3 more weeks baby!!!


This is a guide on PREGNANCY. As somebody who has been pregnant twice and is currently studying Medical Science, I have a realistic approach on how to roleplay a realistic pregnancy. This includes the size of the baby inside the womb, what it’s capable of, to symptoms, labor, facts and more. EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT. This is just a guide and experience.  

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Another little spoiled Evans is joining the clan soon. 3 more weeks to go. Our ‘Baby Sprinkle’ was a success if I weren’t forced to have a Baby Shower this go round I wouldn’t have… but it was fun being around friends and family. We appreciate each and every gift. And for the inquisitive minds that ask daily, yes I am having a Home-Birth again. 🎀🌸👶🍼 #HowCuteWereTheBabyShowerDecorations? 

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They Post A Pic of the Bump

Pierce the Veil Preference


Caught Y/N in the act of rubbing lotion on her belly. Our son might never meet daddy for this one…


Only 3 more weeks until I get to meet baby turtle :)


We were driving up to Northern California yesterday and I was like hey Y/N it’s a felid and this ended up happening….


Baby number 2 is coming soon!!

I want this baby out.

I want this baby out.

“3 more weeks, Amy, she still needs a little bit more time to grow.”

“I know, and I want her to be healthy, it’s just…” she sighs, “I feel like a giant whale and I’m so hot. Why is it so hot? It’s October. It should not be this hot!”

Rubbing her shoulders, he leans down and kisses her temple. “You are beautiful. You don’t look like a whale. You look pregnant and radiant. And I love you.”

“Owen, if I wore a black swimsuit in the ocean, Shamu would try to mate with me.”

He stifles a laugh and shakes his head. “How about I turn up the air conditioning and get you a popsicle?”

“Okay, but only if it’s banana flavored. Baby wants banana.” She rubs her belly.

Owen is grateful that his changing of subject worked so well. He didn’t want to touch the Shamu joke with a ten-foot pole.

Returning from the kitchen, Owen hands over the popsicle, but not before giving it a quick lick first.

Amelia groans, “Now you’ve contaminated it. Gross.”

“Sorry, I just had to try it first, and make sure it wasn’t poison.” He laughs.

“Fine, I GUESS I’ll eat it.”

She reaches out her hand for the popsicle and Owen places it into her hand. Popping it into her mouth, Amelia’s sparkle returns.

“Mmmmm, this is good. Just what the doctor ordered.” She winks at him.

Owen smiles and plops down on the couch next to her. He is surprised when she offers up another taste of the popsicle.

“No thank you, I enjoy watching you eat that much more than you know”

She slaps his arm and places a sticky, cold kiss on his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too. 21 more days.”

Her eyes drop. “Don’t remind me. Sea World is probably already trying to contact me for their next exhibit”

This time he can’t help but laugh. Now he wants this baby out too, just so he doesn’t have to hear anymore whale jokes from his very pregnant wife.

crying 4/4

alright so its only been about a billion years and I’m so sorry that i have to come back with a crappy preference but what can you do (besides taking time to write instead of complaining that you’re bored all the time) anyway here yeah go


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“Honey I’m home” Michael yells throwing the door close with a small smile.  Your head peaks over the couch to see your boyfriend.  He throws his car keys onto the counter and plops himself down on the couch next to you.  You didn’t move your eyes from the television where the intro to Friends began playing.  Once Michael realized you were hypnotized into the TV he left the couch to change.  You let out a long breath, throwing your hand up into your hair to move it out of your face.  For some reason you were feeling really on edge today.  Michael came back in a tee shirt and a pair of basket ball shorts.  Lifting up the blanket you were wrapped into, he sat down once again, this time wrapping his arms around your stomach and resting his head into your shoulder.  “whats wrong baby?” he whispered quietly to you.  You shrugged, turning your head a little once you felt tears in your eyes.  You felt so stupid crying for no reason.  “i know somethings wrong” he egged on, pulling you closer to him.  “i’m fine” your voice broke and that just made you want to cry even more.  Michael sat up straight letting you curl your legs up to your chest and turn your face away from him.  “(y/nick/n)” he whispered.  You shook your head “its nothing really I’m just being stupid” you laughed a little finally turning towards him and wiping your eyes “see I’m fine”  Michael frowned, knowing something was up.  “you can tell me babe I promise I wont judge” he scooted closer and put your legs over his.  More tears fell down your cheeks.  When Michael saw that you were just getting more upset he held you to his chest and brushed your hair down.  “shh its okay we can talk later okay?” you sobbed into his chest, his thumb rubbing circles into your knee and playing with your hair with the other.  


