3 meo pcp


My Drug Jar wich i always have at a friends house becaue 3-6 months a year he is not home and then i just live here part time ! So top left-right Deschloroketamine 100mg, Hashpipe (and nothing else not even weed has been smoked with it. 50×40mg ritalin ,Gizeh thin ,ACAB blotters,50mg 4ho-mipt, instagramm pill with 33mg 4aco-met ,50×1mg xanax ,oh the 6g caramello hash,Noid Herbal blend and 600mg of 3meopcp!

Relapse… fuck, it feels so nice just zoning out…

Keep telling myself it’s okay- that I haven’t gone too far. I’m still here..

Taking care of some stuff around the house & drawing.. got paid today but trying not to stress about money.. after rent/bills and paying back parents, gonna be hella broke again until next payday. Just gotta keep working like I have been. Work went by pretty fast today though, so that was good.. Just annoyed with my knee-ache, which is sort of numb now -.-