father was a hunter and well known infact. So when your parents died 3 years ago, Sam and Dean took you under their wing. Taught you how to survive and in return you insisted to be in charge of home products so they didn’t need to worry about it. You ended up giving your card to Sam since he was the one shopping the most, and you trusted them, the both of them. It didn’t matter since they were family too.

“Shut up Sammy, Lucky Charms are not crap” You saw the two boys bicker and so you decided to buy some personal products while you were here.

“Guys i’ll catch up. Just need to grab a few things” They both mumbled a sure before continuing with their petty argument. You walked down the aisle towards feminine hygiene and looked for the usual product you buy. You kept walking until you bumped into what felt like a rock wall.

“Oops, sorry” you looked up to see the same pair of blue eyes you thought you left behind forever. Liam Asher. Your first boyfriend, your first love and your very first heartbreak.

“Y-Y/N?” In Front of you stood the one man who ruined your self confidence, who tore down your walls and broke your soul. You felt like you couldn’t breathe so you turned around and walked towards where Sam and Dean where.

“Wait! Y/N!” Liam grasped your wrist and you turned around to see his eyes ridden with guilt.

“Liam. Let. Me. Go” Your words laced in venom left him unaffected as his hand was tight around your wrist.

“Please, Y/N. Do you understand how much I’ve missed you baby please” You saw the tears pool in his eyes but you were ahead of him as your cheeks were stained. You panicked knowing your makeup was going to run and Liam noticed, his expression became even guiltier as you touched your cheeks.

“Hey Y/N, Sam won’t let me buy the luc- Is everything okay here?” You heard Dean’s voice behind you. You turned around and he saw your discomfort, immediately he was by your side pulling Liam’s hand away from yours.

“Why don’t you let her go before i fucking kill you” You gasped at Dean’s harsh tone and you gently touched his shoulder to calm him down.

“Listen man I don’t want any trouble. I just wanna talk to my girl” Your head snapped towards LIam and you shoved your finger against his chest.

“You do NOT get to call me your girl. I am nothing to you. You made that quite clear” Liam held your finger while his lips quivered.

“Baby please. I love you so much” You shook your head. You couldn’t believe his lies. You looked behind to see Dean’s pissed off expression, he wanted to tear Liam’s head off and feed to hellhounds but he was calm, for you.

“Liam. You told our entire school I was a quick fuck.” Deans head whipped towards you so quickly, you swore you heard a snap.

“YOU DID WHAT?” He was about to grab Liams collar but you calmed him down once again.

“Dean it’s okay” You whispered before paying your attention back to Liam.
You told everyone that I was so ugly you needed the lights off to have sex with me. You told them about my scars. You told them you were so ashamed to be seen in public with me and I desperately needed makeup. The entire fucking school laughed at me. Do you understand what you’ve done to me? I am constantly afraid someone will see me behind this layer of makeup all because of you. Do I look fucking beautiful now?” you ripped your hand away again and now you were balling. You backed up and you felt Dean’s protective arm on the small of your back. Liam’s head was down the entire time, his once graceful features was now nothing but constant reminder of torment for you. You spent the last year of highschool being bullied every day all because Liam wanted to be popular, he cherished status over you.

“Y/N. I know what i did was wrong. Baby you’ve always been beautiful, I was lost. I’m an idiot, i’m so sorry. But baby, we’ve known eachother for 10 years. I make a mistake and you run to this guy you don’t even know? Your parents wouldn’t be happy” You inhaled a deep sharp of air. Dean tensed behind you and you felt another presence, looking up you saw Sam.

“You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about my parents.” You noticed a group of people gathering, you were causing a scene but you needed closure.

“Y/N. please we can work this out” He stepped closer and Sam and Dean stood in front of you protectively.

“We can never work this out. Do you know for an entire year I was alone?” You moved towards him. “I like someone right now but I’m too afraid to say anything because then he’ll see me without my mask. You have broken me down to a stump, Liam. The names were nothing, it was the physical pain that broke me. People physically hurt me saying you were too good for me. How cliche the popular guy falling for me… That didn’t bother me but the fact that you cared about what other people thought which ruined us. You let it ruin me. I know i’m not beautiful, I know i’m not gorgeous, I know i’ll never be pretty. Yet you knew my darkest fear and used it against me. I can never forgive nor forget that. I loved you, that was before you became a monster.” You turned around and stood in front of the boys. Dean held his keys out before kissing your forehead.

“Go wait in the car, sweetheart. We’ll be right there” you nodded and accepted the keys. You walked by various people who sympathetically smiled at you on your way out. You opened the impala and sat down, thinking about what had just happened. You let the tears fall, knowing it was pointless to keep them in.