You thought dropping Luke off at the airport would be a lot harder than picking him up, but with the amount of cleaning and running and preparing for his arrival it may have stressed you out just the same.  The night before you were up all night not being able to wait, sure it was childish but it had been so long.  You woke up bright and early to get ready and then drove 2 hours to the airport where Luke wouldn’t even be arriving for another hour.  After getting through security you were met by a small group of fans who were also waiting for their arrival.  You chatted and took pictures until the plane landed.  Your smile could’ve reached an entire different country by now and your feet were bouncing up and down as if they had their own mind.  Knowing the princess Luke was you knew he had first class and would be one of the first ones out.  So once you saw the tall mop of blonde hair you couldn’t help but charge at him.  I swear if you guys where in a movie scene he would’ve seen you before but instead you collided straight into his chest almost knocking him right into Ashton.  Luke’s arms were finally wrapped around you and you felt yourself getting emotional being able to actually feel him again.  You let out a sort of laughy-sob into his chest and the vibrations of Luke’s laugh made you laugh even more.  He pulled back for a moment, using his thumbs to brush the tears out of your eyes.  “I missed you beautiful” he finally, after what felt like years, reached down to press his peanut flavored lips to your perfectly lip glossed ones.  And you wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.  


Calum usually isn’t very emotional but lately the boys could tell something was wrong.  It was their 2nd month into the tour and it was going great.  They’re only 1 month away from a week back at home.  From what they’ve been told things were great with you and Calum.  And from what you were aware of things were great with you two, aside from the being away from each other part.  When the boys told you that Calum was feeling pretty lousy you decided to Skype him.  He picked up on one of the very last rings.  The screen was pretty dark but the light from his phone lit his small bunk area.  “hey babe i’m sorry did i wake you?” he rubbed his eyes with a blank expression “yeah but its okay.  whats up?” you gave I’m a small smile “ the boys said you weren’t being yourself, anything you want to talk about” you could tell there was because he started looking at everything except your face “no..” he mumbled “Calum” you warned like your mother would.  he let out a sigh “i just miss you a lot” his voice was shaky which took you back a little.  you’ve never seen Calum cry and you didn’t know if you could without crying yourself.  “Cal, i miss you too baby but its only 3 more weeks, thats closer than we’ve been since you left” you laughed but instead of cheering him up, it just seemed to upset him more.  Tears brimmed the bottom of his eyes and his lip stuck out. “Cal please don’t cry, I’m going to start if you do”  He wiped his eyes nodding “I’m sorry Im okay i promise” you smiled “i love you” he smiled “ i love you too”


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18 hours.  You guys have been in the hospital for 18 hours.  Your water had broken (18 hours prior) in a taxi on your way home from dinner.  Luckily the hospital wasn’t far, unluckily your child was just as stubborn as your husband and didn’t want to do things the way you planned.  Ashton, much to your dismay, had left you at the hospital in a tornado of destruction, screaming about the baby bag.  You sighed, rolling your eyes and checking yourself in.  Ashton had fallen asleep on the floor, wrapped in a sweatshirt that was originally meant for you.  He had woken up in a flash of questions before the doctor had even had a chance to breathe.  Your contractions were hurting to the point of no return by now and your frantic husband wasn’t doing much to help.  “Ashton” you growled at him, he immediately backtracked and took your hand in his kissing your knuckles gently.  The doctor had began with the demands.  push. push. push.  if it wasn’t Ashton irritating you it was the stupid doctor.  Finally you heard the surprisingly soothing sound of screaming.  Your breathing gradually slowed back down as the nurses washed your baby girl off.  Ashton was no longer on your nerves, the doctor was no longer yelling obvious commands and your little girl was finally here.  Everything felt at rest.  The nurse handed the tiny bundle of pink over to you and you immediately fell in love.  She was the most precious thing in the world.  You cooed at her and talked to her in a quiet whisper until you finally looked over to Ashton who was surprisingly crying.  “Ash” you laugh “im fine Im just so happy” he smiles

