3 month trip

dating stiles stilinski would include...


  • Being totally awkward and embarrassed around each other when you first start dating
  • Forgetting your own inside jokes 
  • “Remember that one time you laughed really hard at the one thing and chocolate milk came out of your nose?”
  • “Yeah babe, that was so funny. Wait, why was I laughing again?”
  • Having full access to his infinite collection of flannels & hoodies
  • Stealing a few of your favorites because they smell like him and returning them once the his scent wears off 
  • “I’ve been looking for this sweater for 3 months." 

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Sign of The Times

There they go again. The small silence mind-numbingly loud, making their teen hearts beat faster. Their story is long, winded and tragic, much like the characters in it. He guesses it’s just a sign of the times.

They were so little when they met. A vivacious blonde bouncing towards him like they were old friends meeting again. She was entrancing, dating and dumping him in under ten seconds. Little did they know that was only the start.

Then they grew a little, knew a little more, maybe were a tad taller or broader or smarter or kinder. Either way, the two became acquaintances, too scared to say friends but too close to be strangers. He learnt bits and pieces about her, like the way she picked at the tip of her thumb when she was nervous, or slightly avoided eye contact at the mention of anything that made her uncomfortable. There are more obvious things too, like the way she teases him about his heritage with cheeky nicknames and funny faces. She gets under his skin but he learns to bite back, winding her up just as much as she does to him.

They grow a little more, know a lot. They’re in a situation of sorts, hearts and minds twisted in confusion. Many would say it would tear them apart, in one way or another: Someone would get hurt. They’re only 14 and though they think they’ve got the world down to a T, the realities show that they’re just kids trying to find their footing in a scary, big world. It’s things that their parents warn them about, reminding them never to waste their childhood because once it’s gone there is no getting in back.
For some, this would be a push to live every day to the fullest and celebrate the chances they are given. For others, particularly two confused teens, it’s a threat that causes concern and protection over childhood (though neither had had a particularly brilliant one).
He learnt even more about her. She was like electricity, powerful and efficient but can shock you if you get too close. Her eyes are wild with passion and excitement and all the thing he used to know, though they have a contrasting innocence that makes him want to hold her tight and never let go. It’s what causes him to almost kiss her at the campfire with stars shining so bright against an indigo sky that it was picture perfect. But he didn’t.

The triangle is over. Nothing is clearly broken and nothing chipped but sometimes things that look perfect have scars deep down that aren’t visible to the naked eye. She has a loose promise for the future, something to look forward to. He has his princess and white horse and chivalry and everything his mother has ever dreamed of him having.
So why is there some magnet drawing the two to each other when they have spent at least 3 months since a school trip trying to form a wedge between them?
Sometimes she’ll even call him some of the nicknames again, but they never sound the same (they had a new tinge of bitterness behind them that he isn’t used to after the years of the fondness).

A brunette hold his hand and smiles and laughs and listens, exactly how girls are taught to. She’s perfect in every sense of the word and could not be more different from a short blonde who’s untamed locks flow down the back of her black leather jacket. He enjoys being with his brunette girlfriend but nothing compares to his heart racing when the brooding blonde finally converses with him. Though it would be a long road to recovery, he has hope that maybe someday they can be as close as they were before the mess.

The next few year turns into a blur of firsts. First party, first drink, first make out, first everything. They’re at a stereotypical teen movie-esque party, red solo cups with mysterious liquids spilling over the lip and they’re held up in time to the music. She’s in the middle of the dance floor, her eyes shut in bliss and her cheeks flush with a smile. Her hips are enchantingly swaying to the familiar beat of a chart song. His sight is a little blurry because it’s his first party after breaking up with the sunshiny brunette and deciding to stay close friends instead. Then he’s dancing with her and their lips are connected and thoughts and minds and hearts intertwined mixed with teen angst and tequila. Before they even know it, her pink playsuit is crumpled on his floor and his hands are on her hips and she realises that he is just as fucked up as she is.

She knows that they will grow old as friends, or at least that she hopes that they will. She’s not sure how she ended her night with his arms around her waist but she knows that she should savour the salvation because it wouldn’t last long. The rumours spread about who she went home with that night and people quickly realised who it was. They wonder whether she would date him, many doubting that that relationship would be smooth sailing. But, if you were lucky enough to see the two together after that night, you could see the magical moment their eyes met and something in them connects everytime they have a still, silent conversation.

They meet a penultimate time in New York city when they bump into each other in a small, homely café. They haven’t spoke since high school graduation where they shared a solemn smile, knowing that though their road had been tough, they had shared good times. It’s why they’re sitting in the swanky bar, raising a glass to memories of times that now only live in their minds. Neither are in a committed relationship, and somehow they find themselves in the same place they were before: his hands wrapped around her and her cheek nuzzled into the crook of his neck, her clothes scattered on the floor of his new apartment. They’ve been there before, no longer able to dodge the bullets that life is shooting at them. However, she’s sick of losing soulmates, so this time, she leaves before his eyes can flutter with the morning sun. She walks, absorbing the cool sunlight of the time of day she’s sure she hasn’t seen since she was little (never an early bird) and takes in the views of familiar building that just don’t feel like home anymore. So she moves on with her life and ends up in Philadelphia, working long days in HR in an office for a boring company who sells newspapers.