You punched the chair in front of you out of anger, it took you three years to be somewhat alright. But all that hard work vanished and you were back to square one. You screamed out in pain, for yourself, for your family for everything. When your parents passed, you felt emotionless. 

The years of torment managed to make you emotionally numb and you didn’t get to mourn. So now you were sitting in a car in the middle of a parking lot, screaming. You calmed down after a while and pulled out your makeup bag. You noticed your mascara was slightly running which wasn’t a problem but your foundation on your cheeks were gone. Every flaw you tried to hide was now visible and you panicked. You began applying and you didn’t notice that the boys had started walking out.

“Sammy we should’ve done more than simply speak to him” Dean grunted as he rubbed his face against his palm. Sam scoffed next to him holding a few plastic bags.

“Dean you scared the crap out of him. Literally. I think when you said “If i ever find you near Y/N then so help me god, I will drag you to hell and burn you myself”. Though I don’t think he actually understands the truth behind it” Dean sighed and he looked up to see you vigorously paint your cheeks.

“Sammy… she’s so damn beautiful. How can she not see that?” Sam shrugged and his eyes were on your bloodshot ones. They were drained and tired.

“You need to show her, Dean.”

The ride back to the bunker was excruciatingly quiet. The boys didn’t ask a single question about Liam which you were thankful for. The last thing you needed was more tears running down your face. When the car came to a halt you were instantly out and into your room. You heard a pair of boots follow in your trail but right now you just wanted to rip apart everything in your sight. You ran into your room and locked the door, you hadn’t realised you began to shed tears since you felt anger, pain, despair and hatred.

“Y/N open up” Dean soft calm voice could be heard while you picked up the lamp and threw it across the room. You pulled your chair out from under your table and threw it at the wall near you.

“Y/N! Please just open this damn door!” When Dean realised you weren’t listen he cursed under his breath.

“Fuckin hell. SAMMY” You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and didn’t recognise the person before you. How did your face manage to ruin who you were? You sat down next to a small pile of broken wood while your head laid on your arms as they were placed on your knees. You heard whispers outside the door, you heard them faintly discuss on breaking the door down so you sighed and got up. You felt terrible as the boys were not meant to blame yet they accepted your broken outburst. You turned off the light and unlocked the door. As you sat down in your previous spot there was a minute of silence until the door handle jiggled and a face came through.

“Y/N?” Deans calming tone brought some form of ease in you. For a while now you wanted to be him but comparing yourself to the women he went home with was far too detrimental towards your health. You saw his hand reach for the light which you stopped

“Please don’t turn the light on. Please” Dean replied with a light okay before mumbling something to Sam who walked away. Dean stepped into the dark room and he could barely see the outline of your hunched body.

“Y/N. I know you’re not okay and I want you to not be okay with me” You sniffled as you felt Dean sit near you. You wiped your cheeks and under your eyes to relieve yourself of some moisture but ultimately failed.

“Why?” You whispered. The room so quiet you could hear his steady breathing.

“Because I care for you, Y/N. So much.” You shook your head back and forth not wanting to believe him.

“You can’t Dean. I can’t be cared for, i’m nothing” You felt a hand grasp yours and Dean was right beside you.

“Don’t you ever say that to me. Y/N. I cant believe what that Liam ass did but i will make him pay for hurting a beautiful person like you” You scoffed and removed your hand from his soft embrace.

“Do you wanna know what the worst part is?” Dean remained quiet, a sign for you to continue.

“I fell in love with him, a naive 16 year old nobody and a popular 17 year old somebody… how cliche. Right? Dean I have scars on my face that ruined my life. I never hated them until Liam used it as a weapon which was used every day for 365 days. The torment, the bullying it was unstoppable Dean. I don’t understand, why did my face have to define me? Is that all I am?” You felt Dean pull you in and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I told myself that it’s all about the person who i am inside, but what if a began to hate the person I was? Naive, stupid, innocent. I realised that if i hurt my toe or arm i would still be the same person but my face? It has changed who i am and who i want to be. I’m never good enough Dean… i’m never good enough” You sobbed into Dean’s arms and you felt both his arms around you. You felt something wet on the crown of your head and you looked up to see a single tear dripping from his beautiful eyes.

“I don’t think you know how much it hurts to see you like this.” He whispered while he continued to rock you back and forth.

“What Liam did, he will pay for in hell. I’ll personally make sure of that. But Y/N, i don’t think you realise how much beauty i see in you.” You lifted your head as you were about to interrupt him until he dipped his head and your lips met with his. Your eyes widened lie the size of golf balls as you felt his lips move against yours. He pulled away but not fully as his lips lingered on yours.

“Kiss me back Y/N. Let me show you how beautiful you are” He placed his lips on yours again and this time you kissed him back. The salty mix of tears was passed around your tongue yet all you could feel was your heart beating erratically. Dean pulled away and his forehead was pressed against yours.