Finding out the gender and surprising court date

Jake and Noelle were settling nicely in London. Jake could see Noelle felt safer and they decided that they would start to go house looking after they find out the gender of the baby so then they could buy more stuff for the baby. It was now 3 weeks since they arrived in London and today was the day they find out the sex. Jake got up early and made noelle breakfast before he got a call of his lawyer they wanted to meet up with him in a court. He was confused but was told it was really important and about his mom’s murder. He then realised it clashed with the sonogram and he was devestated and hoped Noelle understood.

“Close as Strangers” — Calum Hood One Shot

Word Counter: 2883 with lyrics.
Warning: Involves smut.
A/N: Hi, well this is my first One Shot thingy so I apologize in advance if it is really shitty. It was inspired by the song Close as Stranger by 5sos, so I highly request that you should listen to the song before you read this, if you haven’t heard it yet. You are welcome to request at anytime. Enjoy.


“I miss you.”
I texted him for the what feels like the 1000 time.
“I miss you too.” He texted back. I really did miss him, more than anything. I haven’t seen him in the past 6 weeks. I should be used to it by now, but this time it’s extra hard. I felt my phone vibrate, it was another text from him.
“3 more weeks baby.” I read, as I sighed.
I went out from the Messages app, and into my Camera Roll. I regularly never look through my pictures, but now I decided to. I scroll through my photo’s, and see a whole bunch with me and him. I smile, and click on the first one. I picture of me and Calum appear on the screen. His smile facing the camera, and me doing the same. I scroll to the next one. This time, instead of facing the camera, Calum is facing me. He is smiling, looking at me. I smiled, blushing a little bit. I scroll to the next photo. In this one, Calum’s nose is against my cheek, and me bursting out in tears. I still remember that day perfectly, it was right in this bed I am laying on right now. It was his birthday, and I made a special birthday party, for just the two of us. Little did I know that the next day, he told me he was going on a two month long tour. I keept scrolling through the pictures we we took, until I found something I didn’t expect to see. It was a video of him. I clicked on it.
“Hi Y/N, it’s me Cal. Well, you’re in the bathroom right now, and I have to finish this before you come out. So what I wanted to say, is that you mean a whole lot to me. I love you more than anything.” I was crying at this point. “And, um, I really don’t understand how you could keep up with me for this long.” He laughed, and that made me cry even more. “And I’m really sorry about the tour, I’m so sorry about everything you have to go through because of me. You might not know this but it really does kill me too, to not be around you, and not kissing you whenever I want to. I mean, how can you blame me not to be upset about that. But yeah, I’m gonna miss everything about you, even your horrible cooking. Come on, in all seriousness that cake you just made sucked.” I smiled, he’s so stupid, like I didn’t noticed he hated my cooking. “But I think I can hear you coming out of that bathroom now. So um, I love you soooo much. Alright bye.” He finished it off. I started full out bursting out in tears right there.

