3 kingfisher

A security guard standing among OS2U-3 Kingfishers staged for delivery to the US Navy, Stratford, Connecticut, United States, early 1942 


Inktober 2017

I made a custom list of native Michigan animals to draw because none of the other lists I saw were interesting to me. I wanted to do dinosaurs but I think I’ll save that for November. Here’s my list:

1. Woodchuck
2. Black bear
3. Belted kingfisher
4. White tailed deer
5. Raccoon
6. Mink
7. 13-lined ground squirrel
8. Red-tailed hawk
9. Moose
10. Downy woodpecker
11. Fox squirrel
12. Coyote
13. Fisher
14. River otter
15. Turkey vulture
16. Crow
17. Blue heron
18. Sandhill crane
19. Wood duck
20. Grey fox
21. Skunk
22. Osprey
23. Bobcat
24. Red fox
25. Wolverine
26. Badger
27. Opossum
28. Beaver
29. Barn owl
30. Deer mouse
31. Canada goose


This morning I watched the sunrise on a slab of limestone surrounded by various fall yellow flowers and ash juniper shredded by a recent flood.  Shortly before the sun crested three hawks flew over my head.  Shortly after it was these three herons.  Later on I also came up on 3 kingfishers, one lone turtle, and 4 crows.