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Heartbreak Girl - Jack Avery

A/N:  Requested from the prompt list, #43 “Hey, you’re safe now, its over” and #94 “I’m gonna take good care of you” I kinda put my own little twist on it so please don’t hate me!

Summary: You got out of a messy relationship 3 months ago and your best friend Jack comforts you (your ex’s name is Michael btw)

Warning: Cursing

“I can’t fucking stand him!” You shrieked, slamming the front door of the WDW house behind you.

all the boys were sitting on the couch, playing some video game, Jack rushed towards you and placed his hands on your shoulders, scanning your face before speaking. “you need to calm down” you pushed him away from you and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Don’t tell me what to do Jack!” you sneered, staring into his brown eyes. He mimicked your body language.

You barged into my house Y/N” he retaliated, your eyes softened and you dropped your hands.

“I’m sorry it’s just,” you let out a frustrated sigh and ran a hand through your hair “It’s Just Michael, H-He’s with someone else” your voice broke as you blinked the tears out of your eyes.

Jack looked behind him to see the boys looking our way, their heads snapping back towards the tv as you two acknowledged them “let’s go upstairs” Jack whispered, you nodded.

he placed his hand on the small of your back and led you up towards his room, but you were all too familiar. A wash of guilt hit you as you realized what you were doing, it had been 3 months since you had broken up with Michael, and you’ve had one of these breakdowns at least twice a week since.

as Jack closed the door behind you, the tears fell and you felt your knees go weak. Jack let out a grunt as he caught you, letting both of your bodies fall to the floor. 

You sobbed into Jack’s chest, his arm running up and down your back trying to comfort you, “W- What’s w-wrong with m-me Jac-k?”

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong with you Y/N”

“I’m s-such a fucking m-mess” you sniffled.

“Hey, you’re safe now, it’s over” he breathed, you gripped onto his shirt and continued to cry, “I'm gonna take good care of you”

his shirt was soon soaked with tears, your sobs the only thing filling the room until he began humming.

“You call me up,

It’s like a broken record.” 

your cries soon fell silent, listening to a song you were all to familiar with.

“Saying that your heart hurts,

that you’ll never get over him getting over you”

your tears soon dried, you were now calm as Jack rocked you back and forth.

“I dedicate this song to you,

the one who never sees the truth”

your breathing synced with his, you looked up at him.

“That I can take away your hurt,

Heartbreak girl”

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