“Do you not see the light in you? Y/N, you have brought so much happiness into this broken family it’s no longer dark but it’s beautiful… just like you. Y/N… what you make me feel here” Dean brought your hand up to his chest and you felt his heart pumping fast and hard. “Is something no one else has made me feel. Your charming yet graceful personality has me on my knees sometimes. Your angelic smile causes my heart to skip a needed beat. I love coming home knowing youre here safe, do you know how much I love knowing i get to come home to you? Your gorgeous eyes melt my heart with a single blink and even though you’re hiding behind that mask i know that your face is as radiant as the sun. You wanna know how i know that?” You hadn’t realised you stopped crying and your shoulders felt a bit lighter. You nodded your head and he pecked your lips.

“Because I have fallen for you. I have fallen for your heart, your hair, your smile, your fingers, your legs.. i have fallen for the most beautiful person on Earth” You were speechless, never once has anyone made you feel worthy. Never.

“But all those women… Dean i’m nothing like them” He grabbed your face between his hands and he rested his forehead on yours.

“They were a temporary fix but baby, you’re the real deal. Y/N please, let me see all of you. Take off that mask and let me love you the way you deserve to be loved. Trust me please” You contemplated for a minute, this is a huge step but as you stared into his with the slight light from the passage illuminating the dark room, you could see the sincerity. There wasn’t a moment of lies but pure sincerity.

“Okay” You got up and walked to the sink, you turned the tap on and inhaled a shaky breath. You grabbed your makeup removal face wash and scrubbed away the caked foundation. You washed your face and you felt your soft skin free of makeup. You wiped your face with a towel and you heard the light switch flicker. The lights were on and you were exposed.

“It’s okay baby, trust me.” You released a sigh and you felt Dean right behind you. His hands on your waist and his lips next to your ear.

“Let me love all of you” You turned around with your face still in your towel. Dean reached up and touched your trembling cold fingers which grasped the towel tightly. He pulled each of them away from your face until he held the towel. Your hands were now on his biceps and he held the towel against your cheeks.

“I’ve got you babygirl” He pulled away the towel and for the first time ever he saw the real you. His gasped slightly and you freaked out.

“I knew you would hate it, give me the towel back please” Dean threw the towel behind him and he grasped your face tightly.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. So beautiful, so pure, so hot” As Dean complimented you he kissed your entire face and you slightly giggled at the odd feeling. He chuckled and stared into your gaze before attacking your lips once more. As things began to heat up you moaned which earned a deep groan from Dean.

“Fuck, you’re so hot” Dean loved you like you deserved to be loved that night. He treasured you like you were a gift from god. He treated you like a queen, he made you feel something you hadn’t felt in years.

He made you feel like you, beautiful.

That was until Sam ruined it by congratulating the two of you and claiming he was right with “i told you so.” But nonetheless, you never wore makeup around the boys again, unless it was to make you feel powerful and not a mask for you to hide behind. Because in the end, beauty is how you feel inside which reflects in our eyes and Dean noticed your eyes shimmered more every day.

Jessie’s Girl Pt.4 | Rucas

Lucas is excited for his camping trip with the guys. He was expecting some hiking, fishing and canned food. What he wasn’t expecting was meeting an amazing girl who he immediately has a connection to. The only problem? She’s his friend’s girlfriend. *Inspired by Rick Springfield’s song ‘Jessie’s Girl’.*

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Part 4.

Being caught cuddling under a blanket with a friend of mines girlfriend wasn’t my proudest moment. In the back of my head I knew it was wrong. It’s not like we did anything but still, the intimacy of it was obvious. There was no denying that Riley and I had a connection. In fact, I’m certain everyone there could see it. They could see our blatant attraction to each other. Jessie included.

Seeing him stand over us with a snarl on his face however, was enough to push me over the edge. This dude had some nerve attacking us for falling asleep together when just last night I heard him breaking the bed with Chai. Riley didn’t deserve this.

“You’ve got some nerve, Porter.” I say, getting up from my seat with Riley. She shifts in her spot, trying to get to her feet.

“I don’t know if you know this but when I invited you to stay at my parent’s cabin, the invitation didn’t extend to you fucking my girlfriend.”

“We didn’t do anything.” Riley chimes in.

Soon enough everyone is by the front door and on the porch watching us hash it out.

“I wasn’t talking to you, bitch.” Jessie snaps.

I grab him by the collar of his shirt and knock him off the porch. He scrambles to his feet trying to find his balance.

“Don’t talk to her like that, man. What the hell is wrong with you?” I jump over the rail landing a few feet away from him. I look over and Zay’s at my side. He may be a lot of things but disloyal isn’t one of them.