3 weeks has passed since, and I was now at the airport waiting for him. Those 3 weeks have been very hard, I honestly don’t know how I managed to fight through them. I waited for about 20 minutes, until I finally heard it. “Y/N.” You looked at the direction you heard your name. There he was, standing with his Nirvana shirt on & and black bag around his shoulder. I ran towards him, and his arms went wide. I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 2 months. I felt like crying out my happiness but held it all in. “I missed you so much.” He whispered in my ear, then kissing the side of my head. “I missed you too.” I said back. We slowly let go of each other. He wrapped his hands around the back of my neck, his thumbs tracing my cheeks. “I love you.” He said. “And I love you.” I replied. I felt his lips touch mine. The soft, smooth lips I’ve been crawing this whole time. I grapped his shirt in my hands deepening the kiss even more. “Guys, I think that’s enough.” I heard Michael say behind us. We pulled away from the kiss and faced him. I laughed slightly seeing the 3 guys in front of me. I greeted them all with big smiles and warm hugs, and they did the same. “Hey, we are gonna head to the hotel, you two can hang out if you want.” Luke said. Calum and I looked at each other and nodded.
The guys went back to the hotel, and I felt Calum grapping me from behind. I smiled. “So, were do you wanna go?” I asked him, turning my face so I was now facing him. “I honestly don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be with you.” He said, I blushed slightly. “My house?” I asked. “Your house.” He replied.

I got my keys out of my pocket and fitted in the door key. I felt his hands land on my waist, and his lips on the side of my neck. I smiled, and opened the door. “You can’t seem to keep your hands of me today.” I said. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while so think I have a good reason.” He said laying his bag down on the ground. I took his hands on mine and lead him to my bedroom. “Come.” I said, biting my bottom lip. He smirked, as we entered the bedroom. “What are we doing in here.” He asked, he didn’t need an answer to that question, he knew exactly what was going on. I reached my hand up to my chest, unbuttoning my shirt. He stepped closer and closer to me until I was pressed up against the wall. His got closer to mine, till they were tracing each others. He bit my bottom lip slightly. “Stop teasing.” I was able to let out. He smiled, crashing his lips with mine. He pulled his tongue inside my mouth, exploring every inch of it. I pulled him back till he landed on the bed. I was on top of him. His hand went up and down my thighs, he squeezed it which forced me to let out a moan against his lips. I let go of his lips, taking off my shirt, exposing my black lace bra. He turned me over so he was now in control. His lips made it’s way to my neck, sucking it hard. This would leave me with multiple hickeys, that I was assure of. He travelled his hand to my back, taking of my bra, throwing it on the ground. He squeezed my boob roughly. I putted my hands on the tip of his shirt, taking it of off his body. I made eye contact with him for a moment. “I want you.” I whispered. I felt his hands on my shorts, unbuttoning them, then throwing them on the ground. I did the same with his pants and boxers. I felt him roughly rip my panties off. He slowly pulled in, and I felt it. I knocked my head back, moaning quietly. He rested his elbows on my sides so he wouldn’t crush my from his weight. He went faster and I moaned louder. “I-I’m gonna cum.” I let out. “Hold on, babygirl.” He said. His lips met mine again, for a even more passionate kiss. My hands went through his hair. “I’m almost there.” He said. I closed myself around him, trying to hold back. He went even faster, until I felt him release, and I did too.

