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PSA: The 100 Fans

I’ve been incredibly sad and sympathetic to fans of Lex@ and Clex@, but recent developments have me at DONE status now.

They are actively trying to get the show canceled. They are going to imdb.com, amazon.com, Netflix, YouTube and rating everything to do with recent episodes or promos for future as the lowest of low. This is SPITE. Pure vindictiveness. They don’t give a SHIT about anything but their own bruised entitlement. (And before you come at me saying this is about LGBT, let me tell you… I am queer as fuck. I am bi. Girls get me off as much as guys, maybe more some days. The initial grief was understandible. This hatefulness, cruelty and targeted bullying is not.)

I urge everyone to go on those sites also and mark them high. Full stars. Like/Fav everything official on Youtube for 308 and future episodes… also on Facebook. Hashtag on Twitter #the100 and #RenewThe100 every time you tweet. Counter this with positivity.

Don’t let these mean girls steal the show… again.