The final time they meet, they’ve grown some more (though not literally, the blonde hadn’t grown an inch since she was 14) and knew all there was to know, or so they think. She’s visiting New York with some of her Philly friends. He presumes it’s for her hen do as they are in the same bar as his vet colleagues are in, sharing funny stories as they knock back shots and drape a “bride to be” sash across her. He chuckles as he overhears stories of things that are just so like her to do, like the time she almost beat up a guy for trying to ask for directions when she was trying to get to work on time. The girls all laugh and he recognises a few of them, a lanky and a petite brunette, and of course her boisterous blonde mother.

The girl captures his attention like no woman ever has though. It’s as if someone is shining a spotlight on her and everyone’s eyes are drawn to her before she even notices they’re looking at her. She looks a tad different, but not extremely different from how he remembers. Her cheeks still are dotted with freckles and her rouged lips were still elegant and bold. She does have signs of age though, like her mature style, or the diamond-encrusted ring on her finger.

For just a split second, he catches her glimpse and holds it like it were a precious stone that couldn’t be harmed by time. If anyone were to freeze the moment and watch the two, they would be seeing the whole history since the day they met. It’s melancholic and beautiful and nostalgic and hilarious and tragic and embarrassing and it’s them.

Her gorgeous blue eyes turn soft as the meet his equally-as-stunning green pair and he knows deep down that this is the last he will see those eyes. So, he raises his glass of whiskey towards her and she does the same, a kind of celebration of their twisted relationship. They both knock it back and break the contact, turning back to their conversations.

Looking back, there was more he could have done. But, nothing would ever erase those nights of shouting matches or star-lit fire escapes or kissing in the rain. He guesses that it would all just become a sign of the times.

Does anyone know a online english bookstore, preferably based in Europe?

More from the Heith Soulmate AU!

During the 3 month trip to Kerberos, stress and anxiety plagues both Keith and Hunk. Hunk ends up staying most nights in the Garrison control room, too anxious to go back to his room and let someone else monitor the ship’s stats. This causes Hunk and Keith to have a lot of intimate, late night chats while Pidge and Lance are sleeping on the ship. 

Sometimes one or both of them will end up falling asleep during these talks. <3

(AU created by myself and @princess-tentacles)

Getting to know.... me?

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Name: April
Nickname: Bubbles, Apples, Apey, Prillia, Bing Bing, Hey you 
Height: 5″3′
Ethnicity: Filipino but have lived in Australia since I was 4. 
Favorite Fruit(s): Mangos, Strawberries, Apples, Pineapple
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter will always be my thing
Favorite Flower(s): Orchids and Oriental Lillies 
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs and Dolphins :) 
Favorite Beverage: Chocolate milk, Pepsi Max, Water, Apple Juice, Gin and Tonic, Green tea plum wine, Baileys… 
Favorite Fictional Characters: Ron Weasley, Fred and George Weasley, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Daenarys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Glenn (TWD), Jumin Han, Death (Terry Pratchett novels), Cullen Rutherford, Alistair Theirin, Varric Tethras, Masamune (SLBP)…. i know I must have more but I just can’t think of them right now… 
Number of Blankets You Sleep with: Usually one but last night I was freezing so two… which I then proceeded to kick off because I was too warm ( ಠ ͟ʖ ಠ ) 
Dream Trip: 3 months in Japan, then two weeks in boracay or hawaii.  
Blog Created: 2015 sometime… 
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New Girl Rewatch Party: 5x22 Landing Gear

Originally posted by schmidtsburg

Stray Observations:

  • We made it, roomfriends! Last episode in the original #new girl rewatch party schedule as set up by the lovely @myfictionalfavorites. Unbelievable that we made it here before FOX announced #reNewGirl. Fingers crossed for an S7 so I can see all of you lovely people back here again next year.

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name: Jessica
nickname: awkward turtle, Jess
zodiac sign: sagittarius
height: 5′2″ or 5′3″ (not sure)
orientation: straight
nationality: Australian
fave fruit: peach and blood orange
fave scent: Miracle perfume
fave colour: white
fave animal: PANDA PANDA PANDA!
coffee, tea, hot chocolate: I love green tea.. don’t matcha count?
avg hours of sleep: 5-6 hours (thanks to studying)
fave fictional character: Violet Baudelaire from ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’
number of blankets you sleep with: 2 because I get cold easily
dream trip: 3 month trip to South Korea, Japan and Bora-Bora
blog created: January 2016 - became more active in July

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More development (and a rather suitable piece to show for this update).