We got dressed, and sat back down on the bed. “That was amazing.” I said, biting my lip. He smiled, taking my hand, lacing our fingers together. “You know I love you right?” He said, looking me in the eyes. I raised my eyebrow at him. “Of course I do, why would you ask that?” I said with a little laugh in between. He inhaled deeply, and exhaled. “The boys and I got a call from our manager, and we’ve decided to arrange a tour around Europe.” My heart broke by his words. Another tour, already. After his two month long tour around USA, Canada & Australia. “When is it?” I asked. “2 weeks.” He replied. “ “Then we’ll get to be together for 2 more weeks.” I said putting my other hand on top of his. “We can’t, I’m already traveling to London in 2 days.” I was stunned. I took my hands through my hair. “Long distance, again?” I said. I felt his hand tighten against mine. “I really can’t do that, Y/N. I can’t go through that again. I can’t let you go through that again.” He said, I looked at him. “W-What do you mean.” I said, getting worried. “I just noticed how much I would miss you, and I can’t go through everyday, missing you. I go on stage, thinking about you. I don’t talk to people. It feels like the only one I want to be with is you. I keep wondering if one day, you will change, and I’ll lose you. Everyday, you feel a little further away.” He said. I struggled with holding my tears back. “We can keep contact, texting, calling, everything.” I said. “Late night calls and another text, is that as good as we’re gonna get? Every time someone is taking me away from you.” He paused. “I really can’t do that anymore. I can’t take hearing you cry through the phone, telling me that you miss me. The fact I can’t do one damn thing about it kills me.” He finished. I clenched my jaw to keep myself from crying. “So it’s just over, like that?” I said. He took my hand. “Y/N.” I said. I took his hand away from mine. “Don’t. Please, just go.” I said not facing him. “Don’t do this, Y/N-” I interrupted him before he could finish. “I said go.” My voice cracked at that point. I guided him out of the door, closing it on him. I pressed my back against the door, falling slowly, I pulled my knees to my face and started crying.
That was last i saw of Calum Hood.

6 months has passed since the terrible break-up, and there hasen’t been a day where I didn’t miss him. It’s true, every single day, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And it wasn’t easier that I kept seeing posters, commercials, and even cabs with 5SOS all over them. Their new album was releasing, they have become a lot bigger recently.
But I, I was in New York for the summer. I was having a vacation with my friends, trying to get my mind of things, my mind of him.
I was not at the Streets of New York with my friends, just having a good time. Guys even gave me their phone numbers, but I’m really don’t planing on calling any of them. The last thing I need right now, is another relationship. I got interrupted in my throughs by the sound of music playing. “If you don’t swim, you’ll drown, but don’t move, honey.” The lyrics for She Looks So Perfect started playing in a store. I sighed slightly. I’m not really surprised, their album was released today. I felt someone’s hand on my back. “Hey, you okay?” My best friend, Robin asked me. I looked at her, and smiled. “I’m fine. Thank you.” I said back. But I really wasn’t. Everytime I heard his voice or saw how much he changed made me realize how much of a mistake I made by telling him to get out. I messed up, big time.
I got back from the shopping spree and back to my hotel room. I was there for a while, until I heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” I yelled as my friends came in, looking like they were going out again. “Get up, Y/N. We’re going.” They said. I raised my eyebrow at them. “Where are we going?” I asked. “A gig. You’ll know which gig when we arrive. Now go get changed, we’re running late!” They said. I really didn’t have any better plans, so I decided to go.
We arrived at the gig, and not gonna lie, it was great. Amazing artists, amazing people and just an amazing time. We were there about an hour, until I heard the host say: “Having fun New York?! Well it’s about to get a lot funner! Everyone, give it up for, 5 Seconds of Summer!” My heart sank. I looked at my friends. “5 Seconds of Summer is here?” They smiled mysteriously at each other, and didn’t answer. I wanted to leave, but the huge crowd were blocking the way. I saw the guys got up to the stage, and the crowd went wild. I stood there, alone, trying to cover my face. “What’s up New York!” Michael said into the microphone. “We’re 5 Seconds of Summer.” Luke said. “Unfortunately, we only have time for one song. But it is a really special song. Calum.” Ashton said giving the word to Calum. Calum took a deep breathe. “Hi, my name is Calum if you didn’t know.” The crowd laughed. “Well, I wrote this song a little while ago. It’s about a girl I broke up with about 6 months ago. That was probably the worst decision I ever made. And this is my way of telling her, I still love her.” His eyes met mine, and he smiled. “This song is called, Close as Strangers.” I covered my month with my hands and the guitar started playing.