“You really want to do this?” Jessie screams. “Over her?!” He shoves me backwards, trying to get a rise out of me.

“What’s your problem Porter? You can fuck Chai upstairs while everyone’s asleep but I’m not allowed to comfort Riley?”

I push him back and from the porch I can hear Riley yelling ‘Stop it!’ When I turn my face to look at her, Jessie swings his fist, squaring me right in my jaw.

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5 Seconds of Summer Preference- You Speak Another Language

Ashton:  You speak Russian:

“Ведь это так здорово слышать, что вы делаете хорошо!” (Its so great to hear you’re doing well!) you said into the phone.  You had recently gotten an e-mail from your best friend in Russia.  You had lived there for the first 16 years of your life, and she had been there with you through it all.  When you moved to America, you still talked all the time over texting and Skype.  You began to do it less and less until you stopped entirely.  

“Здесь хорошо жить, мой парень должен быть дома Су-о! Вот он сейчас.” (Life is good here, my boyfriend should be home soo-oh!  Here he is right now.)  Ashton walked through the door and took off his shoes.  "Hey babe who you talking to?“ he said, grabbing a water from the fridge.  "Im talking to my old friend from Russia.  Ага ГЭС здесь.” (Yeah, he’s here.)

Ashton put down his water and leaned against the countertop.  He watched you pronounce each word with ease, not even thinking twice before the words flew effortlessly off your tongue.   

“Ну, это был пойти здорово услышать от вас! Жестокое позвоню тебе позже. Хорошо, до свидания.” (Well it was go great to hear from you!  I’ll call you later.  Okay, bye.)  You hung up the phone and looked at Ashton.  "Hey, sorry I just haven’t talked to her in a really long time.“  

"Its okay.  I had no idea you could speak….” Ashton hung the last syllable on his tongue.

“Russian.  I lived there until I was 16.”  

Ashton seemed impressed by this and walked over to you and placed his hands on your shoulders.  

“Why didnt you tell me?”  he asked smiling down at you.

“It never came up I guess?”

He giggled his famous giggle and looked at you again.  "How do you say ‘Ashton is the drummer god?’“

You laughed and said with no thought, "Эштон является богом барабанщик.”

“Okay when we go to Russia that will be your catch phrase okay?”  he kissed you on your nose, your right cheek, left cheek, forhead, then left a lingering one on your mouth.  


Luke:  You speak French:

Luke was on world tour with his band, and you were tagging along for the Europe leg.  You were staying in France for three days, and you were so happy walk around Paris.  You went to college in France, and you developed the French language naturally, with some guidance.  

You and Luke were sat at a small cafe table in Paris.  You sat right next to the window, allowing you a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.  You and Luke were staring in awe at the glorious landmark.  The waiter tapped you on the shoulder.  "Excusez-moi, que voulez-vous?“ (Excuse me, what would you like?).  

"Its okay babe, I got google translate.”  Luke said to you, pulling out his phone.  You looked at him for the next minute, him typing in what he wanted.  He was taking far too long so you just went the old fashion way.  

“Je voudrais que le poulet parmesan s'il vous plaît.” (I would like the chicken parmesan please.)  Luke looked up from his phone, wide eyed and opened mouth.  

“Uhhhh.  The fish?” he said.

“Il aimerait que le poisson aussi.” (He would like the fish also.)  The waiter laughed and wrote down the order.  He put the sheet away and looked at you.

“Ne sait pas beaucoup français hein?” (Doesn’t speak very much french eh?).  You laughed at his remark.

“Non, malheureusement.” (No, unfortunately.)  The waiter nodded and walked through the restaurant, taking up another tables food on the way back to the kitchen.  

“Okay who are you and what have you done with Y/N?” Luke said, leaning forward on the table.  You giggled.

“Well I told you that I went to college in France.  And while speaking English, some of my college friends helped me learn the language.  And also being used to talking to people in French helped a bit I guess.”  You smiled at Luke and he gave you a half smirk in return. 

He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms.  

“Say 'I love you.’”

You giggled and said, perfect pronunciation and all, “Je t'aime.”

“Say 'My boyfriend is amazeballs.’”

“Mon ami est amazballs.” You laughed at the last bit. 

“Okay now say 'Luke will you kiss me?’”  You blushed in response and said, tilting your head and closing your eyes, “Luc vous m'embrasser.”

Luke leaned over the table and whispered in your ear, “I thought you would never ask.”  He then kissed you.  Yep. you thought, Paris is beautiful.

Calum:  You speak Norwegian (holla to all my Norwegians ily)

“Jeg sverger å knulle hvis Ezra er AI vil krype til hollywood og knipse halsen! (I swear to fuck if Ezra is A I will crawl to Hollywood and snap your neck!)” I yelled at the TV.  I’ve been watching nothing but Pretty Little Liars for the past 2 days.  I’ve gone through 3 seasons I’m on a roll. 

