3 left i believe

Alright, I couldn’t resist. Here’s a preview of my heir favourite Blizzard because she’s one of the most gorgeous sims I’ve ever had in my game ♥

‘Cause I still believe in miracles; I swear I’ve seen a few

And the time will surely come when you can see my point of view

I believe in second chances

And that’s why





me: ncts last release was in feburary which isnt even that long ago , and since then they’ve given us 2 seasons of nct life, and considering they debuted just over a year ago the amount of content we have is amazing and it would make sense if they took a bit of a break (which isnt even much of a break its pretty standard having to wait quite a few months between comebacks and its only been 3) 
also me: i cant believe nct left me out here to die they have no consideration for my wellbeing they dont give a shit about me and theyd be happy if i was dead


I’ll be teaching an animation lab this August in the Czech Republic. There will be a ton of 3D and 2D animating, drawing, lectures, and demos to push ideas and appeal! Only 3 seats left I believe. More info at anomalia.eu

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When you were here we’d make tea at 1am because we couldn’t sleep, sipping it through careful lips, avoiding burnt tongues.
When you were here we’d lay on the grass at 2am because we couldn’t sleep, wishing on shooting stars, talking to the moon.
When you were here we’d dance to imaginary music at 3am because we couldn’t sleep, cold feet on the kitchen floor, holding each other close.
When you were here we’d talk until we could no more at 4am because we couldn’t sleep, whispering half kept promises, laughing until we cried.
When you were here we’d kiss with gentleness at 5am because we couldn’t sleep, eyelids fluttering, fingers knotted in hair.
Now you’re not here and there’s no teabags, the grass is wet, there’s no one to hold, no one to dance with and no one to kiss. Now you’re gone and I can’t sleep for real this time.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #13

friesarelyfe  asked:

Do you know if Aussie tv will be playing the "answers special" or whatever it is that's on after the finale? (That is a thing right..? I can't remember where I saw that) I can't believe there's only 3 episodes left! So pumped. Feels like I've been waiting my whole life for this lol.

“Answers special” haha yep pretty much. I really feel like they’re just going to answer who is AD and who killed Charlotte, then go straight to romance, and save the answers from before the time jump, all for this tell-all special.

I’m not sure if Fox8 is playing it, it’s too early to tell. I think you can scroll ahead to see the programs for the next week? So maybe once 719 has aired we can go ahead to the next week and see what’s scheduled. I hope they do play it. It technically is a 3 hour finale. Actually the tell all special should just be attached to the finale, as in, all be one episode. Roll the end credits then instantaneously bring up the tell all special. But I don’t think it’ll work like that. But yeah we’ll know around the time of 719 when we can look to the week ahead :)

day 28

today is the last of the weekly themes, with us going out with a bang with Mistakes/Regret! But fear not, Daily Peeps! You still have 3 more themes left. you can do it! I believe in you!

If you’ve done all the weekly themes please check out the prize document and see who you might be able to get! It’s first come first serve, but if there are any people who didn’t grab a slot in time I will be writing a small drabble for your prize! just contact me on my writing blog @ravenbyntious

read the official document|read the prize document

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Just wanted to share that : I've seen quite a few people complaining about Yousef not apologizing to Sana, he obviously will (my guess is in the Yousana clip ?) but right now he needed to know if Sana was open to even "notice" him before he could actually explain to her. Only 3 episodes left, I don't think Noora's news is about her dating Yousef because the show would just end with us hating the both of them with not enough time to forgive them for breaking Sana's heart.

ahhhhh I honestly have no idea what direction this is all going to turn to now. I have so many ideas but I really don’t know where Julie is going with this…

I don’t think Yousef and Noora are dating at all….but maybe there could be a misunderstanding where Sana thinks they are? I dunno

ahhhh I can’t believe there is only 3 eps left 

It kinda feels like we are still a bit lost in the story…but i’m sure it will all begin to come together soon

I need supportive and loving friends now

and I need happy sana pls <3 

The Royals 3x07: The Counterfeit Presentment of Two Brothers

Len and us Jaspenor fans are left to pick up the pieces this week. It’s been a while since we’ve seen sad Len :( 
But you know what, she looked fabulous. I loved all her dresses. 


  • I’m sure the writers were expecting this episode to be such a ~huge~ event with the boxing match. NO. It was just a filler episode for me. Jasper was MIA and new people were introduced. I hate change.
  • Willow is back! I missed her moxie! Queen Helena asks her to write up a list of suitors for Robert, so she plays 20 questions with him…to find out which Hogwarts house he fits into. He got Gryffindor. But I think he’s Slytherin -_-
  • Len’s been through 5 bodyguards since Jasper left and her latest ex-bodyguard tries to crash her gala. But hello! Brunette vixen tackles him to the floor and downs a cocktail like nbd. Meet Rosie in all her badassery, Len’s new bodyguard! I dig her and I love that it’s a female bodyguard.
  • Each of the royal members auctioned off little dates. Queen Helena gets matched with a mucho suave American entrepreneur Jack Parker. Here’s what I think: Jack is actually Jasper’s con man of a father who wants to cash in on his son’s royal ticket. We see Spencer catching feelings, too. I hope he sheds light on what Jack’s true intentions are with the Queen.
  • Len got to play crochet with Prince Sebastian, mystery fellow royal who is suspiciously positive (and just bought an island). He’s all “take it one day at a time” and “hey lemme be your fran” yet he carries around a flask. WHO R U AND STAY AWAY FROM LEN!!!
  • Robert rigs the auction to pick Kathryn. Like, I’m 95% sure he made it work to his favor. Took a nice picture for the paps, had a romantic table for 2. I’m okay with Robert and Kathryn and I like that he is trying to make room for her in his chaotic life.
  • And Liam. Oh, dear precious sweet cherub Liam who never catches a break. Robert takes his charity, the girl, AND ends up knocking him out after letting him win the match. It was gut-wrenching for me to see Liam get all bloodied and bruised and witness big bro and Kathryn leaving arm in arm. 
  • In the end, we see Len texting Jasper. I think Jasper might have taken some time off to figure out who is trying to expose Len. I’m sure he will be back next week with answers.