Six weeks since I’ve been away
And now your sayin’ everything has changed
And I’m afraid that I might be losing you
Now every night that I spend alone
Kills me thinking of you on your own
And I wish I was back home next to you
Oh everyday
You feel a little bit further away
And I don’t know what to say
Are we wasting time
talking on a broken line
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
I feel like we’re as close as strangers
I won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
Every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we’re as close as strangers
Late night calls and another text
Is this as good as we’re gonna get?
Another timezone taking me away from you
Livin dreams and fluorescent lights
While you and I are running out of time
But you know that I’ll always wait for you
Oh everyday
You feel a little bit further away
and I don’t know what to say
Are we wasting time
talking on a broken line
Telling you I
haven’t seen your face in ages
I feel like we’re as close as strangers
I won’t give up
even though it hurts so much
Every night I"m losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we’re as close as strangers
On the phone
I can tell that you wanna move on
Through the tears
I can hear that I shouldn’t have gone
Every day, gets harder to stay away from you
So tell me are we wasting time
talking on a broken line
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
I feel like we’re as close as strangers
Wasting time
talking on a broken line
telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages
I feel like we’re as close as strangers
I won’t give up
Even though it hurts so much
Every night, I’m losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we’re as close as strangers
6 months since I went away
I didn’t know everything has changed
But tomorrow I’ll be coming back to you

The crowd started clapping, but if could barely hear anything by the sound of my heart. All this time, he felt the same way. How could I have been so blind. I could feel my eyes watering. The boys left the stage and I started running towards them. I squished myself through the crowd. I got through and started running again. And I saw him. I stopped. His eyes met mine. I almost tackled him with a hug. His arms went around me, his strong, warm arms I’ve missed for the past 6 months were finally around me. I started crying in the crook of his neck and I felt his hand trace my hair slightly. “Shh, baby. Don’t cry.” He said as he putted his hand on the back of my neck, with his thumbs tracing my cheeks. “But how, when, why?” I said. He smiled. “How – because I can. When – I heard you were in the city, so I decided to talk to your friends. Why –” he stopped and pulled himself closer to me. I felt his warm lips on mine, going perfectly against each other. How I missed this feeling. His hands weren’t from my face to my waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. This was probably the longest and most passionate kiss we ever had. My stomach felt everything, every moment of it. He slowly pulled away and placed his forehead on mine. “Because I love you.” He said.
That was the best day of my entire life.


2 am Conversations

A/N: Oneshot Someone requested yesterday

It’d been 2 weeks, 5 in a half days, and 12  long hours since they’d seen each other, and Val was pretty sure he was gonna to loose his mind.

Between their constant busy schedules, and careers in full drive  being in the same city at the same time was almost impossible.

Either she was in L.A. and he was in New York, or both were out of the country.

But today, she was supposed to be all his. Luck of course was not on their side.

He was supposed to take  a break from his hectic schedule to meet her halfway in Boston of all places. But there was scheduling conflicts and he wasn’t able to make it.


He could hear her take in a breath trying to even out her voice before speaking.

Val had tried his best to make it to Boston to spend a quick few hours with Z before she had to jet off to Spain for 3 more weeks.

“Baby?” He repeated when the line sounded too empty on her end.

“Yeah”, Z breathed finally. “ I heard you…”

“I really wish I could be there with you tonight, but the meeting for Valentin went over and I ended up missing my flight…”, His voice sounded tired and cracked.

“I know”, Z agreed.

“And Janel needed extra help with her quick step, so I couldn’t just leave…”, Val tried to explain.

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Snapshot 1

It felt like you had been waiting for ages, and you had. But once the pain began, you wished that you had a little more time. Besides, your baby wasnt due for another 3 weeks. Terror ran through you, wondering if it was going to be alright. You gasped in at the feeling of the contraction. Holding onto your stomach, and the counter beside you. The knife you had been chopping vegetables with dropped to the ground. Blinking quickly as though that would clear your head any. But the signals of pain were still coming. 