“What did you just say?” Calum asks.  He walks into the room with a bowl of popcorn and sits next to me.  He pops one into his mouth.  “I’m just mad at the producers that’s all.  You see Ezra may be A and if Aria finds out she will flip her shit and sit in her room all day and basically want to kill herself.  But that’s what A wants, she wants to break the girls from the inside out and Im bare pizzed fordi Ezria er min OTP, og hvis han er A- (Im just pizzed because Ezria is my OTP and if he is A-)” Calum puts his hand over my mouth. “Hey!” I say, throwing his arm away. 
“Sorry babe.  But I have no idea what language you are speaking."  Calum says.  I pull my blanket closer to me and grab a handful of popcorn.  "It was Fangirl and Norwegian.  My mum is from Norway and she taught me some stuff and by the time I was 13 I was completely fluent."  I pop the popcorn in my mouth and chew.  "Ah I see.  Well go on continue fangirling in Norwegian because I think its really fascinating."  He winks and eats a handful of popcorn.  I smile. ”Nå trenger ikke få meg i gang på Ali. Så hun er “død” for som noen gang og så plutselig er hun i live, men hun kan ikke se dem ofte cuz hun er redd for A og rød frakk og alt dette andre tullet…(Now don’t get me started on Ali. So she is “dead” for like ever and then suddenly she’s alive but she cant see them often cuz she is scared of A and Red Coat and all this other bullshit…)“ Michael:  You speak German: "Happy Birthday Y/N!!” Michael yells as he burst through the door.  In his hands are presents and a cake.  Ashton Calum and Luke come in behind him, also with handfuls of presents. “Aww guys!  Thank you so much!"  I say.  I hug Michael and take the cake from his hands, putting it on the counter.  The boys put the presents on the couch and give me hug and "happy birthday”. We all sit around the fireplace as I open my presents.  From Michael I got a necklace, a pair of beautiful green converse, Doc Martins, and a kiss.  The other boys got me band t shirts, CDs, etc.  “Okay Y/N your mom wanted me to give this to you.” Michael says.  A giant bag is handed to be.  I reach in and take out the card.  It has a ladybug on the cover, since she knows my weird obsession with ladybugs. Since my mom is from Germany, the card is written in fluent German.  I giggled at all of her funny stories from when I was a little girl.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Michael trying to read the card. “Its German Michael.” I say to him.  The other boys look astonished while Michael looks confused.  “I had no idea you spoke German Y/N."  I nod my head.   "I lived in Germany for 9 years.” I say, “The card says,'  Hallo Schatz!  Ich vermisse dich wirklich!  Vor 19 Jahren an diesem Tag hatte ich ein schones kleines baby.  Sie haben in eine wunderschone frau geworden.’ which means, 'Hi honey!  I really miss you!  19 years ago on this day I had a beautiful little bay.  You have grown into a gorgeous woman.  Then she tells about the time where I got chased by a squirrel at a gas station, and the time I flipped off the referee at a baseball game, and a bunch of other times.”   Michael looks amazed that I can speak German that well.  “Can you teach me sometime?"  he asks.  I nod my head.” Ich liebe dich.“ I say.  "Ikh lebie dish.” he says, entirely wrong I might add.  “And what does that mean?” “Ich liebe dich means I love you.” I say, smiling.  “Awh I love you too baby.” he says, leaning in to kiss me.  I grab his face and the other boys scoff and fake hurl. 
Jessie’s Girl Prt. 3 | Rucas Fic

Lucas is excited for his camping trip with the guys. He was expecting some hiking, fishing and canned food. What he wasn’t expecting was meeting an amazing girl who he immediately has a connection to. The only problem? She’s his friend’s girlfriend. *Inspired by Rick Springfield’s song ‘Jessie’s Girl’.*

Part 1. Part 2. 

Lucas’ POV.

I was outside by the lake talking to Zay when Jessie comes over and tells me I’m “needed inside.” Initially I assumed it was Riley, why she would send her boyfriend for me I don’t know but I was about to find out.

I walk into the cabin but Riley’s nowhere in sight. I head for the kitchen and see her friend, Chai making what looks like a salad.

“Lucas, right?” She greets.

I nod my head and take another glance around.

“Look I’m going to cut right to the chase.” She says bluntly stabbing her knife into the cutting board. “Leave Riley alone.”

I shake my head in confusion as the blonde girl walks around the counter to continue. “I see the way you look at her. I get it, she’s stunning and really hard not to like but she has a boyfriend that she loves. Jessie’s a great guy and he doesn’t deserve that.”