Can you believe there are 3 episodes left in this season?! I feel like it just started!! The new characters really threw me off. It was like a screeching halt to an otherwise amazing season. Definitely lovin’ Rosie, I think Len is always lacking in the friends department, so surely this would be good for her. Here’s to hoping things fall into place soon! 

anonymous asked:

I doubt Soph is going to finish her degree, much less go to law school (it takes 3 in the US). I believe she had a year left on her undergrad, but she would not be able to just pick random classes she wants to complete her degree now. They would have to be specific to her major which I think was journalism. This con law class is likely an online class for fun, though she could get credit. As someone with a poli sci degree, I can say the case law classes were super interesting!

Yeah I’m getting the feeling it will be more just a short term thing for extra knowledge and to help her understand the laws and stuff…given the timing of her starting it too.


26.5.16, 17:09 // day 13 out of 100 days of productivity

I had my biology exam today and it didn’t actually go as badly as I would have imagined!!! the questions were definitely a lot nicer than the specimen papers.

tomorrow I just have general studies (which is a go w the flow one anyway) so I’m just chilling tonight!!! and then half term!!!!!!!!! and then after that I just have 2 politics exams, one biology and a general studies one, so not long to go! (too many exclamation marks for exam time tbh)

• gone through biology (sort of????? not really)
• gone through past papers and the spec paper
• I didn’t actually do a lot today
• it was more just talking stuff through w my friends n getting it in my head
• don’t let these bullet points fool you
• ha if you’re not reading them n thinking I did so much
• I just sat an exam

here is my bullet journal that I’m actually behind in because I’ve been so busy revising I haven’t had time to write in it. if you noticed as well, I forgot to do my 30 days of positivity yesterday so I’m gonna do it today.

also I think I’m gonna do a masterpost in a bit (it won’t be up today) and so I’m gonna have a go w them n yeah!!

so happy I only have 5 (3 that really count) exams left!!! can’t believe I’ve not even done half though (I’ve done 4/9 so… n I guess some ppl have like 11 so I got lucky. n also some ppl had 5 exams this week when I had 3)

happy studying and productive days! XXX

His Home

Title means not much of anything! I just can’t think.

Also, unless my search is off, I implore you all to enter the contest. I only see five other fics in the tag, but there is still 3 days left, I think. And I believe you have to have the tag ‘sasuhinawc’ within the first five tags.

Anyway, a massive headache and nausea helped me with this.






Sasuke stood in the entry leading to the Uchiha district.

He stared at all the buildings that had long since began to rot and crumble. The effects of the war didn’t seem to reach this far into the village, and he would have taken that as some divine sign of good fortune if he had appreciated that fact months ago.

The now faded memories of his past tried to swarm him in ripples and small waves. Even if the memories faded completely, just being here wrapped him in all the nostalgia he would ever need to verify that there had ever been an Uchiha clan in his lifetime. The image he could see most clearly was the many people who used to bustle about with errands and every day life. People seemed to smile more back then, but maybe that was just the way his naive mind had encoded it.

But that was all about to end.

Sasuke walked into the district, Sharingan activated, and desperately tried to engrave every last detail into his mind. He wanted to remember each crack and splintered wood there was on each building – how many buildings were on every turn of roads – how they all looked contrasted with the sky and ground.

In a few months, the Uchiha district would be torn down and built over; he had received the news two days ago via messenger toad sent by Naruto. Sasuke had been livid when he first read over it and thought Naruto had officially gone too far with his jokes, but the more he read it, the more details it had that Naruto simply wouldn’t use for a few laughs. He rushed back to the village and confronted Kakashi about it. As both the Hokage and his former sensei, Kakashi should have stopped this decision before it became a serious thought, but the Fire Daimyō had approved the decision, and the rights to Uchiha land had legally been turned over…

…to the Hyuugas.

They had petitioned for more land some time ago, and the Uchiha district was both close and vacant. Sasuke would have never thought he would see his home be altered in any way because it was a memorial site for all those who had been massacred because of Konoha’s screwed ways of governing, but now it was going to be gone completely. He wondered if he could have stopped this decision if he had just been here. He wondered how the Hyuugas could possibly need more space when they had one of the largest family owned lands in Konoha.

He wondered why this village insisted on taking everything from him.

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