You could hear silence from the next room over where Tom had been running his lines just moment before. Hearing his voice was only a small comfort “Darling, are you alright?” There was a fer in his voice. He knew the due date. You were early. His fears were confirmed when he stood in the doorway, looking at you for only a moment before his natural instinct to sooth jumped in. He practically leapt forward, one hand around your waist as he guided you to the table, pulling out a chair and sitting you down. Tom knelt infront of you, between your legs, his hands on your hips as you breathed deep, shagged breaths. His eyes trained on yours, waiting to see if you couldnt handle it. His fingers were moving in supposed soothing circles, but were clearly trembling. Your face contracted along with your thighs and stomach, a final shudder running through you as the contraction ended. Now your breaths were slow, and calming. 

“One down” He whispered, an empathetic, and helpless smile on his lips. “Darling tell me what to do, how can i help?” He had been to the parenting classes. He should know what to do! You suppressed your clearly irrational, and hormonal anger, telling yourself that he was in more shock than you. He could do nothing to help. “Bring me to the bedroom” You murmured, thinking that if you could lay down, then it might feel better. You managed to get to the bed without any pain, but your insides were quivering, just waiting for the pain to return as you knew it was inevitable to. But laying down made everything worse, and the moment your head hit the pillow, you popped back up again as the next surge came. Opening your mouth in an audible groan this time. Bending yourself as far in half as you possibly could, Feeling like you were trying to crap out, well… a baby!

Tom looked clearly frightened at this point, but stood back, unknowing of how to help “Bend me over” You muttered. He supported you as you stood, leaning your hips against the bed, your stomach flat, grabbing a pillow to keep your chest on the same level. Tom stood behind you, rubbing your back gently. It felt good as the pain came in its waves. 

Two more hours of this, and you were done. Your parents had been informed, but were not scheduled to come for another week. And with the storms, there was no way they could make it to London in time for the delivery. Your mother had whispered comforting words, but they just didnt seem like enough at the moment. So for the first time, you shouted at Tom “Get me a taxi. I need to get to the bloody hospital!” He snapped right to it, you watched, facing sideways as he grabbed his cellphone, calling 999. You sighed. You had discussed this earlier. Ambulances would only add to the medical bills, and being the penny pincher you were, together you had decided a cab was cheaper. When Tom saw your look, his shoulders sagged, looking like a wounded puppy. ” (Y/N) You are in labour, im not having my wife give birth in a cab, at least an ambulance will get us there faster”

And it did. But the pain didnt lessen. Tom held tight to your hand despite the Paramedics asking him to let go. A soft chuckle escaped your lips at the sight of his fingers. They were slightly purple, but when you went to release him, he only held on tighter, a grim look on his already paled face. He brought his lips to your forehead and laid several soft kisses on it before murmuring in your ear “Dont let go, whatever you do, dont let go” You nodded, but couldnt bear to speak as the pain worsened. 

When you arrived at the hospital, Tom followed in, ignoring any and all medical personal, and following you straight into your delivery room. The doctor informed you that it wouldnt be long, and if you wished for an epidural, now would be the time. Tom answered for you, his voice cracking as he barked out the order “Yes! Cant you see how much pain she is in!” You patted his hand, nodding at the doctor who still looked to you for confirmation. He raced out of the room, shouting down the hall for the anesthesiologist. Several minutes later, you could feel it. The medication numbing everything south. When the doctor asked “Can you feel this?” Your tired response was “Feel what?” Tom smiled again once you had laid down, sitting beside your bed, his hand still clutched in yours. You gestured for him to come closer, and he did, whispering in his ear “Hey Tom… I think were about to have a baby”

His laugh was the calm you needed, his dewey eyes on yours as he leaned down to kiss your lips “Yes my love, i think we are.” Half an hour later, it was time. Time to push. Luckily you couldnt feel a thing, only pressure as you watched withe mixed horror and awe as your daughter popped right out of your body. Tears in both your and Tom’s eyes when they handed her to you, and he stroked her cheek tenderly with his index finger whispering “Well hello there little one” Her tiny hand reached out towards him, and he caught it. Her fingers wrapping barely half way around his finger.

And you watched him fall in love.