I still haven’t said anything yet. Did she really get all this by noticing me looking at her or did she see us kiss? I step back as the girl steps closer to me.

“Avoid the drama Lucas.” She runs her finger along my jawline. “Get you a girl that isn’t emotionally unavailable, someone who’s single and not dragging you along…someone like me.”

She leans in to kiss me but stops when she hears footsteps walking up the stairs. Her eyes go bug-eyed and she pushes me into the pantry closing the door behind us.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask but she puts her hand over my mouth and shushes me.

The footsteps are in the kitchen now, I hear a very familiar voice call out my name.

At the sound of the voice Chai shoves me against the shelf which makes a loud thudding noise and presses her lips to mine.

The pantry door swings open and standing on the other side, mouth agape, is Riley.

I push Chai off of me realizing what she was trying to do. “Riley, I–.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just needed some help getting ice.” She says, averting eye contact.

“Oh I can help–.” I start to say but she cuts me off again. “Thanks but I’ll just ask Zay.” She turns on her feet and hurries out the door.

I turn my attention to Chai who’s nervously chewing on her lip.

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Welcome to New York Pt. 3 |GMW Fanfic

Lucas Friar and Isaiah Babineaux just graduated from college back in Austin, Texas. They decide it’s time for a change of pace and move into an apartment complex in New York City. Once they move in they discover they have some pretty interesting neighbors. There’s the genius with a strange name who lives directly above them, a weird guy with a knack for popping up, down the hall and straight across are three really pretty girls who could not be less available. *This will more than likely end up being pro rucas, pro zaya and pro smarckle – just a heads up*

Part 1 [X]
Part 2 [X]

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Part 3

The morning after the party was a blur. Everyone got wasted and their apartment was proof of that. There was crumbs and empty solo cups scattered around the floor and on the counters, a broken lamp smashed by the front door and indistinguishable fluids in the kitchen sink. Riley thought it looked like a crime scene. 

She stumbled out of her bedroom and into a knocked out Zay laying on her floor. What the f– She nudges him with her foot. Yup. Definitely knocked out. 

She grabs Zay by his arms and pulls him to the door, out into the hallway, passed the elevator, right up to his apartment and knocks.

A chipper Lucas answers, looking completely energized and awake.

“I think this belongs to you.” She groans, motioning to his passed out friend by her feet.

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Lukes part here but I’ll add it on here also

Masterlist | request here



“Come on Y/N dance with me” Luke slurred.

“I’m good” I laugh but as I’m about to have a sip of whatever I was drinking he pulled me to the make shift dance floor.

Luke’s friends back home had surprised 5sos with a party and because I was visiting him he took me along to say hi to everyone and meet the people I hadn’t already. I told Luke I wouldn’t be drinking much due to having to go out tomorrow with his mum, Luke however decided to have a blast after I said I would look after him. So that leads us to where we are now dancing to some song which was being blasted over the speakers. It may look like Luke and I was going out but in reality we were just best friends. We met when he was London and I was there looking at universities and walked into Starbucks to get my friend a drink and as cliché as it sounds he split his drink over me. We always laugh about our meeting every time people bring it up.

“You know it’s been a year today since I spilt that drink all over you” he whispered into my ear.

“Oh really” I asked shocked that he actually remembered the date because I didn’t.

“Yeah I mean it’s not a date you forget when you look at someone and seem to fall in love” he slurred head still by my ear.

“Okay you’re really drunk, I’m going to get you some water” I said lifting his head and going into the kitchen where I saw one of Luke’s friends I actual new and who was hosting this party.

“Y/N!” he shouted “How’s Luke”

“He’s fine Dan, just a bit drunk, any water I can get him” I asked

“Yeah sure here you go” Dan said passing me a bottle of water. “He is sure lucky to have you as a girlfriend” he mocked

“Oh come on Dan you out of everyone should know were just friends” I say

“Stop kidding yourselves ugh” he says throwing his hands up “you both know you have feelings for each other but you are both too scared to admit them to each other and if not them admit it to yourselves”

“Okay shut up I have to get this to Luke I will see you later” I said laughing and walking away.

I saw Luke talking to some girls and then I went over I tapped his side. He stop laughing at whatever his drunken self was laughing at and turned around.

“Speak of the lucky girl herself” he smirked.

“Oh so why am I lucky” I questioned back by now the girls had disappeared.

“I was just saying how Y/N was an amazing girl and how I wouldn’t have the balls to ask her out” he said, he must have thought he was talking to Calum or someone.

“Go on” I said

“Well her eyes they are so Y/E/C and he laugh is just amazing and the way she cares for everyone else before herself and I’ll let you in on a secret” he said motioning for me to come close and once again his lips were by my ears.