Might as well take this time to answer a few questions I’ve been getting during this posting lull. Mostly this question: WHAT ARE YOU UP TO RIGHT NOW? 

Despite my lack of posts I have not been idle! I’ve just been very busy working on things I can’t post yet. I recently got back from a 3 month trip to London, I’ve been working on on freelance, and am currently attempting to develop a few pet projects. Nothing that will see the light of day until maybe 2016. Or CTN in Nov. No, I won’t be returning to GF (my work for season 2 ended a few months back) but you’ll see more of my boards as new episodes air. 

Until I can start posting stuff you can follow my twitter or instagram for more frequent updates. 

Among Other Foolish Things

Also on ff.net

“i have a crush on you and i’m too chicken to confess and you’re going for a 3 month trip to paris so i’m sure you’ll return with a sophisticated girlfriend while i’m a mess (optional sabotaging the trip)”

A/N: My last minute contribution to CS AU Week, as a gift to the ever lovely Sophie ( @shady-swan-jones ) who gave me the prompt for this, and then a number of motivational gifs to get me off the ground. You’re a star. Thanks to Brian Fallon for providing me with a suitable title.

Emma Swan was not crazy. She was not unhinged, unbalanced or otherwise impaired. She had a solid grip on reality, thank you very much, and apart from some textbook neuroses that were part and parcel of growing up a ward of the state, Emma was Just Fine.

Sure, she tended to punch first and ask questions later, and her romantic entanglements always seemed to fizzle out around the three month mark, but no one was perfect. She had a job. An apartment. A potted fern. And Killian Jones. She guessed she had him too.

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anonymous asked:

I was in Irelnad for a 3 month business trip, and you know those tweets from Irish Twitter that's how they actually speak

oh i bet

anonymous asked:

what is the difference between evil andy and normal andy??? i'm lost sorry...

well i don’t know about other people, but my opinion is there were 3 stages of andy. #1 was stamford andy and early scranton andy who was really obnoxious and hard to take but then there was andy #2 who was really loveable and enjoyable especially around the time he was trying to date erin but then he went really weird after becoming manager which led to andy #3 who did crazy things like leaving erin behind for a random 3-month long boat trip. they really messed with his character i reckon and not for the better.

I’m alive, I’ve just been really busy preparing for a 3-month trip to take care of some medical stuff AND to see my partner to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

I’ve been on tumblr, I just haven’t had any chance to draw – To be honest I don’t know if I’m even going to bring my tablet with me for the trip, so I might be on hiatus for quite a while. We’ll see.

(And possibly after, because I’m guaranteed to be horribly depressed by the time I return – Saying goodbye never gets any easier)

Hope you’ve all been doing well!

Updated Fic Recs (2)

The fourth in an unofficial series of posts in which I recommend my favorite CS fics from the past few months and compel you to read them. 

Previous: Captain Swan Multi-Chapter Fic RecsCaptain Swan One Shot Fic RecsUpdated Fic Recs 

Among Other Foolish Things by @blessed-but-distressed

“i have a crush on you and i’m too chicken to confess and you’re going for a 3 month trip to paris so i’m sure you’ll return with a sophisticated girlfriend while i’m a mess (optional sabotaging the trip)” FF.net Tumblr

Say Yes to the Dress by @captainswanluver

Snow convinces Emma to try on the new wedding dress in the store window across from Granny’s, despite the fact that she and Killian are not yet engaged.  But news travels quickly in Storybrooke and word soon gets back to Killian. FF.net Tumblr

Zemblanity by @lenfaz

William Boyd coined the term zemblanity to mean somewhat the opposite of serendipity: “making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries occurring by design”. A zemblanity is, effectively, an “unpleasant unsurprise”. It derives from Novaya Zemlya (or Nova Zembla), a cold, barren land with many features opposite to the lush Sri Lanka (Serendip). Soulmates gone wrong AU. FF.net Tumblr

It Runs in the Family by @mahstatins

Henry walking in on CS like Emma and Henry walked in on Snowing in season 2. Tumblr

It Was Real (It’s Real) by @i-know-how-you-kiss

The first thing they tell Emma Swan when she takes the job at the State Penitentiary’s infirmary, is to never fall in love with an inmate. It’s not that hard of a rule to adhere to, or so she thinks, until Killian Jones breezes into her life like the perfect storm – covered in tattoos, dashing to no end, brilliant of mind, incessantly mysterious – and promptly turns her world on end. (Prison Break AU) AO3 Tumblr

Untitled by @nephilimchloe

“we broke up after I left and moved away and months later I find you that you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late” AU. AO3 Tumblr

My Constellation by @caprelloidea

Emma is a bailbonds person, Killian a scientist. His research puts him at sea for several weeks in the summer, and after a slew of lengthy separations, this one just about pushes them past their limits. FF.net Tumblr

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my sister has been so much worse recently but at least i have something to hold onto which is her 3 month long trip in a few months. she wont be here for christmas, her own birthday, and for star wars so :’)