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The Palette by JaZ99wro
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You live in a dystopian society divided into 10 levels of increasing wealth. Every level is only aware of those below it. You and your family believe yourself to be the highest class, but one day a man from 3 levels above comes to visit you, with some very disturbing information.

New Chapter Finished!

New chapter of Diamond in the Rough is finished! If you are supporting me on patreon at the $3 or above level, you will get access to it today. Otherwise the chapter will be out next week :)


I got to see The High Line today.

From 1934 to 1980, there was a freight rail line going along 10th avenue from 14th st to around 34th. After it was decommissioned, they wanted to demolish it, but in 1999 a group came together to preserve the unused railway.

Instead, they took the 1.45 mile long stretch of track and turned it into a park that’s elevate 3 stories above ground level in Midtown Manhattan.

The High Line is beautiful all year round. During the spring and summer there’s musicians and ice cream carts, during the fall you can get a birds eye view of the fall colors and during the winter you can see the snow fall on the city’s buildings.

The High Line is so often overlooked among tourists in New York City because it’s “out of the way” but it’s a free and beautiful way to really get a feel for the size and scope of Manhattan.

I’m going to miss it.