“I purposely split that coffee on her and when I found out she had a boyfriend I was sad but stayed friends yeah” he paused “also as bad as this sounds I was glad when they broke up as then her heart wouldn’t be broken again cause I plan on asking her out but no courage” he sighed.

After he said that he hugged me and took a long long sip of the water. We sat on the stairs hugging until he sobered up a bit to understand what he said.

“So did you mean it” I asked

“Mean what” he questioned

“I don’t know” I sighed and smiled having fun with this “you went on about a girl and made it seem like you were in love with her”

“Oh really” he smirked

“Yeah and she’s a lucky girl and I don’t know I think she always knew that about you” I smiled and that caught Luke’s attention.

“Really?” he smiled

“Yes really” I smiled back

“It’s about bloody time” I heard Calum yell.

“What” a drunken Michael appeared followed by Ashton and Dan

“They finally admitted their feelings….and a-all I-it took wa-a-was a drunken Luc-a-as” Calum slurred to which was responded by Michael, Ashton and Dan cheering.

The next thing I remembered was Luke’s lips on mine.


“Come on Y/N/N have fun” Calum shouted over the noise.

“I am Cal but remember I’m the designated driver and unless you want to walk 6 miles to your house I suggest you stop handing me alcoholic beverages” I smiled.

My childhood best friend since I was born as we lived next door to each other decided to just take me out randomly to a club with the boys.

“Come on Y/N please Ash isn’t drinking and I asked him to drive us back so you can have a good time and forget about school right Ash?” Calum said turning to Ashton who nodded.

“Yeah Y/N/N I’ll drive us back” he smiled

“Awh thanks Ash you’re the best” I smiled and went to hug him. He held me tighter than usual, we always have this friendship and Calum is always saying how we should either fuck or fuck. Calum pulled me away and made me head to the dance floor. After a couple songs I went to get a drink and talk to Ashton.

“So how are you?” Ashton asked when I reached him by the bar and taking a sip of his coke.

“I’m good, just need another drink” I laughed “are you sure you don’t mine driving us home I mean I can still do it if you want I really don’t mi-”

“It’s fine seriously, I have to be up early anyway to take Lauren and Harry to school while my mums away, so you have fun” he smiled at me.

“Well if you are sure” I say giving him a massive hug before ordering a vodka and coke.

I sat at the bar talking to Ashton about anything and everything. By now Ashton had brought me a couple of drinks so I was borderline drunk.

“Calum likes you, ya know” Ashton said with all serious in his voice. I laugh and shake my head.

“Of course and that’s why he is always saying me and you” I point back and forth between us “that we should ‘fuck or fuck’” I said with air quotations round the last part and laugh again feeling the effect of the alcohol.

“He says that to cover up his feelings but hey we easily could if it would make him happy” Ashton said with a smirk and winked at the end and then laughed.

I saw Calum looking towards us with what looked like lust filled eyes. It must have been the alcohol which effect what I did next.

“Yeah why not” I say to Ashton as I leaned towards and grabbed the back of his neck and brought my lips to his. He kissed back after a few seconds, lips moving with mine in sync.

We were pulled apart from a furious looking Calum.

“Okay Y/N were going” Calum said with anger in his voice

“But Ash is our ride home” I say confused

“Well fine but Michael and Luke are waiting by the car so come on” Calum said to me and Ashton. We shrugged and nodded as we followed him.

Even though I called shot gun Calum dragged me in the back with him and would always make sure a part of him was always touching me.

“What the hell Calum” I shout causing everyone in the car to look “what has gotten into you lately”

“Ugh just shut up and wait till we get home” he said trying to lower his voice so only I could hear.

“But why” I ask frustrated

“Y/N just please” he pleaded




“Y/N” he shouted

“Calum” I shouted back

“UGH” he shouted before pressing his lips to mine causing everyone to gasp.


The music was blasting through the entire house. Michael had invited me to this party as the boys friends had decided to celebrate their new album and success now that they are back in Sydney. Although I had only know Michael for about year we acted as though we had known each other since we were born we got along that easy. He asked me to go on your with him for the entire tour but I couldn’t, I had school to worry about and exams to do. I knew a couple people so I told Michael it was okay to leave me be although he seemed hesitant to.

“Oh my God Michael just go have fun already” I sigh annoyingly “go find some girl to screw in a closet like you usually do and then you come and tell me about it like you usually do”

“Well okay then” he said seeming more himself.

Of course I liked Michael and Michael liked me but we were bad for each other, we tried to have a relationship before but it didn’t work. Of course I get jealous of the girls and he gets jealous of the guys but we always we took each other’s V cards so we knew at least the person cares. That’s how our relationship started, took each other’s virginity and then did friends with benefits and tried a relationship and it worked well but it was weird and we stop seeing each other as best friend and felt we had to act a certain way. Of course we still hook up now and again because to be honest Michael is the best I have ever had and he says the same but it means nothing more than lust. Love doesn’t exist and it’s only lust.

