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The Japanese voice work for RWBY is so good. It makes me happy that they’re getting such solid performances over there considering how big the show has gotten in Japan

I don’t want to make this long and I’ve debated about whether or not I wanted to post anything, but I feel it necessary to those of you that follow to say a little something.

Due to some personal stuff going on in my life, I’ve had to take a severe step back from certain projects and things related to this website and fandom. I still love Mass Effect and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, but I may have to take a short hiatus or two while I get things in my life sorted. Clearly, I hope you’ll all stick around during those times of absence, but I understand if you don’t. DME has been posting daily since late October 2015, so I think that taking some time off isn’t necessarily a BAD thing overall, anyway.

Even in the midst of what’s going on, I do want to say that scheduling my queue and seeing all the Mass Effect content that this community continues to produce is a wonderful and happy distraction for me. Things in my life are drastically different than they were just a month ago so having this place to dive into to take my mind off of things is really nice.

I’ve had some spectacular folks supporting me behind the scenes (a few tumblr peeps on top of some very special real life peeps). There are those of you who are helping me without even knowing it by making me smile and allowing me see that there are still beautiful and wonderful things going on out in the world.

In the beginning, I started this place as an homage to this series that helped me through a VERY difficult mental time in my life and I know I will continue to look to it to help me through this as well.

If Shepard can do it, so can I.

Thank you all.
Much ❤
~ Marina / Dustie

hey guys, im sorry ive been so inactive one here and on inkyboss. ive been really really super busy with final exams and turning in late work. throughout the entirety of last week i was staying after school everyday to get work done and turned in. so ive been working my ass off. this is the last week of school for me until summer break so hopefully ill be able to grace you all with my ideas for my aus and art and other stupid shit more so when that time comes <3

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Holy crap, thank you everyone that is following this blog!
Whether you are here for knightly aesthetics, RPG stuff, my random historical rants, the dank humour, or just ship Knight/Beguiler (I’m sure there are a few of you), THANK YOU for being part of this little project of mine.

I’m so glad you are all here, because this blog is run for YOU. YOU, the individual reading this, are the reason Knight keeps posting here. YOU are who I want to inspire, bring a smile to, and have follow this blog for no reason other than because it brings you some inspiration, joy, or simple pleasure reading through my content.

THANK YOU for following this blog. No matter your reasons for staying, I’m glad you’re here.

LLSHP Ch6 - Calling

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7: Unbreakable Vow (TBD)]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: I have no excuses. I’m sorry this chapter is so delayed (눈_눈) anyone still remember this AU? lolool Maa, I would consider this a rest chapter? At least, the plot is moving =A=;;; Anyway, any feedback is very needed greatly appreciated!
Words: 5,594

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Shirayuki was starting to feel some false pride in her sneaking and stealth skills, but something inside her said that the reason nobody caught her yet was because the place was a mess after the news of the recent attack on the Sreg fort near Willant spread like wildfire, that even guards from Larias in the far north were required to attend immediately as many there were injured and manpower was desperately needed. And since the messenger birds could not survive in colder weather because of their tropical origin it was out of question sending a telegram to the northern checkpoint and only one man whether tired and injured or not could convey the message as fast as possible.

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SO, I have reached 500 in like the two / three months i have been on tumblr YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND INSANE. (Well I am at like 600 but i kinda forgot to post this) so here are some of the people who have already made my life on here so wonderful thought i haven’t been on here long. I look forward to getting to know more of you lovely people.  PLEASE FOLLOW THEM IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY:

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GAHH I CANT BELIEVE I ALMOST MISSED THIS Thank you all so much for 1.5k followers I legit can’t believe this and I’m doin mah happy dance right now You’re all precious beans and you all mean a lot to me and I love and appreciate all of you :)

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