I saw Michael again after 3 hours to which were filled with guys trying to flirt with me and me offering to meet one again in a couple minutes to get down and dirty in a room. I saw Michael coming out of the closet followed closely by a girl who rushed out behind him and left. Obviously ashamed of what went down, he always did have the charmed. I laughed to myself and Michael must have heard me.

“Well, well, well Y/N, looks like I can talk to you now” he slurred

“Wow Michael, took you longer than usual, how drunk are you?” I question, I myself had only had a few drinks and was near tipsy.

“I have no idea, people kept telling me to drink so I drank” he laughed “I’m going to go outside for a bit I’ll you later” he said as he stumbled away.

Just as he started to walk away I made my way upstairs to see the guy from earlier waiting,

“So you still up for it” he asked

“Deffo lets go”

We headed into the bedroom and started to get undress, just as all our clothes were on the floor, the condom was on (safe sex yo) and he just entered the door swung open and banged the wall.

“Get the fuck out of her and off her right now and piss off” a little but more sobered Michael said. I was horrified.

“WHAT THE HELL MICHAEL” I shouted as the guy left the room. Luckily I got his number earlier. “I’ll call you so we can still do this” I said as he left to which he smirked and nodded.

“Y/N WHAT THE HELL” Michael shouted.

“what do you mean Michael, God you are such a cock block, I don’t come and burst into your shag sessions so why do you always do it to me” I say referring to the times Michael always ‘accidentally’ walked in.

“Sorry I don’t want you to act like a slut, you’re more than that” he says taking a sip of whatever was in his hand, obvious still drunk.

I get up and get dressed and drag him out the house.

“Come on were going home” I stay pissed at him to which he drunkenly followed.


“Are you having fun babe” I ask a drunken Ashton.

“Yeah babe, you should drink” he slurred

“You know I can’t as I’m the designated driver tonight” I laugh.

The boys were at a party for the release of their new album. I told Ashton I would drive us back and he should let go and stop being the father figure because he deserved it and I wasn’t much of a drinker anyway. We had been here for about 3 hours and most of each was spent laughing at the boys. They didn’t drink for the first hour as they had to perform some songs of the album but once they performed they were drinking as if there was no tomorrow

“Right, yes, my smart, safe, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy as hell, best friend Y/N” he slurred, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Oh Mr Flirty I think it’s time you go annoy Calum and be a cock block for a bit” I laugh

“Nope I’m fine being here and your cock block”

“Excuse me but I don’t sleep around”

“Oh stop lying your too much of a good girl and good girls are bad girls” he winked making us both laugh at the song reference.

“Mm maybe” I say and then lean in close “but I guess you’ll never know” I laugh and lean back.

“Oh Y/N, stop being a tease, you know I get horny quickly when I’m drunk” I sighed

“Woops sorry must’ve forgot” I laugh and wink at him which makes me give out an exaggerated sigh.

After trying to get a longer conversation out of a drunken Ash I told him to go dance to which of course he dragged me with him. It started off clean and normal just two friends until he pulled me closer so he was basically grinding on me, I didn’t know why until I saw some guy eyeing me at the bar to which I winked, Ashton must’ve have saw me and also saw the guy smirk and hold his glass up because he tightened his grip on me, it wasn’t until I was paying more attention I noticed something hard poking my front, to which I turned round pressed into him and then turned round again and kissed his neck.

“You know what, you haven’t got fucked yet so you know I will take up the offer if you want” I lean in his ear and whisper.

“Oh God please” he begged to which I looked up and nodded.

Avoiding the paparazzi outside the club, the car ride back to the hotel and the journey to our shared room Ashton had a tough time keeping his hands off of me. As soon as the door shut he held me against it and kissed me lips softly but full of passion. He put he hands on my bum and squeezed it making me jump to which he picked me up and put me on the bed, we were sharing a bed as that’s how close we were. He started to undress me and our clothes were everywhere leaving Ashton in his boxers and me in my matching red lingerie.

“Holy shit” he whispered “most girls go black and you go firey red, not such a good girl are you” he said kissing me.

“Wait Ash” I paused and looked at him “I can’t do this” I sighed, he looked disappointed.

“Oh okay” he said getting off me

“No I want to but I don’t want your first time being drunk and probably going to regret it like me” I saw he looked sad as I stopped him “But if you still want this in the morning when you’re sober okay”

“okay” he smiled “you always take care of me and want me first time to be special” he smiled understanding “cuddle?” he asked

“Yeah cuddle” I smiled cuddling into his side.

If I could make Ashtons first time special it would make me happy.